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as the title says... play my games so I can get feedback. Good or bad, prefer bad, but would just love to have some testers. Boogeyman is just a cheap jumpstart game in alpha stage. The Whispers is an open world horror game that is in alpha but the story is complete and a lot of the game mechanics are in place. So if anyone is interested let me know. My email is

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I have a much more developed version of this game but I need help. Friends have played it and got a kick out of making "the wives" react. One of my kids friend played it and... well her parents wont let her come over anymore. After I made a few updates and tweaks I finally tried it on my own wife. She was expecting it to be an adventure game but, boy was I stupid.

So you see, I don't really have the feedback I was looking for. This game uses the simple FPS controls and you have to maintain a flashlight. In the (old) version I provided you have to look close and crouch to find batteries. Another hint is that the level is never the same but if you keep sticking to the left you might make it =)

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This is just a cheap jump scare game. Press "F" key to activate the flashlight. Can you make it to the end?

Get it here:

Or here:

Looking for Alpha testers for this and two other projects.

You can email me at:

PS, Yeah, I know I suck at posting stuff.