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Hey! I played the demo and God, was it fun!!!!!
This was PEAK humour, I screamed at the "Excuse me, princess" (and kudos to the voice actor, who perfectly emulated Link's VA but added the sarcasm this line needed to be extremely funny). I took 20 screenshots during my playthrough, and these are mainly jokes!

I also appreciated a lot the customisation of the main character (pronouns and being vegan/vegetarian). Also, it helped that they were funny as hell as well (the "throwing a computer" at Carl's face...)!

I also appreciated a lot the character designs, they felt extremely modern! Big ace crush on Arthur here, haha!

Everything also felt very polished and the assets were very well-chosen! The game had an amazing feel!

The plot is INTERESTING AS HECK!!!!! I love the Bonnie and Clyde vibd and I'm more than excited to see how Roe is going to take revenge over the person who wronged them (I'll avoid spoilers hehehe) and how the romance between Oz (god I almost wrote Carl) and them will develop! Especially with the premise of betraying him to gain social redemption... I feel like this game is going to explore thoroughly moral ambiguity!!! So yeah, I'm so excited for this!!!!

Congrats on releasing such a promising project for NaNoRenO and having completed this demo in the span of a  month, that was GREAT!

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Hey! I downloaded the first part a while ago but, hey, my computer being what it is, I had bugs with it! So, I took the matter in my own hands, finally fixed my computer and now I can review this first part of Quaint!

First of all, I have to APPLAUDE how polished everything is! The art, the GUI, the animations (!!!!!!), this game really is a treat! Really, that was great!
Also, I have to say the world-building is excellent!!!! The spellcasting system is simple enough for us to understand yet it seems flexible enough to create a variety of spells. It was very consistent and it really worked extremely well! Also, a "spy/sci-fi" universe mixed with a "wizarding school" one is a surprisingly good mix!

Now, regarding the characters, I really loved June! She's a funny support character, and I loved reading her text discussions with Q! Also, Milo was adorable (I'll admit I've been put off by the "touching hands to discharge" although not necessary and them withholding this information from us, but hypersensitivity, hehe). But I really grew attached to them, to their quirks (the "escape my date" scene was funny) and to their objectives regarding what we learn towards the end of the part.
Now, Quentin. Q. I'll admit I've had a bit of trouble with his consistency at first: he kinda seemed to be the skeptical one, but he didn't question June regarding magical stuff and so on. I think I told you that when I review your demo a while ago? But now that I've been SHAKEN by the plot twist at the end of the first part (I screamed "OH NO!!!!!!! PLEASE, NO!!!!!!!!!"), him not questioning it makes MUCH more sense! I also enjoyed his hard-working yet easily-flustered personality.
Thematically, I also liked how you treated the confusion created by non-binarism (to say that it's normal to be confused at first, but being confused isn't an excuse not to be respectful) and how you treated the matter of homosexual folks being assumed heterosexual (and therefore forced into heteronormativity). Q's discomfort really sounded true to me.
Also, I really didn't see the plot twist come. I'm trying to leave this review relatively spoiler-free so I won't expand too much, but it has made me VERY excited and it really raises the stakes for what will happen! Gosh, I wish I already knew frhur"jenjzrsj

So, this was a great first part, very polished and very professional! You did an amazing work and I'm more than eager to play more of Quaint! (but of course, take all your sweet time, we do not condone crunch here!!!!)

EDIT: it seems like the first part was release a month ago... WHAT HAVE I BEEN FIGHTING WITH THIS WHOLE TIME THEN???????

Hi! I played the first part of arc 5 and wanted to give you feedback! So, for anyone else reading this, I guess there will be spoilers, so beware (?????)

So, I've been through a lot of emotions but the more it went on, the more... optimistic I got about the destiny of the characters. I don't know what to pinpoint to convey this, but in short: despite Wonderland being in full chaos this time, there was something particularly... wholesome? Of course, the end of the part is comfortingly positive, but I do think this part was so far the funniest one of Wonderland! I burst out laughing many times (and yet, you didn't fail to break my heart... but somehow, even Cecil's death... I knew it was to "conclude" Gidget's arc).

