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The graphics on the webgl doesn’t work as it’s supposed to, as webgl doesn’t support shaders 100% it seems, but thank you for the feedback, the project will be continued! :)

Thank you for your feedback! 

This was a 2 week project that was set up to be a test project of how well a game directed by dialogue and the main constraint was that the game could only be played with one main mechanic, so the team i was paired with and I decided to make a one button plat former where you don't move normally,  instead you teleport! The project has already been graded and such but I want to know from a bigger audience what things in this work and what doesn't.

The main things I tried to put into this is a typa comical narrative and a mix of different art styles, do you feel they clash or otherwise, do you wish you could do more than just teleport from platform to platform, do you want a more animated world? Lemme know please, and thank you for playing!

Link to the game 

To see your Lives and Score you have to fullscreen it, sorry the UI is weird...