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I'm excited for this! Also congrats, and thank you for your hard work!

I came back to replay this game. Partially because I heard the song Karma Chameleon and I thought of Karma :D Partially because I remembered we received Evermore as a Chritmas gift. This is still one of my favorite otomes <3 Everything about it is wonderful, the art, the story, the music, the writing. (The right choice indicator is a godsend because the logic behind the right choice is quite backwards sometimes x.x more so in some routes than others.)

But my favorite part are the characters and relationships. I appreciate how in each route we not only get close to the LI, but one or more side characters as well. Also appreciate how each LI is so different, yet they all work so well with Lucette. They all need her in their life and it makes me sad that they can't all have their happily afters at once. ;; I just adore them all and want them to be happy. Still, I can see why Waltz is the true route, with everything coming full circle. And I may or may not be partial to him too. :)

Also have to say, I cried so much. Especially Fritz's route is just so sad ;; Waltz's route also made me cry a few times, but at least that was a mix of sad and moved tears. Fritz... was just pure sadness, so much tragedy in his route. And he himself is so tragic too. Not sure if I can give him the most tragic character title because Rod is a strong contender as well... I really just want to hug all these boys and keep them safe and happy. ;;

Look at me, I'm just rambling. I just have so much emotions about this story, it really means a lot to me. Don't know if you guys are still looking at comments even... but if you do, once more, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for blessing us all with this masterpiece <3

Oh! I was hoping we'll get Leo's route for Christmas, but this is even better! Thank you for your hard work! I'm excited for this~

I'm late to the party with playing this game for the first time just now, and I'm not yet fully done (missing a bad ending and the secret LI), but after crying at it for the umpteenth time, I thought it's time I come rave about it. Literally, I've cried like... 3 times per route? Sometimes in happiness, sometimes in sadness. Maybe it's because I'm binging this while I'm sick, but I've been so touched, feeling for all the boys. I love all of them, so so much! I'd had clear faves in Halloween and Valentines otome, but I really can't pick one boy here, not on first glance, and neither after finishing their routes. They are all just so sweet ;; and deserving of love. Also, Maia is the most relatable to me out of the heroines, as much as I loved playing as all three of them. I was about to type how much I love the LI's respective family members, and that made me realized how all of them have one as another focal relationship. That's what them makes so sweet, doesn't it? Dangerous for my heart, as Maia would say. Gosh, I love this game so much. The whole series, to be fair. Thank you guys for sharing such amazing stories with us, I'll be sure to stay tuned for whatever else you do in the future! (If you choose to, of course! But as other commenters said, it'd be nice to see a game starring Osiria! Or even Rayner :D Though I'd imagine his story to be... more queer?)

I was also speculating if you had headcanons for Ems's and Mira's partners when writing about them here? With Ems, there's still the choice of course. But with Mira, I can't imagine her able to drag his dutiful/workaholic LIs for two months of a second honeymoon, especially full of parties, I can only imagine Zane :D Though, Annabelle still appearing single seems to suggest otherwise... but maybe Maia's just not so observant. Or maybe I'm thinking too much on that, ahah. I just love the lore and cross-references so I was reading closely. Also couldn't help noticing a parallel among Kiron and Liam, in their attitude towards kids at least. Such sweet guys!

Sorry for that ramble, I really went off fangirling. My point is still, thank you for this game <3

This was really, really funny! Also cute. But mostly funny, love how the game didn't try to take itself too seriously, and the meta-commentary such as the plot convenience banana peels. :D But I really loved that certain touch about Haruka, that was a nice heartfelt moment/convo! Great job on the writing, and the art was really pretty too!

This was such a beautiful story, meaning both the storytelling and the visuals! Also, the choices are very thoughtfully built. (While I couldn't figure them out myself, after reading the guide in the artbook, I am impressed.) I enjoyed the little verses at the beginning of every day, was a nice little touch. And you did a great job with the foreshadowing of who Elowen is. I only wish there was more of the game, if we could have read more of the conversation between the two ladies in the seven days. I really enjoyed this game, you all did an amazing job, thank you for making it!

A little late to the party, but would love to thank you guys for this! Really enjoyed reading through all the extra scenes! Fabulous and entertaining work as always!