First thing first, let's talk about the beginning of the part: it really was interesting to see Genzou and Iggy be absolutely horrified and traumatised by what they had been through. A lot of media expose characters to horrendous things and often fail to portray the traumatism it might cause so I'm glad it was there. And seeing Iggy and Genzou rise from their pain to confront Wonderland one last time was a nice touch of optimism and, let's say it, heroism!

Also, Iggy's development is interesting: I still have in my mind those flashbacks during Arc 1's death, where Iggy erases himself from existence and I couldn't wait to see the moment he would take accountability (at least, to Gidget and Orlam, although Genzou has to be the one doing the most work here; I do agree the Genzou situation was an accident, and that, although he didn't try in my opinion to consider fully Bucks' struggle, he really cannot be held guilty of anything regarding her marriage with Hunar). I also hope other characters take accountability (for instance, although Iggy wronged them first, I do think Gidget owes A MASSIVE LOAD of apologies to Iggy, at the very least!!!).

Now, regarding Gidget... OH MY GOD, this was sooooo good???? I loved it so much???? The use of spiders as a "perfect" mother figure (only for its ability to hatch a lot of eggs) was an unexpected but really clever metaphor?? What a clever way to show a horrific vision of ultra-feminity, especially when imposed on trans men?? And even so, having their leg penetrating Iggy while trying to maintain "feminity"?? The contrast???? The intelligence??????????????? I saw the amazing spider fanart you received before playing this part (and read the arachnophobia trigger warning) and was expected Gidget to indeed grow spider legs but HOLY GOLLY, the bar was high after arc 4, which I really loved, and you exceeded my expectations! I can't emphasise enough how much I LOVED it! Fortunately I don't suffer from arachnophobia, but GEEZ, that was AMAZING!!!! That really was the peak of psychological horror for me, a perfect symbiosis between horrifying imagery and the depiction of a tormented mind!! Truly, a lesson in the genre! Really, words are not enough to express how much I LOVED the Gidget's part of this... first part, this was AMAZING!
It was also interesting seeing Gidget trying at first to reach feminity in another way they did before: while they at first attended to reach feminity by being desirable in the eyes of a man (i.e. poor little asexual not even heteroromantic Iggy), I think, this time, it was more about trying to gain "independence" from Iggy's gaze by... meeting social norms (cf. the TV shows Iggy watched in the bedroom)?

So, I guess this is getting kinda long lmao so I'll stop ranting, but long story short: OH MY, that was good, and that's an understatement! Thank you for this amazing gameplay experience!!

Ha ha, as long as it's constructive criticism, there was no reason to be mad (okay, some people are self-conscious but hopefully I'm not part of them, haha)!


With even more gigantic love, like so big the universe is too small to contain it,

Feed the hams, tuppence a bag, would say Mary Poppins...

Too bad you overlooked the fact settings were also present, which doesn't make this visual novel just "great", but an actual masterpiece.

I would have liked the dad better but I guess the bacon is okay

Oh my, thanks a lot for your logn and detailed feedback, it means so much from you!!!!!

"Because as a bi guy who's mostly gay, anything yaoi and fujoshi are sensitive subjects to me due to how insensitively they're usually portrayed" -> understand that as a biromantic guy... When I realised how terrible the portrait of gay relationships yaoi media depict was, I really wanted to write stories to deconstruct their tropes. And I'm glad I managed not to disappoint you on this one!

"whilst I want to wholeheartedly support and trust my friend, chimeriquement, I honestly still went into this game rather guarded..." -> And yet, you gave my game a shot. Thanks for your trust!!!

"She's willing to learn from her mistakes and I'm intrigued to see how she'll grow in the full version" -> Ha ha, I guess seeing these boys struggle might help her realise some things!

"Ofc, there are scenes where Hana's fujoshi mode just made me supremely uncomfortable" -> (you have no idea how uncomfortable yet somehow amused I was when I wrote those)

"( What's up with devs and meek protags agshsjdk )" -> I don't really know, and from what I see, it seems like players want the meek protag trope to be more present again; for my part, I really think my protagonists should be characters as fleshed-out as the love interests.

