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Great concept, but is there a way to remove furniture if you make a mistake or don't like how you've placed an item?

This was a lot of fun Mike. It took me a few seconds to figure out (w/o reading instructions). Well done!

Here I am playing this again and it's even more fun than I remember.

Man I really suck at this game. My best after about 8 tries was only 12. I like it. Thank you for doing a Linux version, it worked great on Xubuntu 22.04.

No worries about the Linux export, this was a lot of fun.

Now I want a Linux version... lol, lots of fun. At first I didn't get it, so I got stabbed, but managed to survive all 10 waves once I caught on. The only thing is the firing is a fair amount louder than the audio track, but I had lots of fun playing it.

Awesome game, simple, yet fun!

Great graphics, and when level 10 hit I really started to miss the moles. The desert/water levels look cool, but I only saw the green level? Oh, I see now, it's an option, rather than a progression. It was fun, but by the time I reached the 10th level I needed a bit of a break. Might be nice to have stored high score. As Mystery said, I also loved the different mallets and moles (50 points). It might be easy for someone to miss that the darker brown moles are worth more, but I figured it out after a few levels, so maybe not. Fun! Thanks for submitting it!

Thanks mike, yes I did consider putting in a check-point-system. It's been so long I don't remember if Shamus, the game that inspired this, had a checkpoint system. Did anyone else play Shamus?

Thank you, Mystery Coconut, for your support. The Week Sauce jam/community is probably my favourite Discord/Jam. I'm sure a lot of other aspiring gamedevs also have full time jobs, family, etc., the Week Sauce Jam is perfect for them.

Sumash is the first project I completed where I didn't start from any other code project.  What I remember of Shamus in the 1980's was that I liked the game, and it was hard (I never reached the end-game back then).

I definitely stretched the week of development much longer, but I'm glad it's done. Thanks for the kind comments.

Thank you Mike. Did you make it to the end? Run into any issues?

I tested Simple Quest under Xubuntu linux using wine. I set wine up using winecfg for Windows 7. When set for 10 the window just went white and didn't display anything. Set for Windows 7 wine displayed the game menu.

Maybe it was the fact that I'm playing the game under wine, but ENTER didn't work as an enter key, SPACE bar was enter for me.

The first time I played I died at the monster castle to the left. The second time playing I managed to get to level 5 but was defeated by the cultist leader.

I really wish the Options menu at least let you see keybindings, it seemed to me there was no way to see what was equipped, nor a way to switch weapons. I bought a sword and shield, but not even sure they were being used.

Still, love the graphics, and the game is quite fun. Has this been developed more elsewhere?

Thought it might be interesting to hear how it behaved with a compatibility layer in between.

Thank you very much. Yes, originally I tried to mimic Shamus, with the score at the top left and HUD at the bottom, but that created an issue with going out of the room at the bottom. Still not in love with the HUD. Thanks so much for checking it out!

Nice game, love the simplicity and the graphics. I kept trying to press Y to play again even though I knew space and fire worked. Just keyboard habit when I see Play Again? I like the font you used, graphics are cool, and the sound fits. It's also great that you've got the high score running.

Any chance of an HTML/web version, looks great?

I have to ask, is there an end? 86364 this time around...

It might look simple, but it's a lot of fun. I'm surprised GameMaker can do 3D like this. I experienced no issues on this "stock" ASUS M51AC desktop with integrated graphics running Xubuntu 22.04. Nice that the 3D is so low resource that it can be run on a modern "potato."

It really is, but that's due to my poor coding skills. I will figure this out. Thanks for the kind words though.

Thanks, I did struggle a lot with the whole darkness effect. I appreciate the kind words for the monster sound effects. I was trying to do scary, but cute. After the jam I'm thinking I might try a ray of light from the front of the character. I think I spent too much time just trying to do assets, knowing I couldn't work on it much Friday. I also appreciate the fact that you tried it in the browser on MacOS. I actually can export to MacOS, and I've been meaning to get that sorted out. (It's an account thing). Hopefully the next Jam I'll have something native to MacOS as well.

Thank you, yes, I really struggled with the code for lighting, and I think the idea I had in mind was maybe a bit too large in scope. (In part because I really could only spent part of Saturday and Sunday). After the jam is over I'll try to focus the light directly in front rather than a radius around the player.

Good fun, and I like that you took a different approach to the theme of darkness. A lot of people, myself included, used the spotlight effect. I like that this was different, and it seemed to get progressively more difficult. The black-outs were a pain, in a good way. As you can see from the screenshot I tried this in Linux (Xubuntu 22.04) and it worked great. I appreciate the extra effort to do versions for Windows, Linux, and HTML. My only question is, was this the end? (I just want to make sure as after this I just went back to the start). Oh, and I appreciated that when I died, it didn't put me all the way back at the beginning.

