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No no, not at all. I'm still working on it, but I'm also working a full-time job outside of this project, so it's slow progress on my end. 

As for your previous question about cost, the next demos and early versions will (probably) be free, but I can't continue to support paying for art or assets out of pocket, so the full version will likely cost something small.

That's a good question. I was aiming to release a few weeks ago, but there's been a lot of design changes, delays and more. Game development is really hard! 

But I'm working on it, and will release it when I think there's a better and more enjoyable product for you guys to play. 

Feel free to follow on Twitter in the meantime!

Hey SGP! Thanks! I'm actually Scottish myself so, I'm all too familiar how awesome the people are and how terrible the weather is :(

Thanks for being so positive! Can't wait to get it to you.

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Hey Kaifwarrior!

Unfortunately the game currently is not available for download. I'm working on the next version, and it'll be available somewhere between eight and ten weeks from now.

Hey SGP, thanks for all your feedback on LC so far. 

A lot of the feedback that you've given is great, and a lot of it is in the process of being fixed and improved upon already! 

I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

The game on the page is currently quite far behind the current development stage, but as the current development stage is not yet stable enough to release, I've decided to hide the download until it's ready to go. 

I'd love for you to try the game out again when the next version is available. 

Thats an odd one, sorry about that. I'm hoping to release a new update in a few weeks that should fix a good bunch of these issues..

Well, that's odd. I'll try to get this fixed for you in the next version, I apologize for that.

Oh! That's awfully kind of you. I'll let you know if I ever come to that stage properly in the future. 

Re insta: Sorry. I'm kind of awful at checking and updating the Instagram/social media in general. Something I need to work on.. maybe it should be my new years resolution!

Be sure to check out the new update coming out at the end of January, I'm always keen to hear what people think of the game so far, and to know what they'd like to see in the future!


Hi there. Thanks for playing The Lost Colony, I'm sorry about the crash - at present there is no way to save the game due to the fact that the game is subject to big design changes that would make saves useless! 

There will be a big update on the 30th of January, and the update after that should come with a proper save system. 


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Hi. There are no defined system requirements right now, but it runs at 40-50fps on my 1050ti. Take from that what you will! C 

Hi! Yes, sorry about that. It's coming in the patch either tonight or tomorrow evening. C

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Hi there.

I am using a software mouse right now, unfortunately. I will replace this with a hardware mouse implementation in the patch after next (November update).

I'll message you when the fix is available. Thanks for your patience!

Sorry, I'm running a bit late with this months patch. It will now be out on the 28th! You can follow our progress on twitter @lostcolonygame

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There is a new patch coming out around two weeks today, which has graphics settings in it. That should fix your problem, and I'll send you a message once the patch is out. C

Hi! I'm very sorry, at this stage in the game there is no way to change graphics settings. I have now marked this as a priority feature, and I will work on it as soon as I'm home from holiday.


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Thank you for your kind words. 

The "are you sure" button is probably a good idea...quite a few people have pointed this out now.

Thank you! Subscribe for updates if you like, the game is just getting started.

Ah, that's my bad, I thought I'd fixed that already. 

I'm away on holiday for a while, but when I'm back I'll get something organised.

Thanks for your patience!

Hey there! 

Thanks for your detailed bug report, and your purchase of the game. Rest assured that the money will go towards making this game more awesome.

In the mean time, I've fixed the bug that you've reported. I hope you enjoy the game as you play!

You know it!