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I understand that the protagonist is wrong, that's fine. 

Can the protagonist know that he or she was wrong towards the end of the game?
Can he/she have that epiphany kinda like 'oh, I was wrong all this time and you guys were right'?

I think that would make for a nice redemption arc for the character, and the player would feel rewarded for 'helping out'. 

"Wouldn't it be natural for a player to think that the character is on to something?" 

Not if the game makes it crystal clear that the protagonist is wrong. What you have to do as an author, is come up with a story where going through the motions and letting the main character take you by the hand and following his deception, is really interesting.

Thanksglad you like it!

Thanks m8!

Thanks Jupiter! I always watch your gameplays!!!!

Thank you for playing it!

It's confusing. I didn't really plan it in advance, and I added elements as I played it myself. 
First, you showed up in the alley of the bar, and you just had to knock down the door to get in. 
Then I became ambitious, and I added some items, and the idea was to lure the cat with the tuna sandwich (it appears on the beggar's screen). Feeding the beggar with the cat (eww), giving the beggar the MP3 player (appears on the cat screen), because the beggar couldn't sing, so with the MP3 player he could whistle a tune when he heard the police come.
If a player did all that before entering the bar, when he left the warehouse, he would hear the beggar's whistle and the police would never arrive. Then he could escape, and the adventure would continue, eventually he would discover the drug lords. 

The problem is I used the exits for game logic. Each decision was a fork with identical but different rooms. And that's a mess. 

There are even several unused rooms in the game, which I cloned thinking would eventually be part of the story. 

Based on several true stories ;)

I really liked it! 

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I liked the aesthetics. The music was a little irritating after a while. I think it would be much more entertaining if it were faster. At least on my browser, it took me several minutes to dump twenty Meeseeks, and I couldn't even see them at the bottom of the well. So I gave up. If the screenshot is an indication, I think it takes 83 Meeseeks to pass. That would take me about an hour:)