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Could you please point me on my mistakes? Because I have spent quite a while to gather all possible information about schizophrenia.
I am planning to lunch a project about schizophrenia again in the future. And I would like to know what, in your opinion, is not accurate here. 

Are u running linux?

Are u running linux? 

Find your winrar and chose to open it with winrar 

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download winrar, It should be easely open with winrar.   All files are correct. 

Try to download both files and check if it is the same for both. What is the document name you have there? File suposed to have a winzip file. Check if you have WinZip on your computer. 

Update your vc_redist.x64.exe (google it). If it doestn help you, then update your visulstudio(VS) to new version.

Each case of schizophrenia is unique. But I tried to provide players with basic perception of the illness.

I think yes

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I think so. But it  might  be a bit laggy. 

SUPER scary and creepy game!

I really enjoyed playing it.

Good job!

Your ChoppyPine

Best dag ever is o goad teacher

I mate a let's play vidao

CoolDog let's play

Lave that game

Shadow is following me! So intense!

Thank, guys for the amazing game!

The last light! Shadow is following me! Horror game!

Your ChoppyPine

Cute game about happy jelly? Not bad : ) Love this game!

Your ChoppyPine

Not bad, guys : ) Not bad

I love it! Your ChoppyPine