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Thank you for pointing it out, it is indeed reversed, but it doesn't affect the way they work. Generally speaking, you Roll 3d20 and get e.g. 2,17,20. Avenging Vine Word. What this does and how it affects the game is up to you and your GM.

It's a different take. Not really a second edition, more a parallel in another rules engine. 

Fantastic package!

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Hi Igku, thank you, and yes, this may be done in the final layout, not at this early stage where everything is still in flux.

Definetly will do going forward with version numbering. 

I believe if you have a version of your rules in Markdown, it is a very quick process. But yes, it is all hosted on the page, with no external links.  Best to check in with them directly though, I just know it from other RPGs.

This is fantastic! Thank you. Have you considered sharing the SRD on ? It is a collection of SRDs and a great one-stop for available SRDs.

I am so happy to hear this, cheers!

Good question. I don't think "Open" and "Free" are the same. Most of the games I have published are Open with a CC license, but they are not free. They are a lot of work, and I spend money on custom Fonts, Artwork and Software to create my games. I need to recuperate this somehow.  So to me, open means a license that allows someone else to remix and use my game however they like; they can even sell it because that's only fair if I ask for reimbursement on mine. It would be good to get clarification on what is meant. Past Jams I participated in left the monetary question up to the participants.

Fantastic, thank you!


I really like the idea behind this. Does it teach the game only to players or also to the GM ? The previews seem player-centric but I do not know Cortex so not sure.

Thank you so much!

I am so very appreciative of your comments, thanks a bunch, they mean a lot.

Thank you, glad you like it!

Thank you for your kind words! Hope you get some fun out of it.

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I really like this one. Light and elegant. Well done. I love BareBones Fantasy so had to check this out.

I love this generator, so good. I  would love to be able to switch Settlements to dangerous places and vice versa, as I never can get enough skulls to show even on evil or perilous tags. Your continual improvements are great!

Correct, there is no health  track. I highly recommend this article written by the 24XX author, it helped me a lot in understanding how to run combat.

Thank you for the kind words. It is loose in that regard. I imagine enemies having a harm track and various Traits, whatever you deem necessary. And those Traits generate Threat dice for the PC.

Thanks for the prompt fix!

Hello, I just tried to download the SRD but it seems the markdown version is not there, I get a 404 error.

Thank you Andrea! It is sad, but it is also good to see so many support each other in fighting back.

I love this, thank you for writing it!

This is very cool, thank you for sharing the find!

Thank you, you are the best!

Hi Diogo,

great work. Is the addendum also CCBYSA ?

That was very informative, thank you! And that is something a VTT can probably handle. Just not sure about pulling from a discard pile to cast again, will have to look into this. Thanks again!

Hey Cezar, I am intrigued but a bit hesitant since it uses cards and I only play online these days. While I can upload a deck to some VTT, there often is not a lot of functionality behind it. Can you maybe elaborate more about how you actually use the cards during play?

Thank you, these are a great start.

Thanks for answering. No worries, looking forward to it whenever it comes out! 

Anyone know what happened to this? I just got into Slayers and Sci Fi is my jam so this immediately caught my attention but it seems its gone.

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Great game. Love the flavour it has, very strong theme and reads fun to play. Looking forward to the full release!

Thank you very much!  I dig that as well, too many games neglect this and leave it all up to the GM and group and I like to have some structure there as well. 

Thank you so much for checking out my game Peter!

This reads hilarious, will be fun on a beer and pizza night, thanks!

I love the way focus works, and those tables are epic! 

What a unique idea! 

Thank you! The real praise belongs to Nathan for doing FU, I just stripped it down.

Sounds great!