I've finally gotten around to playing Bastien and Sofia's routes, and holy moly, why did I wait this long to play this masterpice? I love it. Love how we can actively participate in the politics, and love how there's conflict around the romances too, and the option to change :D

The stakes are so much higher than in TRoS with the politicking. It was already great in Bastien's route, but Sofia's route seemed like a step up from even there, you guys keep outdoing yourselves. 

I really appreciate how the morals are explicitly questioned in universe, yet we are allowed to do questionable things, in both politics and romance! That poly, my heart, that's everything I needed ;; From the first option leaning there, I was getting overexcited for it! Thank you so much for inlcuding that!

Game mechanics wise, I am amazed by the amount of branches there are, I have yet to explore all of them. Not even talking about the custom personality of the MC and how that must affect dialogue and choices. Tipping my imaginary hat for you!

I really can't believe Duchess di Parisi and her double dealings and intricate web of lies. I wanted to hate her, but I do get where she is coming from. She is so well-written. My favorite character is still Frederique though, he is just so loveable! Also his disguises :D He had me laughing more than once.

I'm excited for the routes to come! Thank you for your hard work in bringing us this game, because it is amazing!

This is super exciting news! Can't wait to see MC as the princess, and I already can't wait for Leo's route either. Thank you for your hard work!

I'm also curious about the loveless marriage route, but everything in its own time, good to have something left to anticipate. I've missed out on the kickstarter so I can't vote, but hoping to see Charlotte's route soon, I imagine it would be a whole Juliet and Juliet story with the rivarly between their houses!

Finally played the demo, and already in love with the characters!

My favorite has to be the MC, don't think I ever played as someone who's such a mystery, and I love it. Among the LIs, I can't choose between the boys, I instantly gravitated towards Emrys because who doesn't love a bad boy, but Darryl is such a sweetheart you can't not love him either. Just reading the profiles, I thought you're going for similar tropes as in Royal Alchemist, but I see you've remixed them quite thoroughly, and I'm very much enchanted by them all.

Also love how you switched up the game mechanics, added the personality traits and social events! I'm still trying to understand if the personality will affect the romance routes. Also wonder what the chosen Council faction does.

Did I mention I love the easter eggs and the worldbuilding? Seeing Neri and Beringer, and mentions of Senior Alchemist Rosenkreuz, and how much you're expading the world with magical creatures and all the new countries and the Sval language and their runic magic, I'm awestruck. 

On another note, wanted to let you guys know that in v0.2, I still got an exception in week 10 on Iris's route.

And a question, there is no event popping up for me on week 7, the game goes straight from previous week's lecture or mission to the save/train/mission/etc screen. I first thought I'm missing prerequisite missions or romance points, and I've been experimenting with it, but still nothing. Is it maybe a bug, or intentionally empty, or I'm still missing the conditions?

I really can't wait to see more of this game and world! You guys are awesome. 

So, I'm playing through the game (the old version still). I haven't finished all the routes yet, but gotta say, I'm growing to love it more and more with each playthrough, as I get to know each of the characters. Really love their depth! 

Some general observations that I am super duper happy about. I love the diversity! Different genders and races too. I love that all relationships are healthy, but still have very different dynamics! Also, I love that there are side couples, even including love interests you choose to not romance, because heck yes, they are people and deserve to live their lives and be happy, rather than be a harem and wait around for the protagonist. (Heard some people have that opinion... or complain about having non-male love interests just because they are not interested in them, and... I'm just so happy you decided to go the unapologetically queer route and let the haters stew in their hate. Also want you to know, that yes, there is an audience for what you do, I really appreciate it!)

I really loved the mystery plot, the many threads that eventually all came together. The villain was a surprise, not gonna spoil it here, just gonna say, excellent choice and message sent there!

I must say, I'm really a sucker for the romance aspect, haha. I've played all routes except August, because one's gotta leave an intriguing route for last! And I really can't pick favorites anymore. I am very partial to the throuple routes! But also Finn's and Piper's routes, they are... let's be honest, I found their dynamics with the Hunter really hot. And getting to know Omen was such a great surprise, I came to respect him immensely. Ezra is a sweetheart, as expected, and Alkar... maybe he was a little easy to crack, but cute still! Oh, and even the non-romance route... I appreciate having that unwinding scene (in chapter 7 I think?) with August and Piper, as a sort of paralleling the throuple routes! 