"I may or may not have clapped when he also shot Hana's fetishisation down" -> Actually, this scene is in the prologue thanks to you! When you told me I should try to indicate in the demo that the game would be tackling fetishisation, I rewrote the scene to include it there!

"Oliver is definitely my favorite character so far" -> (he's also mine; Renjiro and Daisuke are close, considering I know their full-development, but yes, I do believe in Oliver's supremacy)

"bi and pan are quite confused with each other it's insane agshdjkd" -> I swear, everytime I ask someone the difference, the explanation they come up with is different!!!! I thought it'd be a fun touch to include (and also, a way to show the player that I am document about LGBTQ+ issues and therefore conscious about what I should and should not do in this game)

"All in all, the characters are lovable in their own way and they bounce off of each other really well" -> Oh, thank you! I worked hard to make sure their dynamics were fun and balanced, thanks for noticing that!!!!!

"Thank you for making this game" -> Thank you for having played it and taken so much time to share your thoughts on it!! It means so much from you!!!!

With even bigger love (what do you mean this is not a competition?),
someone who's neither a hare, nor winged


Although Hana is the protagonist, and the game is therefore told from her perspective, there are in the demo some scenes from Renjiro’s perspective (hint: depending on the club you suggest Oliver, and on whether or not Hana volunteers to go with Daisuke to the supply closet), during which he is a temporary narrator. This is also to be expected from the full-game: Hana narrates the story most of time, but of course, the scenes during which Renjiro and his suitor have to speak the truth will be told from Renjiro’s point of view.
So, in short: Hana will remain the main protagonist, but expect some scenes from Renjiro’s perspective (especially if you follow the “Renjiro x suitor” path, rather than the “Hana x suitor”).

Hey! I played your game a few days ago and I thought I would leave some feedback (especially since I also released an entry with a similar premise, although we did take different paths).

And I really enjoyed this game a lot, and that's an understatement: the protag was endearing, the main couple is tremendously cute (I even have a personal crush on Arley), and I'mma fight for Nanala to get the girlfriend she deserves.
I found the story well-paced, progressive yet fast enough considering the time-frame you've given yourself: the characters could expand their personality and their feelings in an effective yet cute fashion.

I also have to mention the art: from the characters, to the GUI, to the backgrounds, it was a very cohesive ensemble that really worked with the cheerful tone of the game!

Hi, thanks for your nice feeedback! Things like those always mean the world!

To clarify, regarding Hana’s perspective, it’s about who to pursue as a suitor for Renjiro. Gameplay wise, the game is structured like this:

- Prologue (which you played) at the end of which you choose a suitor between Daisuke or Oliver; this choice will lead you to one of the two routes. The demo ends there but, of course, the game will continue.
- So now, for instance, let’s say you chose Oliver (by the way, if I may ask: who did you choose?). You’ll start Oliver’s common route: Hana will try to set Renjiro up with Oliver. According to your choices, she might make them closer or Hana might instead fall in love with Oliver.
- The third act will be a specific route, determined by your choices during Oliver’s common route: only then will you reach either the “Hana x Oliver” and its two endings, or the “Renjiro x Oliver” route and its two endings. The choices you make during this phase will specifically lead you to one of the two endings of the subroute.

It was a bit long but I hope I clarified things a bit: but long story short, the character you choose results in a common route, during which the “falling in love with a guy while trying to set your best friend up with him” thing might (not) happen, all according to your choices.

Hey, thanks for your detailed feedback!

Thanks for overall noticing the dynamics between the character, it was really important for me to make sure these characters have rich and cute interactions between each other!

Ha ha, who hasn’t tried learning Japanese at some point? I guess there are people like you or Oliver who manage to actually do some learning, and others who stop after learning their katakanas!

I also had a lot of fun opposing Hana’s rational personality and her wild love for boys’ love! I guess this is the kind of contrasts that give dimensions to a character!

Thanks for all your nice words, it really means a lot! I’m excited to see how the next part of this story will turn out as a game!

