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Thanks for the support, enjoy :)

Hey, thanks for checking out the project, I appreciate it. You can use

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Thanks! Let me know if any suggestions.

I’m glad you’ve enjoyed, thanks!

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Map sandbox is a map creation and sandbox simulation game. It allows you to create beautiful looking maps in couple of minutes.


  • Different map sizes from 128 to 2048
  • Easy navigation
  • Modify terrain with different brushes
  • Raise or lower, flatten and smooth modes
  • Paint texture mode
  • Tree placement
  • Detail placement
  • Ambient controls
  • Undo/Redo
  • Save and load
  • Import and export maps

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music is wonderful, is there any link to listen?

Oh found the link above, nvm :)

That’s great news! I’m hooked :)

Fantastic tool! Can we export with materials?

Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah I added enemy inspect to give some info but like you said, a bestiary would be helpful in upgrade menu.

You’ll need to upgrade for other requirements. Visually it won’t do anything. In early versions, village would generate some gold by time :)

I've been waiting for this!

I'd like to ask if any other payment option is possible than PayPal? PayPal is not available for several countries. 

Atlased community · Created a new topic mac version?

any chance?

very quick, thanks! Any news about steam release?

Thanks for detailed insight, I was curious about those either and will use with unity, so nested classes important. I would like to ask another one, how would you  load your sprite assets to unity? It is important loading for both editor and runtime.


Thank you :)

Hey luturol! Thanks for good vibes. Your upgrades doesn't persist in game. But in menu, upgrades can bought and it persistent. This game was a prototype and it moved further here and on mobile.  

I released a new devlog about village defence! It also available on mobile now!

Play it on browser.

Play it on android.

v0.4 is ready!

  • save sytem implemented
  • upgrade panel views improved
  • new maps added
  • news skills and troop skills
  • new tower upgrade system
  • added ranged entities

How to Play:

  • Your tower charges magic to attack
  • Tap to charge magic button to charge faster
  • Spend your gold with tower and village upgrades
  • upgraded towers comes with additional new small towers
  • add mages and improve your tower stats
  • Buy new skills! 
  • Buy new maps to play on different maps

Let's give it a try and let me know how I can improve this game.

Thank you!

Your tower is under attacked by enemies. Strengthen your tower with different skills and find the way for upgrade it. 

More features will be added soon. You can play alpha version during the development from here.

This game is under heavy development and we want to shape it by community requests. Please help us and  support our development, please leave us a comment below.

here is the link:

Magic Idle Defence is a prototype that I've been working to build a idle experience to match medieval and magic concepts. This is a playable version of this early build thats only works for 5 waves.

How to play:

  • Upgrade your stats with money
  • Upgrade with gold for permanent stat upgrade
  • Your defender shoots automatically, just keep an eye on your resources to upgrade


I've used kenney's assets for this prototype. 

Please, feel free to comment your ideas and I could add that feature or fix if you have found an issue.