One thing you could improve in the new version is, just a bit of programming nitpicking, there's entire scenes that are the same on all routes (unless you're romancing that person/those people), but they are still not skippable. I'm not certain if you're doing a rehaul of the art as well, the CGs weren't fully consistent, but they didn't take away from the overall enjoyment. I loved the sprites, the backgrounds and the music! And the writing is really great (although, could use a fine-combing, some variations of routes/choices don't read as smooth as others in some later sections, e.g. Piper's scene in chapter 8 I think, and the scene with Alkar and Omen in chapter 5 or 6 perhaps).

To sum it up... a hell of a good game! It's really growing on me and becoming one of my favorite VNs of all time. Very excited to finish August's route, read the side stories, and see how you'll make it even more amazing!

If anyone's wondering if it's worth to buy it... YES. You don't wanna miss out, believe me! 

Ooh, sounding interesting! Do you have any predictions? 

Thanks for the reply! 

Yes indeed, it turns out, I had both unpacked on my computer, and the game's folder had the title shortened, so I overlooked that, and opened the wrong folder... :')

Is it also because of the revamp that even the previously downloaded full game refuses to go beyond chapter one now? I wanted to pick up the game again today after a long break, and it was jarring to see my save files unable to load and a bunch of renpy errors. I would have appreciated an in-game warning and being redirected to the menu. Just, for future reference ^^"

Anyways, I'm gonna be patient and wait for the new release, I'm sure it's going to be awesome! I've been enjoying the game so far (got a little beyond romance route selection on my first playthrough before), intrigued by the mystery and enchanted by Ezra (pun fully intented). Keep up the good work! :)

...btw, is it possible to request that you add a default name for the MC? Apparently I have a very similar taste in names as one of you, because my first two name choices (Aya and Raven) turned out to be shared with NPCs ^^" that kind of thing bothers and confuses me, so I had to go and start a new game just to change the name. Ngl, it's kind of hilarious that it happened TWICE. But I'd much rather go with a default! 

Definitely recommend, must-play if you enjoy historic otomes! The MC has LOTS of personality that you even get to choose (some options are pretty wild and fun! do not be scared to be wild and wreak havoc!), the story is entertaining, and the art is pretty! Oh, and the love interests all have layers/secrets to discover!
Expect to see the skeleton of the story to be the same on all routes, but depending on your route, you will see many alternate scenes, so it doesn't get boring! Or just skip (and it's super fast, not bogged down by transitions and such!). 
Some love interests/routes that stood out to me:
Leopold caught my interest first, he seemed polite and charming (and shallow of me, but his sprite is so pretty haha). His route was also full of unexpected intrigue, good job on the slow build and foreshadowing! I am most excited for his sequel! 
I was pleasantly surprised some of the ladies were love interests too! 
Sofia caught my eye quick, and I really enjoyed her connection with the MC and the dramatic turns~
With Charlotte, I didn't have very high expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised, her route was sooo wholesome!
The prince, getting to know him better, he was a little unexpected, and I came to appreciate him. Also looking forward to his sequel for the plot~
Bastion... don't know why, but I didn't appreciate the slow burn in this as much as I should have. 
And the secret route. Ugh. Right in the feels. (Spoilers ahead, don't read the crossed out text!) I thought there was going to be a kiss in the play... Then again they got in trouble even without... Also, even outside the game I went on a whole emotional rollercoaster because of him haha, first thinking it's a pity the prettiest boy is the brother, then realizing he's still a love interest... I was both happy and worried. But seeing his devotion to MC from the beginning, I was looking forward to him, and he delivered!
Maybe some advice for future games. The font was a little hard to read, especially in italics, which was used in narration, that took some getting used to. 
Personally, I had some technical difficulties though. Once, Steam did not register me closing the game from within, and I had to restart my computer for it to be fixed so I can launch it again. And I had some difficulty unlocking the secret route, but I managed, and was worth the trouble! 

Aaah I understand very little French, but this sounds so nice. I love KPop, and I love otome games! Are you planning to make an English version, in the future? (Or I might be forced to study French again to play...)

Possibly silly question, but since the game is also on Steam, would it be possible to provide a Steam key with the purchase? 

