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Personally I’d love to know the development story of this game - how much experience you’ve had, and what you wrote this in 😄

I really like the turn based bullets, kind of like a turn based bullet hell. Definitely an interesting concept that could be developed further.

Great jamming with you 🥳

Really enjoyed myself!


It started very fun and exciting for me, however once I believe I saw everything it of course lost some luster. That being said I think that’s a good thing, as basically I just wanted more.

Backtracking to the base did feel a bit boring, but once I got the upgrade to not have to go back to base, the game lost a lot of it’s feeling up pushing my luck. I feel like getting an upgrade which gives you your Manhattan distance from the base would be a better solution here. The thing being that once I got the no penalty for running out of fuel I just drilled as deep as I could, and never cared about the road back.

tl;dr; I liked it - so thank you :D

Great jamming with you 🥳

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Wow wow wow.

The entirety of this game experience was me loving both the discovery of new words from finding them, but also from seeing the enemies cast spells.

Like I just had so much fun seeing something new and piecing it together.

The actual enemy interactions were simple, but it was just so gosh darn satisfying to be set on fire, and be like “ah ha! az za gy”, and even more satisfying when I discovered the ‘zy’ and was like, I already have ‘gy’ why should I care, and then it costed less mana and I was like “OH I DO CARE!”.

So proud I beat the game, and honestly it felt like a flash.

I really enjoyed this, and maybe its worn out to say, but I personally love reading it when people say it about my games, but I could totally see this be developed into a full game.

The core mechanic itself is so well executed, it just felt so natural to remember the words, and the fact that they worked across game sessions but at a higher cost was such a nice touch.

Anyway, I obviously loved it - so thanks for making it 🙇‍♂️

Little “bug” if you could call it that, I ran into unreachable places from time to time - even diagonal walking here would bump me into the wall: unreachable

Super proud of winning the game, I did a “az do ox eb” on the archmages and felt so proud that I didn’t even have to check my book (also I retained that knowledge even now while writing this review).


Super fun and great jamming with you 🥳

Whoa! This was incredible!

Thank you kindly for the thoughtful critique here, so many great takeaways!

I will be making more updates soon, and when I do I will reference this, and hopefully implement basically everything you’ve touched on!

Thank you again, and great jamming with you! 🥳

Thank you for your kind words! I’m so grateful you played, and so very honored you liked it 🙇🏻‍♂️❤️

I’m so glad the music wasn’t a horrible mistake - I made that in the last few hours of the jam, and then immediately made a mute button just in case 😅

Thank you again, and great jamming with you ❤️

Really enjoyed myself - the time just melted away!

I got to floor 62, and felt proud - which is a good sign 😅

I believe I saw everything there was to see, and really appreciated the interactions, (ghost essence, decoy, etc.)

Really felt like just enough to keep me interested, but not ever overwhelmed.

Great jamming with you 🥳

Ah yeah the mechanic isn’t well explained - but the gist is, moving gives you ingredients, and will provide you with abilities.

E.g. 1 purple, 1 red lets you use fireball - but once you use it, you lose its ingredients.

I hope that clarifies things :)

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Thank you for the kind words! 😊

The fly spell was underdeveloped, honestly 😅 But it has a purpose - you can enter the space of an enemy if you are on a different level then them, enemies cannot attack if you are in their space. It’s an odd mechanic, but it was born out of me not wanting players to be punished for trying to bump as their first instinct.

The graphics and sound design are cool, I adore them

That is especially kind and good to hear, as art and sound is my weakest attribute, and I was hopeful these would be “good enough” and not detract from the overall experience, so thank you again 🙇‍♂️

why did you make a game engine

Well for many reasons, but the main reason is I love to do it 😅 When you learn to use an engine, mostly you learn the engine, but when you make an engine, you learn so much more along the way (but of course it takes more time).

a feat that I will never be capable of

Nonsense! Everything we do is a product of time and effort - if you think it’s worth doing, and pursue it - then the sky is the limit! That being said, game engines are a tool like any other, and we all have our preferences 😊

Thanks so much for playing, and your thoughtful comment <3

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I did! It was a blast, no surprise from good ol Geoff Blair!

Lol 😂

Sadly I did not achieve a winning run - that being said I got to level 13/20 and had plenty of turns left.

I should return to the game again and demand victory, I’ll let you know if I accomplish that feat 🙇🏻‍♂️

Thanks for playing!

I should have done a better job of clarifying how you get runes/ingredients in the game. Each ingredient is tied to a movement, e.g. left may be the purple rune, and right may be the reddish rune, which then allows you to cast fireball.

So much was left on the table as far as tutorialization goes, and that clarification will be a major focus in subsequent updates.

Thank you for the feedback and for playing 🙇🏻‍♂️

Honestly I’m humbled - I cannot imagine making such a complete project in only 7 days, bravo 👏

I loved just about every bit of this game. I played many runs totaling over an hour, but still couldn’t beat it, which I think is a good thing :D

I ran into so much variety, and really appreciate the little side quests.

“Totally a spaceman” makes me laugh every time I see it XD

Really well done, and a pleasure jamming with you 🥳

Whoa! First of all, incredible that this is your first game! It’s an honor to have been a part of it 🙇‍♂️

Secondly, awesome work for only 12 hours 🤯

I really enjoyed the mechanic - I feel like maybe the dice tumbling movement could have been mapped to your movement keys which would have made it easier to reason about when trying to line up block removal - but other than that this was a fun little entry :D

I’d love to see more here - it feels like more item types, enemies, blocks, there seems to be a lot of potential wrapped up in this little game.