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(NOTE FOR PLAYERS: I'll try to keep this review spoiler-free but I'm not sure to manage!)

Okay, so I played the fourth arc and OH MY GOD

I think this arc is my favourite so far. Seeing the characters interact that much with each other was really great, and we really did have some heartfelt moments with Gidget and Genzou. I have to say the scene during which Gidget shows Iggy their website has to be my favourite from the whole game so far... So warm, so comforting, so nice friendly interactions... Aaaah...

The Wonderland part is also very great: it was a really interesting take on how comformity eventually makes everyone unable to be themselves and therefore unhappy. Cecil was a nice addition, especially since I think he might embody... well, some "truer" side to Gidget, to say the least.

I also appreciated the interaction between Iggy and Bucks. In my last review, I explained we knew so little about her... Well, it was a small interaction, but it really felt like I started understanding her.

The art, as usual, was great, and I especially liked it in this chapter: I took a billion screenshots, it was extremely well-done.

Now, I'm looking forward to the final chapter. I know you're going to make great things, but no pressure: just work with the care you usually put in your game, and it will turn out amazing. After playing arc 1, I was curious. After playing arc 2, I was moved. After playing arc 3, I was... weirded out. After playing arc 4, I realised this game is speaking to me in many more ways than just the asexual themes. It was truly amazing, thank you.

(NOTE FOR PLAYERS: I'll try to keep this review spoiler-free but not sure I'll manage, so maybe play it first before reading???? But for an overall opinion: it's excellent and probably will be a masterpiece when the game is fully done, just make sure to read the trigger warnings if necessary)

Okay, I finally played Arc 3 and can leave a comment about everything made so far! The reactions I had at the end of each arc:

Arc 1: oh, I wish we got a happier ending after everything we went through...
(then, realising the concept before starting arc 2): oh, now we'll get happy endings!
Arc 2: well, nope but... something bigger is going on, just go with the game
Arc 3: what-the-hell?????

Okay, let's provide a more-refined account of what I think of your game!
The first point I'd like to mention are the characters: they torment me! They make me feel a million of different things, going from love to horror. You managed to give them a lot of nuances, and in that regard, I'm really excited to see Arc 4 to see Gidget, especially considering what is suggested during arc 3. Same goes with Genzou: I loved him in arc 2 and had more twisted feelings about him in arc 3 (although I called out his attitude towards Orlam as soon as I started arc 1). Orlam really moved me during the "real-world" phase of arc 3 and horrified me at all the other moments. Regarding Bucks, we still know so little about her, but I can't help theorising about her. I also like Iggy's evolution, and really curious what arc 4 is going to be like. So, you really made a great job of the characters.
Also, the story, so far, is good. The lack of control we have over it is frustrating, but this is inteded frustration, which shows the struggles and the pains of fixing problems or issues that have been going on for years. Also, the fact that we don't really have a choice and that, no matter what, we face death, reminds me of Greek tragedies' concept of fatum, and I'm really into... well, French classical tragedy, but it is inspired for Greek tragedy, so... in short, that's really my type of stuff and I loved it.
The horror was a nice touch too. The way childhood is twisted by desires that come later... I think, the game really offers a real reflexion on sexuality, and you're clearly not kidding when you call it an "asexual horror game". It is really horrifying, and as an ace person, I was really disgusted and unsettled at some points (inn scene, Arc 2...). I really mean it: in terms of writing, you tackle the topic of sexuality in a way only an asexual person could and that really got me in.
Of course, the art is amazing, at the same time cute and unsettling, which is perfect for a game about a twister wonderland.

So far, I'm loving it and really got into the game! Excited to see what's next!

(Also, I think you posted a tweet about wheter letting the player choose which arc to play or making them play in the inteded order: I really think the evolution of Iggy's character would be less striking if the game weren't played in the inteded order, if you need some feedback on that).

Hi! So I played the demo and congrats, it's very good!

First, I'd like to mention the quality of the work you put in the expressions of your characters (you clearly took in consideration body language in the different poses you gave the characters, which really helps them be more interesting). So, although your demo is 15-20min-long, they already have some depth.

