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Hi, thanks for checking it out! I haven't really touched the game in a while now, if I ever do go back to it, key rebinding is definitely the big thing I need to add. It sounds like you might not have found the menu -- did you hit ESC? That should let you change your equipment, use items outside of combat, and save. I actually thought I at least listed that on this page but I see I didn't... I should at least fix that.

Really straightforward, but fun! I appreciated that you could recover most (but not all!) of the score you lose from hitting the blue bunnies -- it's still worth avoiding them but it doesn't feel TOO punishing. Great work!

I liked this quite a bit. I think I like it better than playing actual PacMan :D Felt really solid and mostly fair. I'd love to see the effects of the powerups be a little more obvious (maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention but it took me a few times to figure out what the apple/shield was doing). Great job!

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This is way bigger than I expected! The game feels responsive and the movement is solid, and the graphics are simple but do the job. I did run into one small issue, when you're near the "top" of the level (so the camera can't scroll up any more), sometimes you get enemies hidden behind the HUD, but that's pretty small. Nice work!

Good twist on a classic, nice work! Just wanna echo what Mystery Coconut said about the ball always seeming to bound off in the same direction, it ends up being a little predictable. :)

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It was fun, once I managed to get it to work! If you launch the game on a 4k screen, the main menu buttons don't seem to work. I had to hit alt+enter to make it a window, drag to a different screen that is 1080p, and hit alt+enter again to make it full screen over there. That let me click "Start Game". (???)

I enjoyed it! The core concept is fun, and I love how the music track is tied into the number of clones you have on the board and builds as you go.

Did want to report one bug -- it seems if you run the game at a res higher than 1080p, menu UI elements seem to be all out of place. Gameplay seems to be mostly fine, though the camera may not be set up to deal with resolutions that aren't 16:9 either.

Zonker! Glad to hear from you. :) Verge was definitely on my mind pretty constantly while working on SimpleQuest (and, while I continue to work on the Next Thing).  I can't say I miss everything about VergeC ;) but I definitely miss a lot about the engine and everything around it. I miss having that community around and active. When did we get so old?

I've used Unity a little and I can't say it's my favourite, but some people have done some pretty awesome things with it. It could definitely do a 2d tile engine... (before I switched to the web-based stuff I was actually starting to build SimpleQuest in Unity).

Of course I remember you, Rysen! Thanks so much for stopping by and trying it out!

I've just uploaded a new version... I think it'll make your save at the boss fight work again. Let me know!

Hmmm. Okay, I have some suspicions I can look into. Thanks for the report!

Thanks for giving it a try! For the first two bugs, any chance you could tell me what sort of specs your machine has? As for the ghosts, yes, some of them are intentionally non-violent. Sorry for the confusion. :)