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Loved it!

really really awesome!

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Now THIS is a black friday deal!

Brilliant! Well done!

Free - In-Browser, PC, or Mac

Here is the latest game from Cercle Games! It made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 42. The theme was "running out of space."

L: An Interactive Mystery is a narrative based mystery game that sees you solving the disappearance of your daughter by searching for information in her phone. The game has original music and lots of voice acting from some incredibly talented actors.

It got a great review from AlphaBetaGamer which you can read here:

We are always looking for feedback so please let us know what you think!

LD Jam page:

Itch page:

After one year of button pushing, Cercle Games is proud to present: Don't Push The Red Button: Anniversary Edition!

New in the Anniversary Edition: 

Optimized Code!  New never-before-seen Content/Time Events!  Online Leaderboard - Compete to not push the button longer than anyone else!  Gamepad Support!  Linux Build!  Added/Fixed Languages including Korean. (By request of Markiplier.)

And a specially made VR version for use with the Vive or Oculus Rift!



Please follow Cercle for updates on future projects!

Thank you for the heads up! I've had so many people point it out to me since markiplier's video and it is fixed in the newest version which comes out later this month! Sorry about that!

I'm proud of you

You got it! Thank you for your help! 



July 26th, 2018 will mark one full, amazing, rich, beautiful, glorious, painstakingly long year of people playing a game where they don't push a red button.  As everyone knows, this game has gone down as one of the most important events in human history. The Red Button was nominated for a Pulitzer prize in February, was considered for the MacAuthur Genius Grant, and History courses at Yale and Harvard have started teaching Red Button 101 classes. In fact, UCLA will now offer a prestigious MBA in the Red Button Arts this Fall. My God, what an astounding time to be alive.

The unshaven team at Cercle  has been working day and night and day, furiously typing algorithms into our coffees and downing cup after cup of delicious computer, all in the desperate attempt to complete "Don't Push The Red Button: Anniversary Edition" before the 26th. 

But we need your help. 

We have been told by our accounting and law team that in order to distribute this experience to the widest audience we need to ask for a certain amount of a newly discovered resource called: "Money."

If we receive enough of this so-called "money," we will be able to get "Don't Push the Red Button: Anniversary Edition" in front of the eyes of the world. And then, everyone, yes, EVERYONE, will know the glory of the red button and will quake in its presence. 

TL;DR: I'm asking for money to finish and put Don't Push the Red Button on STEAM. 

And anyone who donates will get their name in the credits of the game. 

Anniversary Edition Features:
Optimized Code- No Lag!
New never-before-seen Content/Time Events!
Online Leaderboard - Compete to not push the button longer than anyone else!
Gamepad Support!
Linux Build!
(Potential VR Version?!)
Added/Fixed Languages including Korean. (By request of Markiplier.)

I had another person tell me recently and it will be fixed in the next version!

if you give me an accurate translation, I’ll put it on the wall in the anniversary edition. :)

Olen täysin samaa mieltä ja vilpittömästi anteeksi. Suomi on ihana maa ja ansaitsee paikkansa seinälle.

Note taken!

Wow! Look at this!

Markiplier played!

Wrote and sung it myself! :)

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Stupid, ugly zombies have invaded the North Pole! Be battle Santa and send them back from whence they came.

Was made for a friend in a ridiculously short amount of time. Ended up being harder than I thought! Happy button mashing!

Play for free in Chrome and Firefox on PC.

And Firefox on Mac. (safari and chrome might for for Mac is you are lucky.)

Love this concept!

My first game jam ever! It was such a blast! Play as Fiona Pennywhistle in this 2d Physics Puzzle game and try to take Jane Cavendish’s place as Semi-Finalist Cat Herding Champion. If only the little buggers would go where you told them. Keep playing to unlock more narration! !

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Put yourself in Trump's Shoes and find out how hard it is!

This game is a scream into the void. If you enjoyed screaming with me, please share and up vote this post! Thanks!

2d - Browser - Free

You found it!!! Under Five get a Prize!

Sorry for the freeze! I'll officially go ahead and say that you won.

Here is the new game, but it takes a bit of explanation. It started as a test for an idea that I had, but then my son, Brendan, started telling me what I should do next. So I just started doing what he said.
The result is a game  straight from the mind of a four year old: "EGGsplosion!"

And yes, that's his voice in the soundtrack. :)
I hope you enjoy!

A wonderful review of Staircase by Calum Fraser!

"It’s not just guided meditation – it’s a transformative experience that will really have an affect on you if you open up to it fully. It’s almost like having a psychotherapy session – you get more out of it the more you open up and all the answers to your innermost problems really end up coming from yourself. Highly recommended."

Just released a new game today! It is a fairly simple game (about 20 minutes) based off a meditation exercise I've been using for years. It is totally free, and if you take the experience seriously, you might be really surprised how emotional and spiritual (even if you aren't religious) this experience will be.

My hope is that it becomes a tool you can come back to again and again when you are in rough times or need to process something(or everything.)

Let me know what you think in the comments, and if you know someone who you think this experience would benefit, I would be so grateful if you could share this around.  If you still aren't sure here is the trailer:

Thank you!

Absolutely Wonderful!! I was blown away by the environment and I laughed out loud more times than I could count! The drawings inside the game reminded me so much of Dave McKean, and they added a life and breath to the world that was so endearing. 

Well done. Well done. Immediately signed up on your website as soon as I finished it. 

Keep up the good work.

This video had me rolling!! You totally get the idea and your philosophical interpretations were wonderful! Well done. Well done.

sorry about that! It has something to do with the web player not taking full control of the mouse. Downloaded version works well!

Glad you liked it!

love this! Your reactions are perfect! Thank you for sharing!

I'm so glad you liked it! Sorry for the crashing!!! Still learning  :)

Hi everyone! There are some awesome let's plays being uploaded to youtube of this game as well as this wonderful review!

Also: I'm getting feedback that the browser version isn't working well for many people. I'm considering taking the WebGL version down, and having it be download only. Any advice from more experienced users?

Thank you!

This is a game about spaced conditioning. The longer you can go without pushing the button, the more content you get to see. Yeah, it's pretty dastardly...

This is my first game, and  it's not perfect But, man, oh, man I had so much fun making it. 

I want to write more, but I feel like if I do, I'll start giving things away!

If you like, tell me how long you went and what time-mark was your favorite event. I'm also happy to answer any questions! Including my favorite question: "How dare you."