Also, great job with the soundtrack and the use of it! It was always appropriate and really made the whole look more "cinematic". The tracks are also lovely.

And so is the art: the character designs and the expressions really got me in. The CG is lovely and I love Quentin's expression in it. I also appreciated your use of backgrounds!

Finally, the story seems interesting (the conflict between a more militaristic aspect and magic will surely develop into something great) and I can't wait to get to know more of the characters! I'll admit I'm not sure to understand why Quentin accepts this whole "secret mage society" and magic in general that quickly and easily, which made the scene a bit strange to me (but maybe I misread a line or something?): but the characters' interactions were so pleasant it eventually became a minor detail and clearly didn't stop me from really enjoying the scene and the demo.

So, congrats, that's excellent, and I would never have believed it was your first game if you didn't say so! And I'm excited to see more of it in early 2023!

Once again, thank you so much for your amazingly nice review for The Life I Lost! It’s really brightened me up!!!!! 💞💞💞

Ok, I managed to recreate the bug (on Windows) and analyse the problem more deeply. It seems the problem is an error 403. Long story short, itch “forbids” your browser to play the game. The bug occurred in Google Chrome; I tried running the game in Opera and it worked. So I suggest you try another browser to play the game (Opera, Firefox…). Let me know if it worked for you!

First, and foremost, thanks for wanting to replay the game and for your bug report.

So, to give some indications about the downloadable versions:
— they are indeed intended for Windows, Linux and Mac only (as indicated by the icons and the tags). You can’t play them on Chrome OS.
— the major difference with the browser version is that the music is less laggy, the transitions smoother and the name box better placed.

Now, I also happen to have a Chromebook (which I don’t use to develop the game, but it helps for checking if everything is alright). I just played the game on Google Chrome and did not encounter any bug.
According to your screenshot, you’re encountering a script error you can check in the JavaScript console. Maybe checking the console and sending me a screenshot will help me help you (if you’re on Google Chrome, control+shift+j).
I don’t know how familiar you are with Ren’Py games but there is something to know: the language we use to code our games is Python, not JavaScript. Yet, since you’re encountering a JavaScript error, this means the problem isn’t due to the game itself but to something exterior on which I have alas no control (and it makes sense if it worked once for you: the files haven’t changed so the game is no different than the first time you played it).
From what I understood from my research (but I don’t know a thing about JavaScript), script errors are bound to occur when a part of the script of a website is stored on another website. So I think the problem might be coming from the way itch deals with the files. Therefore, and once again, I fear it is nothing I can fix and the fact it happened for The Life I Lost and not for The Witch in the Forest is purely contingent. Again, I could be wrong since I really don’t know at all how JavaScript works, but since the game worked once and hasn’t changed since you last played it, the problem is certainly not coming from it.
So, the case isn’t hopeless, since it worked once for you and since it works for me. Maybe you can answer these questions or try out some of these suggestions to make things work:

— which browser did you use? Is it the same than the one you used the first time you played the game?
— did you proceed any differently than the first time you played the game (did you access the page differently, for instance?)?
— refreshing the page might help, if you haven’t tried yet?
— try to clear your cache (
— maybe try playing it later? (Not sure how efficient it is)
— if none of this works, maybe you can try using another browser or restarting your computer (but I know it’s something we try to avoid generally).

Sorry for not being able to find a perfect solution but, unfortunately, I don’t have much control over this website. I hope you manage to make the game work! If not, do not hesitate to reach to me with further information so that we hopefully work out a solution for you which works everytime you want to play The Life I Lost.

Ok, so I wanted to test it out after B4E and was expecting something similar. Although the game is hilarious (the "touch her back" option...), it really managed to convey a meaningful and wholesome story about trying new things and stopping being afraid of being judged. The tone is quirky, of course, but I'm genuinely surprised by how sweet I found it: Miku's support and how we slowly bond with her (well, when we're not a creep) was really well-thought. A simple yet very efficient game!

The game made me cry out of laughter within the first two seconds. This speaks a thousand words.

