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July 26th, 2018 will mark one full, amazing, rich, beautiful, glorious, painstakingly long year of people playing a game where they don't push a red button.  As everyone knows, this game has gone down as one of the most important events in human history. The Red Button was nominated for a Pulitzer prize in February, was considered for the MacAuthur Genius Grant, and History courses at Yale and Harvard have started teaching Red Button 101 classes. In fact, UCLA will now offer a prestigious MBA in the Red Button Arts this Fall. My God, what an astounding time to be alive.

The unshaven team at Cercle  has been working day and night and day, furiously typing algorithms into our coffees and downing cup after cup of delicious computer, all in the desperate attempt to complete "Don't Push The Red Button: Anniversary Edition" before the 26th. 

But we need your help. 

We have been told by our accounting and law team that in order to distribute this experience to the widest audience we need to ask for a certain amount of a newly discovered resource called: "Money."

If we receive enough of this so-called "money," we will be able to get "Don't Push the Red Button: Anniversary Edition" in front of the eyes of the world. And then, everyone, yes, EVERYONE, will know the glory of the red button and will quake in its presence. 

TL;DR: I'm asking for money to finish and put Don't Push the Red Button on STEAM. 

And anyone who donates will get their name in the credits of the game. 

Anniversary Edition Features:
Optimized Code- No Lag!
New never-before-seen Content/Time Events!
Online Leaderboard - Compete to not push the button longer than anyone else!
Gamepad Support!
Linux Build!
(Potential VR Version?!)
Added/Fixed Languages including Korean. (By request of Markiplier.)