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Thank you for playing AER! I do have to agree with you that Johann's romance aspect was too subtle (this was a submission for a college project, and I didn't want my lecturers to be disturbed with the teacher-student relationship) and the falling snow was so hard to code! Wish my team had more time to figure out how to make it work properly :( I'm also glad to know that the character and story development was going well ^_^

About the first screenshot ... it does seem awkward. But wizard's magic cannot contain any ambiguity, and a wizard has to be certain about what they are going to cast  (although less concrete than faerie's magic). If the wizard cannot determine what kind of dark blue they were expecting, the magic won't work. That's why I used this case to illustrate the complexity of magic casting.

And regarding to the second screenshot, I gotta admit that I regret writing story on a deadline. Sorry.

Once again, thanks for enjoying AER :D