Great jamming with you 🥳

I enjoyed this very much - especially the writing :D

While playing, I wasn’t able to effectively employ the main mechanical twist (defocus) - however, I believe there is potential there.

All in all this was quite complete, and engaging - awesome work!

Great jamming with you 🥳

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Great job!

I know 7 days is nothing, but it feels like you just scratched the surface here. I Enjoyed the game and wish there was more :D

Absolutely loved the aesthetics - well done <3

Great jamming with you 🥳

Awesome job!

I can tell you put a lot of love into the game, and I appreciate all of it <3

Great jamming with you 🥳


Fun little roguelike you’ve got here! 3d adds a lot!

If I have any critique it’s that I’d speed up the walking by 2x.

Great job and great jamming with you <3

Whoa! Whata fun little game you’ve got here!

BTW I’m so glad I stumbled upon you - I’m vox from the old LDG days!

Glad to see you’re still jammin/making games 🥳

Took me a bit to get the hang of it, but when I did I had a great time!

Awesome job, and great jamming with you 🥳

Wow this was a lot of fun!

However, it took me awhile to figure out what was going on, and I was completely confused until my 3rdish play.

Some hopefully helpful tips: The board is your “army” of units fighting the “heroes” who are listed on the right.

At the end of the turn where the attack timer ticks to 0, you will take whatever damage is listed in number of units.

If you lose all your units at that point, you’ve lost the game.

If you overflow your board is wiped, your attack timer is reset, and the enemy’s damage is increased.

Once I understood these mechanics the game was super fun, and I made it to (but did not defeat) the last boss :D

Great work!

Holy moly 3D!

  • Loved the 3d dungeon crawl
  • Loved the changing bricks for each level
  • Loved the fast pace
  • Loved the equipment
  • Loved beating up shadow people!

My only critique is the mazes are fun, but I wanted more landmarks - honestly just having more shadow people would have been nice breadcrumbs to help me not wonder in circles as much.

Awesome job - great jamming with you 🥳

Really enjoyed this!

At first I honestly had no clue what was going on - then I went back and read the page, which piqued my interests. After understanding the concept, I was able to gain some competence, and really enjoy myself!

  • Loved the novel mechanic!
  • Loved the writing xD

Really fun - great jamming with you 🥳

Than YOU for playing!

Yeah death was unfortunately one of the last things added to the game so it wasn’t handled well - definitely something I’ll be improving.

Thank you so much for your time, and kind feedback - great jamming with you 🥳

Thanks so much for your feedback and for playing!

Agreed, the mechanics are a bit opaque at first - I’m so thankful you figured it out 🙇‍♂️

My plan is to take the game further post jam, and I’ll be really honing in on clarity.

Thanks again - great jamming with you 🥳

Whoa! Great job!

  • Loved the sprites applying to the character!
  • Loved the vast breadth of equipment types!
  • Loved the enemy variety!
  • Loved that you could level up!

Sure, balance was a thing, but if you were anything like me - you got all the way to the end of the jam, and wasn’t really able to play it through enough to properly assess everything and tweak values.

All in all I was really impressed - great jamming along side you 🥳

Lol this was unexpected and delightful!

Lots of fun as it was, but I could totally imagine some obstacles poping up, or even a brick breaker mechanic.

Well done!

I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah it’s tough to interact with in it’s current state, I think some refinement would go a long way.

Thanks for your kind words and feedback :D

I love your depiction of the mechanic!

It really feels like you appreciated it fully, even though it was quite rough :D

Thank you for playing and for your kind words.

I think some refinement would go a long way here - but it’s good to know it was still somewhat enjoyable in it’s rough state :D

Great job!

I really enjoyed the shape shifting mechanic!

The second pair of green monster legs were the death of me - gg green monster legs you got me fair and square.

Yeah - the mechanic itself has value, but in it’s current state it’s a bit rough and more difficult than it needs to be.

With some refinement I think it could be easier to use and understand.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing the game :D

Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more.

This mechanic I think is fun and worthy of further exploration, but in it’s current state if feels rough and clunky.

Thanks for your feedback here :D

Really nice entry!

Specifically the gravity bending stickiness to the clumps of land was surprising and fun to experiment with where I could get to with one jump.

Great job!

Thank you for the kind words!

The mechanic was a lot of fun to build out - I’d really love to explore it further.

Maybe in the next one ;)

Between the bottom left rock and the wall while fighting the turtle boss - I wish I had a screen shot but I reloaded too quickly :D

Blocking worked great - everything felt smooth and good from my perspective :)

Really enjoyed this!

The only thing I wish was different was if you could build on top of what you’ve built in previous levels.

Like maybe having each level be a few separate waves of enemies or something.

Anyway lots of fun, thanks for making this!

Yeah one of the main challenges of creating this mechanic ourselves is that we haven’t seen it before, so it was hard to figure out exactly how it should work/feel.

There were more ambitious ideas that lead to this clunkier interface that was cut in the last 2 hours of dev time - I think this would have really benefited from a more streamlined selection process.

Thanks for your thoughts and for playing our game :D

Oh no a bug!

Thank you for the screenshot that’s super helpful!

We wrote our own engine for this project, and well obviously there’s some extra complexity there that impacts the stability of the project :D

Thanks for playing, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the mechanic!

Thank you for your thorough feedback!

Yeah I feel like this would be really hard to engage with on a trackpad - that being said the mechanic absolutely needs some refinement and polish.

Personally I really like the 2 choice progression cadence. If I were to do this again, the hope would be to have more choices, that were maybe smaller, but more meaningful, e.g. you can choose to upgrade an existing move, or get a new move, but if you don’t choose the new move it never shows up again.

Anyway thanks for playing and for the thoughts!