Thanks Theo, yes, that is stay puff, and a warped version of Thing, or the hand from Army of Darkness if you prefer. I considered adding Slimer, and a bunch of other pop-culture references... I will update it after the jam is over. Thanks for the feedback.

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You might want to set the viewport on to the resolution of your game, that way it won't look like the UI is cut off. Fun little game.

Nice Game Bardon. I managed to win. I wasn't sure if the game worked when I first started as it did nothing for a few seconds. I noticed some keys seemed to disappear a bit before I touched them while others needed me to hover right on top. I'm wondering if the hit boxes are slightly off?

I love the player graphic, it's really slick. The enemies are cool too. Also appreciated the speed-up bonus. Wasn't sure about the P, so I picked it up and it seems to be poison (but I didn't die)?

I really like small games since I don't have tonnes of time, and I really enjoyed this one!

Thanks Max, I tried playing your game on my Windows laptop, but it seems like it doesn't have the right opengl version. I watched last night's stream and I actually really like the shooting mechanic on yours. 

Your game has a bit of that Necro-dancer vibe, where you have to time things correctly. Your enemies are pretty awesome too. I'm going to try to play this on my better half's machine later, but what I saw looked fun.

Thank you, I also really enjoyed your game. It's awesome you used Godot. I think I wouldn't have finished if I used Godot, but at some point I need to pick it up. Is there a chance you might do a Linux binary/AppImage later?

I died over, and over, and over again... but I kept playing. Love the graphics and lighting. I appreciate the extra effort to do a Windows, MacOS and Linux version. I mostly use Linux at work and home, so it's nice not to have to switch to my laptop for testing. I think I mentioned elsewhere, I loved the randomness of this. It kept me guessing as to what I had to grab. The rats feel a bit OP, but I love how they come at you - there's a sense of urgency to The Last Cheese.

I'm still not sure about the letter combos in this game, but once I figured out the grinder thing it felt pretty cool. I like the graphics, humanoid forms are always a challenge. This is a neat idea.

Max is spot on. I also got spooked when I ran into my first enemy (and I got totally destroyed). The artwork is really nice, you must have spent a lot of time on everything as it plays very well. I also appreciate that it still runs on my ThinkPad T430s (3rd gen i7) with integrated graphics. The hand-drawn artwork is a nice touch as it really feels like the in-game character.

I really loved this game, it's nice that it's a bit brighter than most of the other games in the jam. I got stuck on the side of a wall during one playback, but maybe it's a mechanic I missed? Fun, with a bit of mystery, and I love the artwork.

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Thanks, you're right on about the fishes and the power ups... I've made a few changes since the jam: fixed the spawn on top issue, made the pink slime weapon last a bit longer, and animated both the frog and fishes. I'm thinking I might add a couple more things later, but appreciate the feedback. Honestly, I just wanted to get something in and actually finish a jam. BTW, really enjoyed your game too.

Thank you, I've actually already fixed this problem, but after the jam. You're correct, they can even spawn on top of you in the version I posted for the Jam.

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I kept running after people, but ... sneaking turned out to be a lot more fun. That crunching sound when you're chomping down on people is a bit unnerving, in a good way. I will play this again, and again. Great game! I forgot to mention that I appreciate the extra effort taken to create binaries for all 3 platforms.

This really was a lot of fun, I hope you plan to export it to other platforms. It's awesome!

It took me a few seconds to figure out what to do, but pretty fun once I figured it out. Also thanks for the Linux binary. Played online, but appreciated the extra work to produce the binary.

I forgot to mention the Linux version is now an AppImage... a pretty major change!

When I run Sort the Court on Xubuntu Linux is plays, but I can't see the king or any of the characters. The text bubbles work, music, sound effects, and the Y/N work, but everything else is just a black screen.

I do Christopher, but what I'd suggest is just downloading something like Virtualbox, install Linux in Virtualbox and you never need to leave Windows to test. Part of the point (I was hoping) was to review it as a working game for Linux. I'm happy to dig a little further for you, I'll try launching from the command line and see if I see any errors logged there.

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Tried this on Xubuntu 20.04 with NVidia GTX 650 Ti Boost and the proprietary NVidia drivers and all I see during game-play is a white screen. I can ESC to a menu. Turning on VSYNC turns that white screen black. Tried adjusting contrast and brightness, but it doesn't seem to help display the game.

Pause menu is visible

Specs are the following:

A8-5600K APU @ 3.6GHz
32GB DDR3-1866 MHz RAM
NVidia GTX 650 Ti Boost (2GB)

The trailer reminds me a bit of the game Myth.