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Good. Is there an update planned? 

Because there are textures that flash, the movement of the trains is jerky, the menu appears wrong, the trash can works very badly ... 

Apart from these few bugs, the concept is pleasant. When it is optimized for the Quest 2 it will be a great game. 

Do you have a Discord? 

Hello. Compatible with the Quest 2? Thank you 

Les bonnes choses :

- Les commandes répondent bien et le bateau se dirige très bien.

Mauvaises choses (à prendre sur le ton de l'humour ;)) :

- Graphismes basse résolution (Quest 1 ?) avec beaucoup d'aliasing sur le décor, ça pique énormément les yeux !

- FPS qui semble limité (30 i/s ?)

- Une loutre qui ressemble à un boa géant faisant de la balançoire ;)

En résumé :

Le coeur du jeu fonctionne bien (les commandes du bateau). Reste à rendre le jeu attrayant en améliorant les graphismes du décor.


Thank you for your offer. Unfortunately, currently I don't have a lot of time to play or test.

But thank you for thinking of me, maybe for another update;)

See you soon.


It's cool ! I can't wait to see it all.

Good luck and see you soon

My preference would be for longer waves or a survival mode.

I like the variety of missions in your game. Shooting, sniper, sword fighting, etc ... I own Space Pirate Trainer and I find it boring, always the same enemies, always the same fighting style.

I do it for free. no money ;)

For videos, if they are explicit enough, no need for a subtitle;)


It works for the sword grip;)

In fact, I thought it should be taken on the shoulder from the front but it's in the back (which makes sense)! On the menu explanation image we can't see that it should be taken from the back;)

Maybe the sword should always come the right way? If people want to take it upside down they will just have to turn it over (by throwing it in the air).

I take this opportunity to find out if you would like a French translation? (it's free ;))


I misspoke ! I wanted to talk about enemy fire. Rather than displaying them in blue (which it's hard to see) or red, why not flash them (from yellow to red for example)?

Have a Discord account?

It might help you. I'm sure people would be happy (and free) to help you.

Myself, if it's in my skills, I can help you.

What would you need for the game scenery? A 360 ° image?


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Hello and thank you for your quick response.

I have yet to try for the saber.

• Flash enemy shots to see them properly?

• I ask for the optimization of Quest 2 because the scenery is strongly aliased. You can see it because the decor is mainly vertical.

• Maybe add a menu with options for Quest 2 like resolution, glow, etc ...

• A new menu is a good idea because I find it hard to navigate;)

• Being able to move around the combat zone using the Quest Guardian would make it easier to move than using the controller.

Thank you.


On the Quest 2 v26, the swords are always upside down in the hand.

When the mission is finished, just before returning to the menu, the screen freezes for a few seconds, which is disturbing in VR.

The shots of the enemies have the same color as the scenery (blue), difficult to see them well.

Is the game optimized for the Quest 2?

Thank you.

Too bad. He looked really good. thanks anyway.

I can't wait to be able to test the Oculus Quest version (with improvements for Quest 2?). Do you know when it will be available?

Thank you.