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Oh goodness gracious Joyce please don't leave me I need you

Seriously, I like how colors are popping and the UI and urgh I just love it. Maybe I'll try doing Phoenix to fill the Joyce-shaped hole ....

I'm so happy to find this game. Usually I only play GxB so I can't really recommend my games to my guy friends, but the variety of pronouns and romantic interest means I could shove this to anyone! And let them suffer in the hell of Joyce-leaving-them-alone together with me! Hahaha :D

But while I'm curious as for how the part 2 will turn out, please take your time to finish this! :D:D

Also, I'm afraid it was just me, but the popping colors in background somehow strained my eyes a little, when I need to differ the sprites from the background. Especially when I just started the game; Zen's workplace was so bright and so does the sprite, it made me a little bit uncomfortable :(

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Hey, thank you for playing and thanks for your feedback! :3

We didn't have problems looking at the colours during work or noticed this as a problem while play testing and letting others play test the game. Things might look very different on different screens as well. But ultimately we're sorry that //TODO: today had caused you eye strain. >< This is definitely noted for future work!

We can't say much about Joyce rn. But, uh, spread the "love"!! :D