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Wait, it's turn-based now?

oh cool that's my name!

I get an error when I click "Let's Go"
An exception has occurred, but exception handling has been disabled in this build. If you are the developer of this content, enable exceptions in your project WebGL player settings to be able to catch the exception or see the stack trace.

How to do special moves??

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The only thing I'd add, is it should tell you your score at the Game Over screen.

Ooh, are there more characters coming?


NFTs!? Unfollowed.


My 360 controller just makes it go Left continuously.

It never was added, never got a response. I'm so confused.

It's so weird, everything else on the same page as my submission was added. I reached out to leafo on twitter but haven't heard back.

If submissions are closed now, does that mean that things that have been waiting over a week to be added to the bundle won't make it in?

I've been waiting over a week and I'm still not in :|

For reals, I submitted mine almost a week ago now and it still hasn't made it in, and I've seen games several days younger make the grade. If there's a problem with my submission I'd like to amend it so I can help out this bundle before it's over!

How is the automatic URL pulling script prioritizing? I'm seeing games before and after mine already in the bundle and I can't find any objections such as a malformed URL. 

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Bam 'N Jam is back, and it's completely remade from the ground up! Every detail is brand new, but that good old fashioned Bam 'N Jam gameplay you love is still here!

  • New graphics, sounds, music - everything
  • New to the game - Three difficulty levels!
  • Free post-launch content planned, including unlockables!

Bam 'N Jam gameplay sessions are quick, bite-sized tests of luck and skill. Click as many pink, green, and cyan pieces as you can in 15 seconds while avoiding the yellow.

Acquire at for $1 US

Good work, mate!

ProtoFighter community · Created a new topic Name

If you called this Function vs. Function or Function Fighter or something, you might be able to sell this as-is :D

Guaranteed purchase + Greenlight vote