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Great game concept! Simple and intuitive. It's a bit hard so my games don't last long but that might just be me. My highest score was 20.

Glad you like it! I had not thought of controller support but I agree that would have been a good addition!

That's great! On some systems the game runs too fast, apparently. I gather you had no issues with that? And do you know if we're allowed to publish fixes now the deadline has passed?

So the GitHub Game Off submission period has ended and now the games are being rated. Are we still allowed to fix bugs in our games? Can we add features that were missing from the original submission, and how does that work now the deadline has passed?

Excellent interpretation of the theme. Hilarious and original. The introductory text is legendary. I also like the theme of arbiter, bringer of order and balance.

The graphics were nice and functional apart from the character sprites. You definitely need an artist!
I wouldn't say this game is suitable for casual gamers without some tweaks because the difficulty scales up too quickly. I went into the zombie base to make political statements and suddenly there were two boss zombies breaking down the fence of the other side. A more gentle ramping up of difficulty would be nice.

Great game concept, and viable as a marketable game in my opinion!

Great graphics and sound effects, bonus points for being adventurous with the gameplay. The UI is good too. Controls and gameplay itself are clunky (too many restrictions like not being able to fire unless you're a turret, fire rate is too slow AND your gun can overheat) but overall apart from these things it's a well polished piece of work.