Finally gotten the chance to play this game, and enjoying it so far! I've only played through Sachiro's route yet. 

The strongest point of this game is obviously the visuals. It is gorgeous! The opening is such high quality, on par with anime and big copany VNs! Plus so many sprite variations and backgrounds, and the sheer amount of CGs, especially how the routes are shorter than in other VNs. Oh, and the menus too, so creative and pretty! 

It's clear the developer's strong suit is art, which sadly also means writing is not. If you don't mind some constructive criticism... The ideas and plot are great, but bogged down by the prose. On my first read, the prologue seemed boring. Maybe it was intentional to show the heroine's boredom...? But a stronger opening hook would benefit the game for sure. Eventually, I was grateful I pushed through it, because Sachiro's route was nice! Loved how their lives were entangled with the heroine~ Yet to play the other routes to judge. Still, there were times I was left confused, especially about the "why"s: why the sequence of events, how one leads to the other, and why the characters are doing and saying what they do. It's okay to slow down the events to explain and reflect a little. It also felt like some of the reveals came too early? Like Sachiro's identity. I'd already guessed it, so great job for dropping the hints! But remaining in suspense longer would have been fun. All in all, great plot and story elements are there, I enjoyed reading, I just missed the glue to blend it together better. Keep practicing the writing and pay more attention to the internal logic and you'll get there!

On the other hand, the music is also great! It sets the atmosphere so nicely. I can see the amount of care and love put into this game, and my overall experience was great! Looking forward to playing the other routes (might come back to gush about them haha), and possibly future games from the dev~

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Hi! As promised, coming at you with feedback!

I'm loving the game and the guide is being soo much useful, I got all the good endings and enjoyed them thoroughly.~ Yet to hunt for friendship ends and allll the deaths. 

I went for Serin first, because he's such a charming gentleman from the first moment~ He was sweet through and through, as expected, and fun to tease, although not much surprises. But week 55! That was cruel. :( 

I played Aurelius next. He made a bad first impression on me because of Week 2 :D But he was loyal to Serin and started to pick my interest. Getting to know him was a very positive surprise! I think the build-up of his romance route was my favorite. Loved week 39 ;) Also with the extra hints in his route... I see why you guys recommend to play him first, maybe I could have had a guess on the villain. Oh well. 

With Nazir, his plot twist genuinely blew my mind. Glad I played his route last because once that scene started, I recognized the signs! Two days later, I'm still thinking on it. Would have enjoyed an epilogue where they visit Alexis's father and get more answers on how his father makes him a special case! And, tbh, his confession seemed very sudden to me, for most of the time I felt like they were just becoming close friends (okay, except week 37, unless I messed up and missed more action), and I even questioned if Nazir likes Ishbell (at week 42). 

I'm having one problem/question: I cannot unlock the scene for Aurelius's second CG. I figured from the artbook that there should be a CG scene between week 2 and week 25, and I'm positive I've been following the guide correctly. Definitely passed the stat checks, but I didn't manage to get that scene on my second try either. :(
EDIT: nevermind, I realized the guide never said to craft an item for week 11, which I did... I think I got lots of exploring to do with how things can go right and wrong that week! 

Hi! Thank you for the quick reply even during the holidays! Picked up both the game and guidebook, will make sure to leave a comment/review once I get to playing it! Happy Holidays! 

So I finished all routes and I love this game as much as CP! Well worth the prize, especially considering the original is free AND amazing. 
I used the opportunity to also replay each prequel route before its happily ever after~ Embarrassing for me to say, I did all this in like 3 days. But that's how good and addictive these games are! The art is really pretty but what captivated me originally and still captivates me most is the writing and the depth of characters, all of them having flashed out personalities and backstories, including the bad guys, even if not all was shown in CP. I really enjoyed the additional family stories in several routes in Evermore! And you made me cry a couple of times when old deaths were mentioned ;; Also loved how there was always additional conflict, someimtes more, sometimes less, besides the romance development, but we also got updates on how the side characters and other love interests were doing! 

Play order recommendation: 
I played Klaude's route first, and after that, all the Brugantia references became funny, so I recommend you do that!
Also, while there's no "true route" this time, I still recommend leaving Waltz for last, especially his good/normal end, it gives such a nice wrap-up of the game! (For this reason, I might have enjoyed the good ending more than the best ending in his case!)

