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it was supposed to be like a showcase thing

I guess it was a bad idea

The movement system I thought was normal. I thought that all of the other platformers had weird movement. I guess it's all a matter of taste.

I don't really know. It might be limited by the concept, but it did feel a bit frustrating in that clear the cones level. I couldn't get the crates back in without putting cones back in as well.

Every single rating so far is from me. You'd think people would be online when the jam ended.

It's so hard to maneuver I didn't want to play it. It does a good job of being a physics game, though.

It's not that interesting.

It doesn't fit on my screen. Nothing stellar but a fun game.

It's more of a tech demo than a game. More to the point, it controls poorly so the game aspect of it is unplayable. Neat 3D renderer, though!

A decent game, but lacking polish. I couldn't figure out how to get the left arm.

It's a little jumpy and the music is too calm, but otherwise good job!

Absolutely gorgeous graphics, perfect audio design, and unique calming gameplay. It's just not something I would want to play much (I'm more of an excitement kind of guy).

The most fun game I've played yet. Great gameplay. No music but it does have sound effects. Bad graphics, but that's the only major downside.

Seems to be of decent quality. The music isn't the best and it's not the most creative, but it's better than anything I've seen so far.

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I just didn't want to play this. It's not very good. I didn't get to fight enemies, but it uses the arrow keys for jumping (not very good), has bad graphics, no audio, and doesn't feel good to play especially since it resets on death (I guess this makes me a hypocrite but in my games it's decent at least).

The graphics are decent if plain, but the game is very buggy and kind of bad. The controls are super misleading. The throttle doesn't do anything, the rotating keys mostly move you, and the camera is very lazily made.

It has some nice features, but it's a total mess and frustratingly difficult. Also, my computer's screen won't display the top bit of the ui, meaning I can't play level one.

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I'm the chromian, I really prefer discord to forums because it's faster paced and the entire reason I do game jams is because I have no patience. I'm mostly a programmer and musician and I use unity. I did some weekly game jams last year (171 and 172) and now I'm back.

Best remix: dadbattle
Worst remix: pico (if you're going to make it beeps at least make pico and bf have the same parts, pico's part sounds bad with beeps)

What were you supposed to do?

The third stage seems impossible and the radios are very annoying. There's no challenge also. But it's a very good concept and for how it works it's great.

Unfortunately, I have to give you 1 star on fun and presentation because it's not fun and it doesn't look good. However, your idea is great, and if you implement that I'll definitely download or buy the full version.

This sounds really cool.

Also, this is definitely not from this jam. It was uploaded more than two months ago.

The colab link is not shared.

The trick to landing on crates is to jump forward after they're placed against a wall. I agree I need to fix that.  Also, you can throw them through a wall because their collision is disabled while in your hands and gets reenabled when you throw so it can go through walls.

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True. Mostly I had to throw them against a wall to jump on them.

What's the problem with the jumping?
Also, the other problems are simply that I didn't have time to make what I wanted, which was a bunch of nice-looking rooms that have doors that open when you complete the challenging puzzle inside.

It's kind of confusing but it's fun to reprogram random pedestrians to beat up everyone.

Fun but short.

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  1. I just was too lazy to add buttons, so I came up with that system.
  2. Yeah, I probably should.
  3. No, that's because of shoddy obstacle avoidance, I couldn't use exceptions for the navmeshes because that would require rebaking them, so I had to use obstacles instead. The units will sometimes have no choice but to push the factory, so that's why that happened.
  4. I have no idea why that happens. It makes the game kind of unplayable. I'll try and fix that make it open source so that someone else can fix it.

Thx for playing it

Audio is kind of terrible, made it unplayable for me


I just realized I forgot to list the music I used which could lead to copyright infringement charges.

Just in case this game goes viral, I have decided to make a message board. Post content related to this game here.

I actually based my game off of this. It's turning out well.

umm in normal minecraft you can hold control to sprint

Literally every single point-and-click I've played has extraordinarily arbitrary puzzles, so that rule might not apply.

How would this work?