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Love it :)

Thank you. They're very complex soldiers ;) 

I'm glad you made an FPS in this jam! For some reason I wasn't able to shoot the enemies from very far away?

Thx for playing, and for your feedback! I agree... I will make it more clear in the future why you fell off. 

Thanks for playing, streaming, and for writing up your feedback- it's greatly appreciated!

I want to re-design a lot of the things you mentioned. Incorporating knocking down refs into your score, at a minimum. 

Haha this is great, glad you had fun! I'll add a setting for music volume in the next update.

This is hard! I like that the enemies are fast, but I feel like they change directions too quickly. When they're going fast it's fun try to predict where they're going to be.

I love the mechanic! The orbit indicators are cool and the path of the frog was what I expected. Elliptical orbits would be cool too but I bet add a lot of work for a jam game :)

Love the look of this! A little sound would go a long way. 

Cool concept! I think you could do a lot more w this mechanic in the future too. Using the colors for more elements in the game would be awesome. 

Fun game, the avion is so cute. I also want to do a loop!

Had me laughing as the room started to vibrate! Plz less than 60 seconds though, I got enough carpal tunnel as it is :)

Fun! Love the auto satellite things. Let me hold down mouse1 and I'd love it even more :) 

Good game feel- the shots feel powerful. I also would've liked to take down multiple planes in a row. Plus for gamepad support as well.

As soon as I saw the game icon I had to click :) Great to see a unique take on the theme! 

Fun mechanic. Took me a bit to get the hang of but it was predictable. I bet you could explore this more and have the ship movement be tied to swinging somehow too. Well done!

Fun game- the mechanic is good and felt solid. I think w a little polish this would be awesome.

Fun game! I liked having to prioritize who to shoot first and which shots could take down multiple enemies. I'm glad you didn't destroy the bullets on the first collision. Maybe adding the ability to change directions of rotation would be cool. 

Great idea and fun game! I think your cover icon is great too and made me want to click.

I think making the rotation faster and snappier would make it feel better. And the sound of them kinda reinforces it feeling slow (although I get why you picked it!). Overall fun though, well done.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

Hahaha yeah with that many enemies things start to slow down :D Congrats on making it to 9! 

I'm glad it made you smile! I laughed a lot while making it.

Thanks for the feedback! These are both things I've been thinking over. I want to make the running into enemies more of a core part of the scoring.

Wow thanks, this makes me happy to hear! 

Awesome you noticed the referees try to get ahead of you... It's a simple system now but would be really fun to make it better. I started going through the math of them trying to calculate where they can intersect your future path, but I decided to not complicate it. 

The player controller needs a bit of work to maybe be a bit snappier but that will come later. Cheers.

Fun and unique mechanic! Would be cool to see what else you could use it for

lmao. Accurate. I want to make the refs more dangerous so I don't need as many

The car movement feels super snappy, well done

Fun! Getting some NES Pipe Dream nostalgia 

Love it! surprisingly challenging to do a circular motion quickly and remember which direction :)

fun idea! plz add a cat for infinite energy ;)

Hahah yup. Gotta pay homage to the dust gods :)


Sure! I'll work on this as well as improving performance on the next build.

nice looking level. just read through your notes on github and i like the direction. hope you keep building this.

Cool concept!


Fun! The effects and sounds are satisfying. 

Would be cool to have another weapon. Maybe one you can fire more rapidly but does less damage.