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Love the look of the game. I also like that there's no way to game over - it's a super chill, cozy time with some critters. I do wish that they would get stuck outside of the map less often though!

Great incremental game. Love that you sell things by chucking them at people. The character interactions and writing were fun to read!

Love the slime animations, they look so happy :D I managed to get them to run off the map somehow, and following them was a joy. I felt sad when they were able to run off the map into the sunset and I wasn't able to follow them, haha!

H Y P E R  K N I G H T

Incredible atmosphere. Almost shut off the game once or twice instead of making the hard decision.

I made a windows build :D

This has incredibly spooky vibes for being so simple. Excellent job!

The story's short but simple and the combat is just complex enough to be interesting for the entire runtime of the game. Love the character designs!

Very cool style and surprisingly compelling to play. Well done!

Really entertaining! My partner and I had a blast playing through all the puzzles. The voice acting is great, and the music adds a whole lot to the atmosphere of the game.

Really liked the music, there were some jams in here! Also enjoyed the character and enemy art. The platforming was a bit challenging with the fixed perspective, but I managed to get to the end. Nice job!

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Fun, quirky game! The environment art is gorgeous- it does a lot with a little. I also really enjoyed the character designs.

It took me a bit to figure out the controls, and the house can be a bit confusing, but I thought it was hilarious when I killed a spider and when I also killed... someone else :D Great job!

A fun little dungeon crawler! I really, really liked the visuals, especially the perspective warping that was occurring with the maze and the stuff in the air. I also really liked that the enemies were big reflective orbs - very much fit into the style.

Controlled through the entire thing with my voice, and that was a quirky challenge :D

Short and very sweet :D

this game made me feel


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Excellent insults and compliments both were received :D Love that the credits play the VAs voices.

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forgot to mention, I love that the mop asset got re-used as hanging lamps. So good

Nice job with the atmosphere in the game! Here's my rendition of bee art in bee game

This game was a lot of fun! The chase sequences were frantic and I ended up using the fact that you're faster when moving diagonally to win :D Loved the different musical themes for the different ghosts, and the fact that the way to exit the game is to actually exit the house. Nice job!

Supremely affecting and elegantly told. Well done.

why must trapezoids be so evil

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Very engaging despite its simplicity! I liked that it encouraged accuracy by downing your score if you missed. My high score was 829 :D

Really appreciate the feedback! Tab with weapon selected is something I'd never thought about and is totally an easy fix, I'll put that in the next update. Thanks for making it all the way through despite the difficulty :D

Hey folks! We're Dead Pixel, a two-person team based in Seattle, Washington. We've been working on Rift Core since Ludum Dare 43, and released it as a pay-what-you-want title just two days ago.

Rift Core is a real-time battle arena that mixes tactical gameplay with quick strategic thinking. Put your skills to the test as you lead Thunder Brigade to victory... or to their last stand.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

The sine wave shader though.