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Lol this was unexpected and delightful!

Lots of fun as it was, but I could totally imagine some obstacles poping up, or even a brick breaker mechanic.

Well done!

I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah it’s tough to interact with in it’s current state, I think some refinement would go a long way.

Thanks for your kind words and feedback :D

I love your depiction of the mechanic!

It really feels like you appreciated it fully, even though it was quite rough :D

Thank you for playing and for your kind words.

I think some refinement would go a long way here - but it’s good to know it was still somewhat enjoyable in it’s rough state :D

Great job!

I really enjoyed the shape shifting mechanic!

The second pair of green monster legs were the death of me - gg green monster legs you got me fair and square.

Yeah - the mechanic itself has value, but in it’s current state it’s a bit rough and more difficult than it needs to be.

With some refinement I think it could be easier to use and understand.

Thanks for the feedback and for playing the game :D

Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more.

This mechanic I think is fun and worthy of further exploration, but in it’s current state if feels rough and clunky.

Thanks for your feedback here :D

Really nice entry!

Specifically the gravity bending stickiness to the clumps of land was surprising and fun to experiment with where I could get to with one jump.

Great job!

Thank you for the kind words!

The mechanic was a lot of fun to build out - I’d really love to explore it further.

Maybe in the next one ;)

Between the bottom left rock and the wall while fighting the turtle boss - I wish I had a screen shot but I reloaded too quickly :D

Blocking worked great - everything felt smooth and good from my perspective :)

Really enjoyed this!

The only thing I wish was different was if you could build on top of what you’ve built in previous levels.

Like maybe having each level be a few separate waves of enemies or something.

Anyway lots of fun, thanks for making this!

Yeah one of the main challenges of creating this mechanic ourselves is that we haven’t seen it before, so it was hard to figure out exactly how it should work/feel.

There were more ambitious ideas that lead to this clunkier interface that was cut in the last 2 hours of dev time - I think this would have really benefited from a more streamlined selection process.

Thanks for your thoughts and for playing our game :D

Oh no a bug!

Thank you for the screenshot that’s super helpful!

We wrote our own engine for this project, and well obviously there’s some extra complexity there that impacts the stability of the project :D

Thanks for playing, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the mechanic!

Thank you for your thorough feedback!

Yeah I feel like this would be really hard to engage with on a trackpad - that being said the mechanic absolutely needs some refinement and polish.

Personally I really like the 2 choice progression cadence. If I were to do this again, the hope would be to have more choices, that were maybe smaller, but more meaningful, e.g. you can choose to upgrade an existing move, or get a new move, but if you don’t choose the new move it never shows up again.

Anyway thanks for playing and for the thoughts!

Thank you for your kind feedback!

Yeah I really like the mechanic as a core concept, but it is unfortunately unrefined.

There’s a lot left I wanted to explore, and honestly it’s pretty rough as it stands, and would benefit greatly from some refinement.

Maybe in the next jam ;)

Thanks for playing!

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This was beyond incredible, my favorite entry from the jam by far - if I could give it a thousand stars in every category I would :D BTW this was from New Game+ I loved it so much :D

Absolutely incredible entry - well done!

I had an absolute BLAST!

Great work - super fun, loved every aspect of the game!

Great job conveying so much through pure imagery :D

I mean this was masterful in every way.

I loved this, not just as a jam game, but just as a game.

I hope to one day be able to create something as beautiful and well done as this - thank you for the incredible experience playing your game :D

Absolutely gorgeous!

A real inspiration of what can be done in only two weeks!

Great work, and thanks for making it!

I really wanted to play this game, as I love the art style, and downwell vibe - however for some reason the arrow keys don’t work :(

Any chance there’s something you can do? Maybe even enabling wasd controls would fix it?

Let me know if you ever dig into this and I’ll come back to play :)


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Absolutely wonderful!

Exceptional design here - as I didn’t have to read anything to fully understand the game.

Everything was beautifully and intuitively explained through sight and sound.

Thanks for the fun and joy :D

Lol - this was fantastic!

