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Some programs aren't optimized to run on Mediatek SoCs, even if they're faster on paper than older snapdragon ones. That might have something to do with it? Also it might be worth checking whether your new phone has a significantly higher res display than the old one.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Could it be compiled for Pico 4? I'd quite like to play but the game opens in window mode .

Hello, would it be possible to have a release for Pico 4? It should be a little better than the quest 2 in terms of hardware and also runs android but for one reason or another it loads as a normal windowed app when installed on Pico 4 instead of a VR game.

Can't, look where abandoned games can be found.

You can find it somewhere, and if the dev won't let you buy it they can hardly complain.

A solid framework for an excellent game. I hope to see more soon.

My excitement is immeasurable, and my anticipation is set.

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There's a weird bug where after the corrupted renamon fight under a certain combination of conditions they kind of just... vanish. Reloading the game doesn't bring them back either. However, I have no idea what specifically those conditions are, only that my character sprite was stuck on the blue palette when it occured.

To play, or not to play. That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the bugs and glitches of imperfect emulation, or to take arms against the emulators, and by opposing them be unable to play at all?

You can play on android with an emulator.

This has a hard time running on my laptop. I doubt it would be able to run well on even well specced android phones without serious optimizations.

While I can't control your whims or general direction, I genuinely hope you don't burn out on this one or lead it into a meandering death. You have the start of something great here, even if you don't necessarily have plans for where to take it. 

While I'm disappointed by the extended wait, It's totally understandable. I'd rather have a more accuarate estimate for the game as it's meant to be rather than a rushed effort to meet a quick estimate deadline.

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I've been using the NMKD GUI in the mean time

It is present already in the patreon version of the GUI. Hopefully it is added to the public release soon.

It sounds like the program might be situated in a folder that it doesn't have the permissions to modify, I would try moving it to a secondary drive if you have one or to a different folder on you C: drive that doesn't require permissions.

If you go to task manager and to the GPU tab, you need to select the options for CUDA and look at VRAM usage. Even when the GPU is used, CPU usage will also be high. I don't think CUDA use will actually show up as high GPU %usage

Something that's just click-and-go. That was quick, thanks.

I look forward to it, and thanks for having the decency to improve what we've already got.

not yet implemented

An update arriveth. Neat. 

great game so far, with a few gripes. Looking forward to what you do with this.

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Ah, thank you. A pretty basic oversight on my part. I hadn't noticed that the bar now has inertia and required some faster presses to work.

Pushing left and right to struggle does not work, and actually makes the resist bar go the wrong direction when in trace.

The performance in some sections of the game is AWFUL. Unplayably bad, ~2FPS. I'm running on more than capable hardware. This occurs in the desert sandstorm section (only when not in shade) and again during the computer segment which follows that (but only intermittently, I think it's tied to the flashing tiles somehow). Please fix this ASAP, it's nigh impossible to get through a timing based section when the game has wildly bad timing.

Cool game. Does it have support for WMR devices?

I don't know how this doesn't get more attention, it's high quality stuff.

serious contol issues, sometimes controls completely fail to initialize and I can't interact with the game whatsoever, and if I enter the controls menu I can't leave. 

I've given the new version a try. I like that there is a confirmation to start the game now as opposed to it automatically starting. I've tried two controllers, my usb gamestop xbox 360 controller, and a generic USB ps2 controller, both work for other games. I was able to connect and use keyboard and the xbox controller at the same time successfully. However, while the game was able to detect the presence of the PS2 controller in the menu while connected, it seems like it didn't have an attack/select button bound, and there was no option to rebind buttons in the options so I could move around the menu, but not select or attack once in game.

I think it might have been the gun minigame in Kirby's Adventure

I'm using an ordinary gamestop Xbox 360 controller via USB. It's picked by windows and inputs are accurate, but the game won't have it.

Tried several controllers and keyboard and game does not detect input. A shame, the game looks fun.

Game requires controller input. Game does not detect controller. 10/10

Really quite fun. Reminds me of another game I was once fond of but I can't put a finger on what it was.

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My only criticisms are that there aren't enough non-generic interaction messages, for example when using a broom on a dusty shelf (make the shelf no longer dusty, maybe?) and that it's often not clear how a problem is supposed to be solved, relying on the player happening upon something strewn about. Other than that, I like the atmosphere, the sound work, and the consistent art style. The animations are sometimes a little lacking, such as the jumping dog (too robotic) but are usually fine. Nice little game.

This game is odd.

Super cool. I love the aesthetic and the visual simplicity. I look forward to getting frustrated repeatedly.

The spell locker guy BADLY needs nerfed. If he spawns and is far away, boom. End of run, nothing you can do, you're trapped with no way of fighting back. Done. Maybe make it so they can only move every other turn or something, because it's far too potent as it is.

It gets really hard to tell what's happening past like level 10-15, but I guess that's a limitation of the display resolution. The aesthetics, sounds, and idea are pretty good though. Nice stuff.