And joke aside, the writing is extremely funny and light-hearted. The art complimented very well the atmosphere to make the game a really amusing and light-hearted experience.


(the *dies mortified* ending acually killed me)

This review is the best birthday present ever! Thanks a lot for having shared your thoughts with so much detail (and for the kind words, obviously!)! I'm happy you resonated with the characters although you couldn't relate to the "wanting children" thing!

(And naming the child was important for bonding with him to prepare the last act -welp, it was at least what I had in mind-)

"A poignant and touching experience from start to finish", that would make a great headline! Thanks again, truly, that's really sweet of you!

Thank you so much for your feedback and your kind words! It has made my day brighter!

Hey there!

So, I released a kinetic novel entitled The Life I Lost. Here is a summary:

Jasper Robinson-Campbell, a 26-year-old man receives great news from his wife, Megan: she is pregnant with their first child. This, for our poor Jasper, sounds like a nightmare: he enjoys his carefree lifestyle and doesn't feel ready to endorse such responsibility.
A story about acceptance, maturity and accepting loss.

If you’ve got an hour to kill and are interested in bittersweet stories, maybe this game is a right fit for you! Check it out here! You’ll find a screenshot from the game below. Have fun!

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Hey! So, I played this long-awaited game (which I bought on Steam though, more convenient…) and I really appreciated it a lot!

First and foremost: I loved Kai. He’s absolutely hilarious as a protagonist. The whole catfishing thing was absolute genius. I think the fact the only thing he can think of when he sees his best friend obviously flustered is “Is he constipated?” speaks for itself: this character is just a humour masterpiece.

I think this is the main quality of the game regarding its writing: I burst out laughing so many times. The situations were funny, and just seeing the characters being silly made me like them a lot.

Regarding the writing, I also enjoyed the mother. Ava seemed a bit too pushy in my opinion (I mean, I know it’s a trope, but if a friend of mine would set up a date with someone who had a crush on me while pretending she was taking me out to help me think of something else, I would be infuriating). The character was cool but a bit of a meh. The sister, on the other side, was great, although she sometimes tended to highlight some irony you managed to show and therefore didn’t need to tell. But overall, the cast was golden.

Regarding the love interests, I might have had a few issues with them, but overall, they work perfectly fine, I love them both, I want them to give Kai all the kids they deserve and to become their uncle.
Yet, a part of me was a bit uncomfortable by seeing how desperate Percy is to gain Kai’s attention. At some point, I thought he was going to go full yandere and murder Gavin on his way. He’s willing to accept anything for Kai, even if it means withdrawing his own interests. He just got lucky that Kai is a genuine good person who really cares about him. But hey, maybe that’s why he’s willing to do so much… But I would have liked to see this addressed… But that’s maybe just me, ever since I wrote La Vie en Rose, there are signs that trigger me! But overall, I really enjoyed his character, how sweet he was all along, and that you still managed to give him flaws so that he doesn’t fall bland.
Regarding Gavin, I didn’t have as big of an issue with him. You managed to give him a teasing and quite “a bit mean” personality without making him unlikeable. Overall, he’s an interesting character who has good development as he manages to build up courage to make a move on Kai. I guess what helps him appear not toxic is the humour. In any other circumstance, the scene in which he steals one of Kai’s crush would have made me furious: but to be honest, it was so funny and so in tone in the game that it didn’t bother me at all. I just felt, at the beginning of the game, that he would sometimes act to soft (for instance, when I gave him the mom’s rice balls, he acted like I would have expected Percy to expect: genuinely happy without saying he’s going to keep it to him because anything Kai gives him is a treasure). But that’s a minor issue anyway.
I loved both the suitors. I was a bit afraid of Gavin when you start teasing the game on Twitter, but eventually, you find a balance which was hard to establish: congrats! My favourite was still Percy overall, even though I think he’s objectively more flawed (but nothing too serious: it works with the game’s sweetness, although I would have wished maybe something more subtle, but maybe that’s my tendency for realistic psychological writing).
I loved the interactions between the two suitors, because it helped Percy appear more flawed and Gavin to show a softer side without being out of character. It was a great addition to the game. Even their interactions were hilarious, especially with Kai in the middle. I think something lacking was the two of them concretely bonding. It appeared a bit, but that would have given a “fuller” ending in general (like they would get along) and give its full interest to the polyamorous ending.

