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Super cool game. I did of course immediately die because I will use it, dammit! Absolutely love the aesthetic, humor, and intriguing story:) can't wait to play the full game!
Also mad props to the voice actor

Neat concept! I love the idea of frantically zooming around a spaceship doing minigames and trying to stay alive. I think if it just had a highlight of what I could interact with I could stay alive a lot longer/get  a better score. I had fun playing it!

Really clever game! Great job designing the levels as well

Haha oh no. Good job getting so far though. Really glad you liked it! And yes, it is possible to get to the moon!

Wow super creative and addicting game! Really well done. I got 1,805!

Super intriguing and I absolutely love the look of it! I just wish it was longer.  I hope you stick with it!

Great idea for a puzzle game and wonderfully executed as well! I hope you keep going with this. I was sad when it ended!


Wonderful little game! Great idea and incredible execution! 

Thanks so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot for playing and leaving such good feedback! That was really usefully. For the theme, it is a bit of a stretch but I tried to combine classic space shooters like Asteroids with 3D. 

Thanks!! Well it's a bit of a stretch but my thinking was to combine 3D with a 2D art style.

Thanks a lot! I just played your game and what a great idea! It's super fun!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed!

It's where I spent 90% of my time this jam tbh

Very true. Thanks for playing and leaving some solid feedback!

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it and congrats to you too!

Haha yes indeed. They are not the most intelligent little beings in the universe.

Me too! Unfortunately, I only just barely threw in the endings in the last ten minutes of the jam. I would love to update it afterwards with a bunch of new ones. Thanks for the feedback!

Btw I played your game and have killed poor Walter an embarrassingly large number of times. I will never again drink and jump. Wonderful music and aesthetics 

Thanks, friend. I'm really glad you enjoy the game!

Hey thanks Daemon! When you go to download the game there should be an option underneath to claim a Steam key. However, if you got the game from the Racial Justice and Equality bundle, Steam keys were unfortunately not included for any of the games on there. I hope this helps!

Woohoo! Space Mayhem is now on Itch!

It's a simple but addicting retro arcade shooter that's great for eating away your boredom. The goal is to climb the leaderboards while earning money, collecting powerups, and unlocking new ships. Inspired by classic and modern arcade games, it's easy to pick up and play but will also reward you if you put in the time. It features numerous powerups to use, enemies to blow up, and ships to fly.

Well that was pleasent