Slightly spoilered fangirling time!
Personally, I feel like the person who most needed a sequel was Fritz, because I didn't see the depth of his character in CP, with his "good" and "bad" sides separated. Seeing him as one complex person made me like him a lot more. I loved seeing his cheeky and seductive side as part of him now. His route was among my faves! I've now also seeing a parallel between Waltz's and Fritz's stories, the guilt they deal with, and their relationship to Lucette. I feel so bad for Fritz, since his route in CP goes so much worse ;; 
Also, Rod! Such a mature young man! I also loved seeing him older, he's become really attractive! I was curious how the obstacle of being step-siblings would be cleared, and I was so proud of how he resolved and handled things! I really enjoyed his route, and came to love his character more than before. But I laughed how he went from commoner to prince to commoner again then crown prince. :D

Hi! I've had my eyes on Royal Alchemist for a while but I'm so bad at stat raising, I was scared to buy the game without the guide, and now I'm getting excited about the 2020 winter bundle (thank you for offering that, btw)! But I'm wondering about what version is included in the bundle. I'm guessing it includes the artbook without the guide, or does the bundle have tiers too? To make sure I get the guidebook, would it be easier to make individual purchases? (I saw in the comments that you guys offer upgrades, and you're awesome, but my anxiety says rather not complicate things for either of us ^^") Thank you for the answer in advance! 

Ah, I'm happy for this new demo! I played the NaNo version a few months back, though I forgot to leave a review. Sorry about that, but I guess, at this point, I'll talk about the new demo instead.~ I can see how the script is being reworked, and is flowing much better. The time pressure was visible in the original one, but now it's on par with the gorgeous art and music that I had fallen in love with! I also see that there are sometimes three choices, I'm curious if this means there will be three endings per route?~

From the original three, my favorite is Snow, but Zel is close second. (Honestly I just cannot forgive Mer, but probably I'll understand him better in the new version.) I wonder if the new routes will sway me, since I love both shy characters like Ellis and childhood best friends like Nicholl.~

Cheers for your team, and keep up the good work! I will be looking forward to the full release.~

Thank you so much for making this game, it really was amazing! The art is just gorgeous, and I really liked all the stories. Also thanks for recommending the playing order, I'm glad I decided to stick to it more or less.

I went for Rod first. What I liked about his route was how the princess managed to mend what she'd done wrong with her stepfamily. The real Cinderella tale. :) Second I decided to get Mr. Casanova out of the way. While I really liked his appearance in his introduction CG, as soon as he spoke, I facedesked. But then he was a pleasant surprise, having much more to him than his flirting. :) I was debating whether to save our crossdresser for last or not, but guessed it would be better to save the locked paths for last. He really charmed me (psst, his curse was based on my favorite fairytale! I feel kind of ashamed I didn't realize what was going on with the curse, even though I had a hunch about who he is), and I really thought he'd stay my favorite till the end. His bad end really is tragic though. :( Well, that's what I thought at that moment. Fritz's route easily surpassed it. That route, as a whole, was so dark, and it made me cry three times. :( (And we didn't even get to see him a lot... btw I would have never guessed his fairytale, I was convinced he's be the white swan.) Then, Waltz... I'm really happy I played his route last, and that I played without RCI and got the bad ending first. Finishing the game with the true, "fairytale" happy ending was really satisfying :) His route still gave me some surprises, mostly about the past. And it was just so sweet, I was happy that everything went just right, and he really was so sweet as well, I came to love him a lot. Sso much that I can't choose a favorite anymore between Karma and Waltz. :)

One more thing I wanted to say, you touched on some possibly sensitive topics, romancing a step-brother and someone trapped as a child, but you handled it carefully and nicely!

