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Hi! I'm very sorry, at this stage in the game there is no way to change graphics settings. I have now marked this as a priority feature, and I will work on it as soon as I'm home from holiday.


Ok thanks this game seams cool i'm going to follow it i'm waiting for the next update (i'm french sorry for my english ^^) i will make a let's play on it on my youtube Channel see you soon 👌

hi the problem of graphics is adjust ?

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There is a new patch coming out around two weeks today, which has graphics settings in it. That should fix your problem, and I'll send you a message once the patch is out. C

ok cool I can not wait to play it. :D

Sorry, I'm running a bit late with this months patch. It will now be out on the 28th! You can follow our progress on twitter @lostcolonygame