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He makes me hard.

oh i meant the 2nd checkpoint but I just figured out you had to shoot through the wall 👍

Simple game, liked it, still don’t know how I got most of these tho

Great concept!

Incredible game, with such political intrigue and fascinating characters, I could not get enough. I recommend this game to any gamers out there who feel like nothing good comes out these days.

Game would have potential, but the characters’ pathfinding seems to be broken and they all go to the right and go through walls. Also I don’t understand wtf is happening lol

Marvelous Freddy Fazbore experience. 10/10

I hate froge

I hate froge

I love getting shot

I hate arson as much as the next guy, but this, this is completely cray-cray as we say in my home country!! This game is filled to the brim with cars, houses and roads, quite the millennial game. However, I am not a millennial so I cannot get the genius put behind this game. So overall, good game for bad people.

As a tester for this game, I’ve quite enjoyed my time with it. Good sprites and quite responsive gameplay, just the guard in the big room which is kinda bullshit. Regardless I got myself a (probably temporary) world record (I believe) of 48 seconds, so this means this is the best game of all time. 9/10, not enough rats but since I can cheese (pun intended) my way through most levels, 10/10

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install unreal engine, tried installing microsoft c++ individually and it did nothing, but when i installed unreal engine it booted immediately

This is better than Twin Fantasy