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English is not my first language so it has a lot of grammer mistake.

Also thanks for the feedback :)

Thankyou so much for playing the game!

This game is so underrated (add some gif and make thumbnail more attractive)

Game is very polished and sound is so good and also this is the only game i played for straight 20 mins so good Job!


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Game is polished and art style is also pretty cool!

next time add html version you will get more downloads and more feedback

its too late bro fbi is coming

You are correct

i spend way too much time in graphics and dont have time to fix the bugs and adding features

Game is amazing but too short!!

good job!

game is bad ngl

since you have submit the game so good job!

this game is so good!

camera movement is so good teach me how to do it lol

also can you add fullscreen?

sometimes i also think wtf i made lol


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I am so happy you make a youtube video!

Actually i made this game for major jam cosmic gamejam

I kinda suprised when i saw your game because i thought you quit the gamedevelopment

i don`t like shake when you move the child and also text is blurry make it more clear

btw funny game enjoyed alot! 

add screen shake it will make game more fun!

This is so good man!

Shotgun takes more health,so it's better to use pistol 

Btw thanks for playing :)

Thanks dude ;)

Thanks for your feedback!

I will fix it!

Thanks dude :)

Everything about this Game is just awesome!

Game is so punishing ,its very hard to avoid red projectile(remove that)

I really enjoyed the humor! 

wtf 766mb! I actually want to play but this is so big :(

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i make a 69 shape kaiju, it is the most powerfull kaiju ever!

congrats! you just published your first game.

did you party bro?

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cons -

1-Bullet lifetime is so low

2-Add some shake

3-tank bullet just mix up the background  ,add color that make it stand out

4- Unity UI sucks ,use textmeshpro

not gonna lie Game is pretty fun !

I don`t like strategic Game at all but there is something unique about this game, that made me go yes!

Game is soo good ,art style is pretty unique 

 but my pc lag whenever tank explode :(      

I dont know why people are falling down i have place big tranparent block in every stage.

i already played your game and also rated it! :)

Game is so polished and graphics is cool!

1-Make Interesting Thumbnail 

2- make it for browser version 

This Game is good because you eat 69 cookies :)

control are the most important part in a game and you just failed at it

fix it!

Press R to restart the game

It will fix the problem i think

Kaiju theme is not required,limitation is more important.

I check your game tomorrow :)

Did you complete the game? 

Also in which stage you endlessly fall?

Btw thank you for playing :)

A and D for ghost movement

ghost just glide u cant fly