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So I finished all routes and I love this game as much as CP! Well worth the prize, especially considering the original is free AND amazing. 
I used the opportunity to also replay each prequel route before its happily ever after~ Embarrassing for me to say, I did all this in like 3 days. But that's how good and addictive these games are! The art is really pretty but what captivated me originally and still captivates me most is the writing and the depth of characters, all of them having flashed out personalities and backstories, including the bad guys, even if not all was shown in CP. I really enjoyed the additional family stories in several routes in Evermore! And you made me cry a couple of times when old deaths were mentioned ;; Also loved how there was always additional conflict, someimtes more, sometimes less, besides the romance development, but we also got updates on how the side characters and other love interests were doing! 

Play order recommendation: 
I played Klaude's route first, and after that, all the Brugantia references became funny, so I recommend you do that!
Also, while there's no "true route" this time, I still recommend leaving Waltz for last, especially his good/normal end, it gives such a nice wrap-up of the game! (For this reason, I might have enjoyed the good ending more than the best ending in his case!)

Slightly spoilered fangirling time!
Personally, I feel like the person who most needed a sequel was Fritz, because I didn't see the depth of his character in CP, with his "good" and "bad" sides separated. Seeing him as one complex person made me like him a lot more. I loved seeing his cheeky and seductive side as part of him now. His route was among my faves! I've now also seeing a parallel between Waltz's and Fritz's stories, the guilt they deal with, and their relationship to Lucette. I feel so bad for Fritz, since his route in CP goes so much worse ;; 
Also, Rod! Such a mature young man! I also loved seeing him older, he's become really attractive! I was curious how the obstacle of being step-siblings would be cleared, and I was so proud of how he resolved and handled things! I really enjoyed his route, and came to love his character more than before. But I laughed how he went from commoner to prince to commoner again then crown prince. :D

Totally agree with you!!!