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Hello! Unfortunately, I didn't get around to doing it, but I can release an update containing it in the future. However, feel free to edit freely as well

Absolutely yes!! heheh

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Hi everyone! If you have suggestions for game assets, I'd love to hear from you!  Share your creative ideas here! 🎮

I'm glad you liked it! :D

Hey! You can send an email to me:

I uploaded it to the Sketchfab site and copied an embed code into the description page. Maybe you need to send a email for to activate "CSS edit mode"

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Muitíssimo obrigado pelo feedback! 

Hello! You can send me a suggestion here or on discord Francisco Lucas#6150

Done! :DD

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Check my new game asset, link below:

Thank you so much 💜

Obrigado por jogar e pelo carinho 💛


Thanks for the feedback 🐊 🐊 

Thanks for the feedback!


Thankssss  :D

Cool game! Complete puzzle and very cute pixel art! Good work for 48 hours :)

Tirei 10.0 em biologia graças ao Patógenos - Ao trabalho! Obrigado Patógenos - Ao trabalho!

Glad you liked the game! It was fun to watch the gameplay!! Thank you very much! 😈

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Thank you VERY much for the support! It is for comments like this that motivate us to continue creating works like Redtape, you are amazing! Michael sent you a hello from heaven 😇

Now we are accepting donations too!

And yes! In a day and a half we had the map textured! We work tirelessly as in! 😈

I must have been about 10 years when I played this lol

Hello, team! Thank you for providing an english version! The game is very cool, running perfectly and I liked the idea of the mermaid! Add sound and improve the finishes, I will definitely play the future versions of your game. I also came to invite you to play our game again, as we have finished developing :) 

Hi Nishin! We are working to correct the crashes and finalize the game. Thank you for understanding, for playing and for the feedback.  <3

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Hello! Check my new template :)

Thank you Massao! <3

Eu estava solitário, em um mundo frio e inseguro; até encontrar este jogo. Sou grato ao desenvolvedor deste magnifico e esplendoroso jogo, tudo esta mais claro agora, as cores estão nítidas, o mundo está mais quente e seguro. As pessoas me cumprimentam na rua,  elas dizem: olha, se não é o chicogames, garoto que jogou aquele jogo magnifico que expressa a cultura brasileira em uma só arte. Uau!!

Hmmm que coisa mais fofa! 

face reveal OMG!

Está ficando muuuito bom! <3

We are very happy that you played and recorded a gameplay! This is very gratifying for us! And congratulations on finding the final room, you are the best!

By: Big Baby

Simply amazing! <3

You're welcome! Thank you for appreciating my work. Any questions or suggestions I am available!

Many thanks for liking my little game! Your feedback helps me get on with my job :)

The first player to enter the server is responsible for the quality of the game. (latency and ping).

Hi guys!

The game is still a prototype, but I'm very happy to see some people come up to play.

Call your friends, play a few minutes. Leave a review on the game and suggestions :)

Muito bommm! <3

Háaa planeta puc de 2015, provavelmente é meu veterano ou já se formou! Achei teu jogo por acaso aqui aushdaushd. Que tal dar uma olhadinha no meu? É até meio parecido:

<3 <3