So congratulations and thank you again for this great work, I really had fun reading this past week. I'm looking forward to see more VNs from you :)

Hi there! I found your company by accidentally stumbling across the Chess of Blades demo, and while waiting for it to come out, I decided to give a shot at Requiescence. Let me say, I never regretted it. :) Halfway through the demo, I already knew I was going to buy it. The mysteries and the atmosphere got me hooked properly! I really enjoyed playing throughout the past week, finishing all routes and endings. Checking out your social media sties, I can see that you were on a tight budget, and while it definitely shows in the CGs (and the sprites) (is there any chance you'll make a second version with updated art?), you definitely did a great job in bringing this game to life with an amazing soundtrack and even partial voice acting. Oh, and the animation of the fights was also nice. :)

The best part is most definitely the storytelling. Full of action, surprises and emotions that felt real, for the most part. I felt that Carrault's path could have used some more development, but then again, if I think about it, that's what their personalities imply. Maybe some insight on Carrault's side would have helped. The only critics I have about the story progress is that most of the choices didn't matter in the end, only those two that determine the route and the ending. And so I didn't have to work to woo the love interests.

As for the characters and paths. By the end of the demo, my favorite was Kaul. Still I didn't mind that I have to play his route last. I guessed his route will hold the answers, so I was looking forward to it. I went for Damian first, since he's the first one Kymil meets. I found him interesting, and contradictory. His appearance and voice suggest he is fragile, his sharp tongue soon became funny, and yet he was a vicious fighter, and carried a deep dark past. I came to like him and his most romance-y route a lot. In hindsight, I find his bad end the worst, most pointless and hopeless one. Carrault... as you led it up, I was half-expecting his central conflict to be what it was. While there wasn't much time for development, I really enjoyed those short glances at his softer side. What I didn't expect was the drama with Seere. And finally Kaul. I have to say, he turned out to be... very different from the first impression. I haven't decided yet if in a good or bad sense, and I'm still a bit confused about his path. I feel like there are a few unanswered questions, though maybe I just didn't pay enough attention and replaying will answer me. Though I feel that Kymil overreacted, when the truth was revealed to him. What I undoubtedly liked about Kaul's path was the different interactions with Sychar and Absalom, and the side romance (well, except how it ended...). I'm still wondering if Kaul's love end really is the good end? After all, the world is saved and Kymil is still happy (through crazy...) in his bad end. This brings me to the biggest question I guess, which I couldn't figure out on my own no matter what. Does breaking chalice destroy the corrupted power, or does it set it free? Is giving up on the love interest a necessary sacrifice to save the world? That really turns around the interpretation of the endings. if the power breaks free, that means the bad ends are rather the necessary sacrifice of love to save the world, and the love ends are selfish. That would make a great lesson on how there's no ultimately good solution, there's no way to get everything you want. The other way around, that would make all the bad ends just stupid mistakes, pointless and painful. I'm really curious, how did you intend that?

One more thing I wanted to point out about the R-18 version. The voice acting in the rated scenes. I'm not sure about the community's tastes, especially since this is almost the first R-18 game I played. However, listening to the sexy times, I would have enjoyed them better if it wasn't so dominantly about the high-pitched moaning. First, because I felt that Kymil appeared quite girly there, which clashed with my mental image of him as a stubborn, strong young boy, and well, this is yaoi - while he is a bottom, he is still a boy. Second, since I'm a girl, I would happily listen to some deep, manly sounds from the semes. I would guess, most girl players imagine themselves in the bottom's place, so hearing the partner too, not just themselves would improve the experience, right? In the end, maybe I'm just talking for myself or a minority here, but I think you could please everyone by adding some more lines to semes, and then the uke's voice won't be so predominant, without reducing his lines. :)

Huh, it became quite the long-winded comment... I hope you like reading... :D Anyways, thank you very much for this awesome game and the experience, and keep up the good work! :)

Dear authors,

I am here to thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful experience. Before reading, I expected myself to miss the choice options - but I understand now, I see they would have just ruined the perfection. The way things happened was just the way they must have been. Despite the length of the story, you really managed to touch me, I was on the verge of tears twice. Honestly, I'm really struggling to put my emotions into words here, but I'm no native speaker and lack the talent that's with you guys, so I'm not finding those big words. So let me just thank you again, and wish for you to have more such amazing story ideas that come to life this magnificiently. ^^

Hi! Just came across this game and fell in love with the demo. The art and music are beautiful and I really like the protagonist's personality, and it's a really fun read! I'm hyped for the full release! I'll try to expect it in August, that's when my birthday is anyway, so this would be a perfect present, and best case scenario, I'll be pleasantly surprised if you happen to launch earlier. :)