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Thanks mate, happy to hear that! :D Coincidentally, not too far in the future, this one will get an update (several new pages) and be renamed to "Hallowed." It's currently being edited, so may in a week or two I'll update the files  :)

PS: I just noticed you can grab the official one of a Twitter post, but probably not at the perfect resolution:

There's the official character sheet included in the CY_BORG PDF version:

Other than that, not that I know of! But maybe I'll make one, it's a cool idea. If I do, I'll release it on itch as well. :)

Thanks, really happy to hear that :D

And also thanks for this review! Very happy you like it :D

Hey, thanks for the review, much appreciated! It's bewildering that Itch only has hidden reviews, but this is a good workaround. And happy you like it! :D

Thanks, happy to hear that! :D 

Yep, that's the intention! You avoid the fight and can return to the room later. Depending on how difficult you want your game to be, you could roll to see if the monsters follow you or increase in strength in case you return later :)