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I tested Simple Quest under Xubuntu linux using wine. I set wine up using winecfg for Windows 7. When set for 10 the window just went white and didn't display anything. Set for Windows 7 wine displayed the game menu.

Maybe it was the fact that I'm playing the game under wine, but ENTER didn't work as an enter key, SPACE bar was enter for me.

The first time I played I died at the monster castle to the left. The second time playing I managed to get to level 5 but was defeated by the cultist leader.

I really wish the Options menu at least let you see keybindings, it seemed to me there was no way to see what was equipped, nor a way to switch weapons. I bought a sword and shield, but not even sure they were being used.

Still, love the graphics, and the game is quite fun. Has this been developed more elsewhere?

Thought it might be interesting to hear how it behaved with a compatibility layer in between.

Hi, thanks for checking it out! I haven't really touched the game in a while now, if I ever do go back to it, key rebinding is definitely the big thing I need to add. It sounds like you might not have found the menu -- did you hit ESC? That should let you change your equipment, use items outside of combat, and save. I actually thought I at least listed that on this page but I see I didn't... I should at least fix that.