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As long as Mv IS owned then yes. I hope it measures up to your new job!!  Sometimes it's the little things in life lol. Good luck with the job!!

Hey its a learning curve! I learned something new through all this as well :)

i think it will only block if you change the amount that was required for the file to be unlocked, and the payee only has on file part of the amount. I think i had paid the required amount you had at the time i DLed the pack on 6/10 but this time it said i had to pay in  $1.69 more. which i just bumped to $2. 

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i realize what the issue is now, at some point it looks like the price was raised so the new amount required was not met.

Did the Paid icon zip file get taken off? all i see updated and attached to be DLed are the Free Icons

I'm glad I was able to get it working lol. 

I'm curious how you fill yours hehe

I reuploaded the PSD after i exported it in GIMP... when i reopened it in my CorelPSP it stilll had the layers... so i may have to use GIMP to save PSDs from now on. let me know!! and sorry about that :(

Try opening it with GIMP. I just tried and had no issue!!
otherwise idk. I use Corel Paint Shop pro and can open PSD files fine in it, but i do know when i save as PSD CorelPSP will flatten the layers.

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i mistyped XD thank you for the catch ill edit that to correct it, but its PSP Image file. if you have any issues with it ill try another version

you are welcome, im glad they are helpful :)

I am glad it will be helpful! and it always is the little things you find while mapping that make the environment just that much more :) 

OK, but would still would like to link  to this from that pack incase of more updates in the future please. i can prove i have it with screen shots :)

lol i have this one from your site too... *sigh*

HI! I love your work so much! I sent a DM on DeviantArt inquiring to battlers :)

oh it definitely  will! Now i just need an modern ocean liner ship XD

OMFG YOU ARE AWESOME!!! this looks soooooo good! And is SO needed!

ty dears!

So i screwed up and in trying to get all the sets i didnt have.. bought this one twice.. is there a way i can get maybe a credit or refund? I wish there was an easier way to just do like Build your Bundle or something.

thank you! I love your stuff but im finding its easier to keep up to date with 

I sent an email i .. hope to the right person >.>

How to update this when bought from your site? 

THE ADDITIONS ARE GORGEOUS!!!! and now will be the only trees ill ever use for future projects lol! THANK YOU!

Is there a way to gain a commercial usage license?

The only thing i wish was that you had a fan weapon in each of these packs.... YOUR WORK IS AWESOME!

ok.. first off...AGAIN... <3 <3 I LOVE THESE TREES!!!
second, i want to use them in a backed game im doing with a small team. I however... am in dire need of some of those additional trees i was talking about like evergreen/fir variants specifically. Is there ANY way to expedite some? please *tries my best puss in boots imitation*

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YES!!! Good trees are SOOOO hard to come by! I might i suggest having a variety of trunks? Like the white birch(i saw you had colored tops with the white trunks but its not quite the same) , some willows would be fanfreakintastic, various pine, aspen ect.... also matching shadows based on the tree tops in another sheet for ambience in mapping and little knots/holes we can stick on the trunks to give variety but keeping with the same style (anytime i add details it always looks out of place) there is also this Spanish moss or what ever its called here in the south that i cant quite replicate that would be so awesome to have as a little add on thing for the dead trees! (if you look up swap trees you' ll see it hanging off the branches)  :)



i cant wait!!!!

This pack is exactly what i needed with an exception... A modern engine. in wrecked, dirty and clean versions. Great job!!

is there one like this for MV?

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Sure. If you are on discord maybe better to message there though. [Gothicvoid]#3743

The script is this.playFocusedSE("Siren volume=50 fadeDistance=10 fadeRate=60");   

Also the length of the SE is 59 seconds. Ive used this plugin for longer duration SFX so dont think its that. This is the first time ive ever had an issue with this plugin i might add... i use it so much in another project.. i love it! but this... i cant wrap my head around why its not working.

I have and it works fine if its static... but as the car moves across the screen it does not get louder or pan in relation to where i have the "player start" positioned.

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Is this in the event move route or in the "custom move-route" on the event itself? I am trying to make a siren work... paned and distanced accordingly from the right side of the screen to the left side. The player doesnt move at all since its an intro, the SFX comes from a police car that is moving on the map.

I second that Janu!! The dystopian 10000%! and be sure to include random trash items... for some reason no one makes that. 

AWESOME Thank you!!

is this for MV or MZ?

His doesnt do a grid inventory, just 1x1 icons for items. having a grid system would actually be freakin AWESOME for the licensed game im currently doing.