I mean from my perspective this is exactly the same game as the current franchise :D

Oh my gosh this is the best jam game I’ve ever played!

Personally I love tactics games, and have always wanted to make one for a jam, but felt that this would be too challenging to convey all the info that’s needed, as text seemed like a must for a clear tactics experience, but you all pulled it off so well that I’m inspired to try next year!

I have to say I had such a great distilled tactical experience, there was just enough to keep me going, and never too much to make it hard to continue playing, congrats on such a great, simple, and clear execution :D

The sprite worked was fun, and when I saw that necromancer raise the dude that died next to them I was so blown away - you all had some really fun stuff going on here.

Lastly your song is a fuckin’ masterpiece :D

I was just sitting here laughing and dancing, what a great entry, and a real source of joy - thanks for making this!

I am absolutely astounded!

I played the game as you’d think it should be played, enjoying the banter, but when seeing those negative numbers I knew I was doing something wrong.

When I realized the true goal of the game I was blown away at how well crafted this whole thing was. Really fun, and I loved that discovery.

11/10 would send an innocent Flumpo to jail again without a second thought.

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Berwn’s a kind spirit, the kindest I know! It’s a shame Afagddu mocks her so…

Oh my gosh I had no idea when I started that someone could make Zelda in two weeks!

The map is essential, and the game as a whole was a delightful experience!

I unfortunately got stuck between some tiles while fighting the first boss, and my save didn’t seem to load when I reloaded :(

Other than that though this was incredible, great work :D

P.S. The music was incredible!

Super fun great job!

I had trouble figuring out that I had to go to playdate to play this, but once I got everything working I greatly enjoyed it!

The artwork was particularly well done :D

11/10 would send my kids into the forest to get an abundance of mice again ;)

Awesome, so glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing, and for your kind feedback :D

Wow thank you so much for your thorough depiction of your experience with our game :D

I agree - the icon design wasn’t well executed, and having made those icons myself I can say it was my failing alone.

That being said, I do think if I were to remake this at a higher resolution, the icons would be greatly improved by that alone.

Excuses aside I think the system worked out well and felt fun and compelling, I’d love to explore this mechanic more in the future to see how it can be improved and refined.

Thank you again for playing the game, and for your thoughtful feedback :D

You are spot on I think - I wrote the description of how to play after staying up all night to finish the entry, I think your description is quite apt, and will use it to craft more clear instructions.

So thank you for concisely expressing how to play :D

Yeah one of the challenges when making something you haven’t quite seen before is that you’re not quite sure how it should look or feel - that being said I think there is some promise to this mechanic, and lots of room for improvement/refinement.

We really appreciate your thoughts and kind words, thank you :D

I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

One of the big concerns was that the entry point for using the system was too complicated right off the bat, so it’s great to know that players overcame that and enjoyed the game.

Thank you for playing, and for the kind words :D

Thank you so much for playing and your kind words about the mechanic!

A real challenge of bringing something we haven’t quite seen before into fruition, is we weren’t really sure what it should look or feel like - so I agree there is a lot of refinement that can be done here.

This was especially limited in regards to the 64x64 restriction, as the icons for the action tree are already quite large, and none of us are proper artists, so bringing clarity into such a small space was difficult.

I think there is a lot still on the table to explore to make this mechanic feel right and I look forward to someday diving deeper there.

Thank you again for your great and kind thoughts! :D

Thank you so much for playing, and for your feedback!

I’m so glad you enjoyed the mechanic, and I agree that there is some balancing issues in general.

The levels and many of the abilities were thrown together in the final hours of the jam, so there’s some real refinement to be made.

If we explore this game more, we’ll keep your thoughts in mind - thanks again!

This was absolutely delightful!

Well executed, loved the upgrade system affecting you and the enemies really clever!

This was fantastic!

Had to beat it, which is rare with these jam games

Really cool! Love the boss rush style concept, great work!

Wow this was really cool - great concept and execution!

Ha this was really fun!

Love the fast forward effect in into :D