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i literally take notes of how i get all endings. like. wow. never thought i'll ever make my own walkthrough.

anyway, i love this game! and the space ranger partner ending really intrigues me so much :D:D

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Thanks for playing! Now that you know how to pursue his good ending, I hope you learn something from the game :)

And I'm really glad that the character development makes sense! And that you love the romance, because when I wrote the script, it's been too long since I've written anything haha.

.... actually, for years I also never knew I mispell "aluminum" too. You're not alone here :')

Once again, thank you for enjoying AER!

Thank you for playing AER! I do have to agree with you that Johann's romance aspect was too subtle (this was a submission for a college project, and I didn't want my lecturers to be disturbed with the teacher-student relationship) and the falling snow was so hard to code! Wish my team had more time to figure out how to make it work properly :( I'm also glad to know that the character and story development was going well ^_^

About the first screenshot ... it does seem awkward. But wizard's magic cannot contain any ambiguity, and a wizard has to be certain about what they are going to cast  (although less concrete than faerie's magic). If the wizard cannot determine what kind of dark blue they were expecting, the magic won't work. That's why I used this case to illustrate the complexity of magic casting.

And regarding to the second screenshot, I gotta admit that I regret writing story on a deadline. Sorry.

Once again, thanks for enjoying AER :D

Thank you for playing AER! I'm glad that the twist in Alaric's route worked for you ^_^

(the only regret that I had was not increasing Alaric's cuteness. Maybe that way, more players will be trapped in his bad end :D:D)

This. Is. Brilliant.

I've got all ending but haven't unlock all memories, so ... maybe I'll replay again. Hopefully this time, as a completionist, I can get everything!

Overall, I really like the character design (love the timeglass) and I had this need to hug every one of them. You have succeded. The switch from ADV to NVL style is brilliant. And somehow, renaming all option from its default names made it very special to me.

Great job!

Dark jokes. Dark jokes everywhere.

But since I'm a completionist, I ended up unable to get the alternate end 3. Maybe I'll just replay the game ...

The art is so nice. The music fits the story (the creepy one really creeps me out!). The jokes are spot on. The true ending really ties up everything. I love it so much and I can't wait to see their next adventure!

(also, I was startled to see that the books and bags near the textbox are actually clickable).

(also, was cataclysm caused by Thanos? >///<)

Oh goodness gracious Joyce please don't leave me I need you

Seriously, I like how colors are popping and the UI and urgh I just love it. Maybe I'll try doing Phoenix to fill the Joyce-shaped hole ....

I'm so happy to find this game. Usually I only play GxB so I can't really recommend my games to my guy friends, but the variety of pronouns and romantic interest means I could shove this to anyone! And let them suffer in the hell of Joyce-leaving-them-alone together with me! Hahaha :D

But while I'm curious as for how the part 2 will turn out, please take your time to finish this! :D:D

Also, I'm afraid it was just me, but the popping colors in background somehow strained my eyes a little, when I need to differ the sprites from the background. Especially when I just started the game; Zen's workplace was so bright and so does the sprite, it made me a little bit uncomfortable :(

Now that I finally had an account, I need to review this game! Played without walkthrough at first, then I decided to use one when I can't get Rama's happy ending no matter how much I replay it urgh >///<

1. MITRA IS LOVE MITRA IS LYFE honestly I'm so betrayed whenever I play the rest of the game because he's too nice to me why can't boys be like Mitra aaahh~ and why kissing people at the chin is way more attractive than the lips? Sweetchiel please cure me :( Reksa came closely as the second place, though! His character slightly reminded me of Hak from Akatsuki no Yona. And although Rama's story is the most interesting, I somehow can't really love him like the rest of the boys, sorry! I consider him as the little brother I would like to protect with my life and along with Mitra (although Rama's bad ending is my favorite!)

2. My lecturer joined the Indonesian VN creator FB group and mentioned your game in the class. Since I need references to finish my project, I decided to look up your game to enjoy Mitra's godly bod, and I reallllyyy wish I could integrate Indonesian culture as good as yours, like, dang gurl the culture integration was well done! Not a cringe-fest! Yay!

3. the art, since there's so many six packs and glorious wings i wish angels in heaven look like this the story! I thought Mitra's was already good but the more I play, the more I got captivated! basically I only played Rama because of the story I'm sorry

4. Just like your next game Nusantara: Bermuda, I dislike the UI design (too clutter-y?) and the crowd's animation (too crowded!). There's also some serious problem with the game flow. For example, since I played Mitra first, I wonder when did I agree to look out for Rama ...? Turns out it was a Rama-oriented event.

5. After playing the last demo, and considering how you write Rama's route, YES. I'lll give you my money (preferably if you sell it in Steam because the price in Indo market will be cheaper? I'm still a broke college student and saving 3 bucks means a lot T_T)

Bro :') I love this! It's kinda a bit hard to control them ... then I realize I was pressing the wrong key, hahah.