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Amazing work! You really did a good job conveying the sense of speed here. The difficulty's also perfect - I barely scraped by on my last life.

Really liked this one, but I feel a bit lost without a minimap. The maps are pretty big, and the arrows are somewhat sparse. But it's still very fun.

Cool game. It's a bit unfortunate that the different colors don't actually seem to matter, but otherwise it's pretty good. A simple but innovative gameplay concept, where the "levels" are actually built from the player's past moves.


I love it! The simple yet tight controls reminded me of Super Fancy Pants. And the chiptune really made the gameplay feel comfy, like a night drive. The Alice boss fight was also really creative, unfortunately it seemed that poor Cirno didn't make the cut.

If I were to slightly nitpick, though, the two levels feel rather "empty". They are certainly well-designed and fits the controls incredibly well, but in terms of appearance, it can get a bit monotone. Perhaps a little bit more decorations and background objects could help here.

Fantastic work! A simple concept that still manages to hit the sweet spot with the difficulty. I like how you've added cool details to each level (like unique obstacles such as Marisa getting chased by Alice). It really adds to the charm of the game.

The story's pretty good too, though I think a little bit of art (like a storybook) would make it feel a lot better. I understand that this might be something you've cut due to time constraints, though, so maybe it's something you could add in the future if you'd like?

An innovative take at the "can't stop moving" limitation! I like it!

I really like the art style. Really stands out in such a short jam. The gameplay is a bit lacking, though...

Kind of interesting that this is one of the few games where you don't control a bird as the main character. Would've been nice if there was more to it than just fetching red vials, though. (More traps, more goals, etc.)

One of my favorite games from this jam! Well done!

I really like how you presented the birds chasing you with circles and arrows. The game itself is a bit challenging, but I managed to figure out a fairly stable solution: Just keep flying in a large circle. Overall, it was quite an experience!

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Just noticed that you can click and drag the health bar to restore your health anytime. Was that intended?