Indeed, this last ending was maybe the biggest flaw of the game: it was a bit underwhelming. I felt like Percy was accepting the polyamory situation not because it’s something he would consider for his relationship but because he’s desperate to have Kai (cf. previous point) especially since how much he insists on making Gavin go away to have Kai all for himself, and Gavin just randomly saying “well then date both of us” was too random. I think this ending lacked its set-up. So, if I’m honest, I didn’t enjoy it (whilst I enjoyed the two other ones, which were more complete). I guess what would have made this ending perfect is having Gavin and Percy also getting closer as Kai spends time with the two of them everyday (especially during the amusement park date) so that it becomes something that they would consider for themselves, not only for Kai… Otherwise… well, this pay-off seemed unfair to me.

Otherwise, I liked the art a lot, especially the GUI and the CGs. Percy and Gavin are just magnificent and the GUI must have required so much work, but congrats, it turned out beautifully.

Long story short: I really enjoyed playing the game! You put a lot of heart in it and I can tell. I hope I didn’t sound too harsh because I really loved the game and spent an extraordinary time playing it: it’s something you can be proud of. If you set aside how nitpicking I am with writing, you really exceeded my expectations. Congrats!!!

I have the extremely deep and profound honour to announce the release of Meeting my weird parents-in-law: Aïcha, a tragic visual novel about facing intolerance and… Ok, who am i kidding lmao here’s a real summary:

Aïcha is an Algerian lesbian Muslim woman living in France but, more importantly, she is deeply in love with her supportive and wonderuful girlfriend, Judith. And what happens when a relationship has been healthy for long enough? Exactly: you meet your parents-in-law! But what is the outcome to expect, when they are white, catholic and racist?

So, this is a light-hearted and hopefully funny game in which you meet your parents-in-law and have to face their absurdly portrayed intolerance.

So if you’re interested, you can check the game here!

And now, a screenshot teasing:

Appetising, uh? Well, if you’re interested, you’re free to check this bad boy out!

You spoke nothing but the truth

Got all the endings (and, indeed, around half an hour of gameplay... but I all got them on my first tries)! The game was really good! It was pleasing to see how the situation would evolve accordingly to the advice we give. In that regard, the endings and the gameplay have a coherence I appreciate a lot (I think it is also thanks to its intuitivity: I immediately understood what kind of endings you wanted to lead me to, and it was really pleasing)!

The art, too, was really good (CGs, sprites, backgrounds, UI...). A short yet really nice game to play at!!!

Hi! Thanks for your adorable feedback! That means a lot!

(And I have to say, Kawaii-chan is the peak of my creation)

He he at least the humour worked! Thanks for your feedback!

The demo of Order me!, a yaoi dating-sim, is released!

What happens after Valentine's Day?

Gabriel is one of the most successful pop stars in his country, Neo-Paradise: the idol of many teenagers. Yet, here is the thing: he is longing to go back to singing more operatic songs, considering he is a classical-trained countertenor. What prevents him from stopping his career, you may ask? Seiji, his scene partner, with which he is deeply in love (although he won’t admit it): he doesn’t want to abandon him. With Valentine’s Day approaching, will Gabriel be able to confess all his feelings to him? And what will happen after Valentine’s Day? To discover it, play this heartfelt and absolutely not plot-twisty game!

Hi! So, I finally played the whole game (and not just one route) and thought I would leave a comment!

As I told in your messages, I really enjoyed this game A LOT. Like. A. Lot. I really found Jodeci entertaining as a protagonist but not a protagonist. In my first playthrough, I mostly sticked with Dan. I got to discover the other characters, who are as enjoyable as them!

I also liked the art, the music and the voice acting! I could see all of you guys worked really hard on this game to make it as polished as possible and, well, the magic at least worked on me! So, congrats!

Overall: a funny nice-looking and nice-sounding game to have fun with!