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Fantastic work! It would be great if you add a side view of the goals and soccer field.

Is it working in Game Maker Studio 1.4?

Cool idea! The idea of a wizard free falling reminds me of Downwell. I think it is a cool mechanic. It would be good for the players to start very easy with only one button/letter to take care of and lower speed and progressively increase the difficulty.  That would have helped the player to get into the game more easily.

Cool concept, I have fun! Good job :)!

Very cool game, fantastic concept and mechanics and great illumination system. Some of the level designs were very clever. This can really turn into a full puzzle/action game. While playing it I have a bit the feeling of playing Abbe's Exodus.

Nice job! :)

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Cool concept! My brain was melting though haha! 

Also very nice interface.

Very nice job! :)

Good job! It was something new, I liked the idea and I enjoyed. I am not sure how much is fitting the theme of the jam though. 

It is not convincing me the idea of having to press both Spacebar and Enter at the same time for bouncing on top of the enemies. This is something you could maybe polish (only pressing space, automatic bouncing...not sure). Also you could do some hp bar for the player and that it is possible to do some little jumps on the land (like the fishes do).

By contrast to the other people who played I realize about what I had to do quite quickly and I actually liked the gameplay. It was actually fun to play. 

Two important advices:

1. - You should make the game much easier at the beginning. Players (especially in a Jam) tends to quit a game quite quickly if they can not progress easily. You always have to look for a balance between difficulty (it could make the game annoying and not enjoyable) and lack of challenge (it makes de game boring).

2.- Always compile the game as a standalone .exe file and not as installer. People don't want to install Jam games.

Good job!

Cool concept! I am not sure how well is fitting the theme, but I like the idea of creating new platforms by jumping.

Good job! :)

Cool game! I liked a lot your game. It is innovative, it is fitting quite well the theme of the Jam and it is fun to play. The puzzles are cool to be solved. I think it is quite well balanced and I also like the addition of new mechanics like the ball. I have reached level 7.

I think the game and the idea are very well implemented. Improving a bit the graphics and a better UI you could consider to develop it futher, especially for phones. 

And now, the best advice I can give you: Don't compile your game with Game Maker in such a way that the user has to install the game. Always create an standalone .exe file. Many people will be reluctant to install the game and therefore they will not try it even if it is worth. 

Very nice job! :)

Nice light effects and concept for a game. I really like the puzzly mechanics of opening doors in a specific order to reach the Green dot. The game was fun enough to keep me playing until the end (I have seen the "Thanks for playing!" message from the developers. 

Sometimes was a bit buggy. Once when I passed from being the ghost to be the girl, the "going through walls" was still active and the speed increased crazily. 

Overall, I had fun! Nice job! :)

I find the art very cute and the mechanics (meaning the "skills") seem varied and interesting for an puzzle/exploration game.  However, I feel that the GameJam Theme is very forced into the game. Having a random key for each action with no connection or meaning and having at least two keys (that I have found) that reset the level and change the actions that you do with each button make the game not so enjoyable/playable. I think you should have thought if the player would enjoy this or if he would feel annoyed. 

I hope you continue your idea (without random keys) and develop an interesting puzzle game with the mechanics that you have already developed.

Cheers! Good luck! :)

Great to know! Good luck!

Thank you so much for your nice and detailed comment.

It makes me very happy how well you understood the idea of the game, the mechanics and how many of the details were purposefully placed where they are. 

I agree with you that spamming a button is not the best idea to make the werewolf stage enjoyable. Initially it was going to have 3 different states: completely under control, out of control and partially under control (what you achieve by pressing repeatedly the same button), but I simply did not have enough time to develop the idea completely. Also there was going to be a part with tower defense-like mechanichs in which you can build walls and little towers to protect the chicken and defend from the monsters. I really wanted the make the players think strategically about when it is convenient to lose a few chickens and when not in many different ways. 

I really appreciate you elaborated comment! :)

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Very beautiful title screen. I liked how the mechanics and the name of the game are fitting perfectly, how you lose skills when growing older. I really appreciate that you tried to include a story with a meaning. 

As other users commented before I could not continue after losing the jumping skill. The first time I could reach kind of far, but then it was impossible to reach a moving platform which was too separated from the Edge of the last platform I was standing.  

¡Buen trabajo :)! ¡Ánimo!


I like the art style. It looks really simple, but at the same time very good. The mechanics are interesting. It would have been cool if you could add walls into the middle of the room in order to have a bit of control over the player or at least to "protect" the dots. It gets to difficult avoid that the player is collecting a lot of them in a row once you have accumulated many of them, especially when the movement is not predictable.

Good job :) !

Cool gameplay and art style. I haven't seen the advantage of the keeping the sphere big instead of transforming them in smaller ones by pressing right click. It helped to me to turn around waiting for the white sphere  to be closer.

Good job! :)

Teniendo el cuenta que el dev habla español aprovecho para comentar en español también jeje. Está bien! Me habría gustado que hubieses puesto unas barras de cargo algo así para saber cuándo va a saltar o cuando va a dar una patada. A veces se hace molesto esperar a que el robot decida saltar para poder ir donde tú quieres.

¡Buen trabajo! ¡Mucho ánimo!

I really like the textures and the neon effects. The level design is really nice. However I was expecting the theme "Out of control" to be in the mechanics of the game. The story of "Control Inc." seems to be only an excuse to fit in the jam. I would really like to see this project as a full game though.

It was uploaded 11 days ago, however the jam started 4 days ago. That could be the explanation.

Cool idea! Somehow I would like to see a list of the actions I chose once I am controlling the airship. Also it would be cool to have some health bars to have an idea about how good I am doing

I can't find the download link

I like the art style! I could easily extinguish the fire but after that I did not really know what to do.

Really smooth gameplay and quite fun to play. I liked several decisions: the values for gravitiy and movement of the player are nicely adjusted, the life recovery by not being hit and the 3 different types of weapons (a.k.a. three different types of weapons). I killed the final boss, but I only got a "Not bad" as a reward…

I liked the idea, the art style and user interface. At the beginning I was losing immediately with 0 points because I did not notice I had to start yelling at the microphone. I like the concept! My advice is to make the game easier at the beginning and then ramp up the difficulty progressively. 

My maximun score was 229 points. It is quite difficult. 

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That is weird. It does launch for me. Have you tried to extract the files first? 

If still doesn't work you can try a HTML5 version here that does not require download:

Is it also supported in Game Maker Studio 1.4?

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Is this version compatible with GMS 1.4 too or  would you recommend to buy the one at the Markerplace?

Is there any improvement in the code?

Thanks! :)