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Thank you for that feedback!!! I am glad that you enjoyed your playthrough enough that you'll revisit it after it being brushed up! I do want to ask for a little more clarification on a point or two so that I know what to add to my notes to expand/fix/remove for the later release.... Firstly can you expand on "compelling game play"? What could be added to make it more compelling? Or something I need to tweak or remove? Do you think the romanticized ending should be harder to attain? You mentioned "hiding and revealing the things to find" needing polish as well... Can you expand on that? Do you mean like what some other mentioned with the timer issue when you open or close the tray?? 

I love the feedback as it helps me get better as a person and developer, so please let me know!!! I look forward to all the feedback you have!!

Thank you so much for those points! I have notated them to take another look at as I polish the game :)
I have many things planned to add and fix so I hope that you will play once that version has been released later this year :) I am ALWAYS open to ideas and suggestions so please please PLEASE feel free to  share anything that will help with the QoL of the game!

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This game feels like its just the tip of the iceberg! So much potential here that I would LOVE to see polished up given no time constrictions! Great ideas are within and like your characters... never give up! I want to see where you take this instalment!!! 

Thank you so much for playing! Im so glad you enjoyed yourself! Any ideas and all feedback is welcome so i was happy to hear your live comments! 

thank you for playing!! I do hope you enjoyed yourself! I admit this was a challenge for me as I've never done anything like this before, so it was a huge learning experience and personal achievement!

I will look into how to soften the transitions more, thank you for that feedback! The art I left as intended by the wonderful artists that did them though, I did in some cases ask them to make the linework in some images more pronounced, while in others to blur the linework more so that things weren't too obvious. But as it's a learning experience, going forward I know exactly what to ask of anyone doing work for this type of project again😊. 

I thank you so much for your feedback and the time you took, not only to play my game but to leave some things for me to look at better in the polish phase! I hope you'll try it again once it's completely finished to see the improvements!!!

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thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

I have a list of things to polish up based on players feedback and have added yours!! I appreciate it more than you know! I have added a pause function to the timer when the tray is opened/closed.

The bust art was more of a stock bundle so I know I have to tweak it a bit; but for the level of my artistic skills, and the quality of the art itself... I would need more time then the jam had to really match the original style and do it justice if I edit it myself lol.

 I do ask, I have the message speed option in setting, but I understand the need to adjust it more? I would like very much to hear more on an idea of how to do this as I am a parent of a child with dyslexia so totally understand the need for being more inclusive for different levels and abilities. You are not the first to comment on text speed so I have it started in my notes!!

I am open to all suggestions, feedback and criticism!!

thank you for playing!! Overall I hope you enjoyed yourself! I thank you for the feedback and am working my way through many of those afore mentioned suggestions! The feedback helps me really polish this game off as it was something I don't normally do at all, and so was a nice challenge for me both as a dev and on a personal achievement level. I hope that once I release this once more as a more rounded polished version that you will play again to see all the changes!!

thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed my rendition of the story!!

I am working on a polished version and have added sfx (a bell ding) to when you found an object and a timer pause when the tray is open/closed. I'm trying to add a "hint" function as well .. and I will definitely look into doing a mode without timers!! That is a good idea! I wanted to make it as engaging as possible with future achievements with the timer but I honestly didn't think about a non timer mode!! It's now in my notes to go through lol. Ty for the feedback! 

I hear ya there!! Overall you did well! I enjoyed myself without resorting to cussing out the PC like I do in some puzzle games 🤣🤣🤣

OMG!!! I love this! It was absolutely the cutest!! This was so fun and challenging! =^.^= I named mine Luna lol, The music was nice and the mapping well thought out it looks. The fact I got to play as a kitty.... EVEN better.

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I felt a little thrown into the mix there at the start, but got my bearings pretty quick, though maybe more into would be nice to kinda set things up more. While i didn't care for the starfield surrounding the mapped areas, the Art over all was great and very stylized, I love seeing an artists talents come to life like this. The puzzles were not TOO hard, but they were right there at the edge to keep me on my toes, and I think over all a nice proof of concept game here. Id like to see it fleshed out a little more. Great Job. :)

Thank you!! Trust me when i started I wasnt even sure much of what I did could be done! But I tried... and that is what counts most! Once the Jam is over I plan to polish this up quite a bit!

I hope you enjoyed your time playing ^.^

THANK YOU! I do plan on making a few adjustments after the jam is over so please keep me in mind for a replay at some point in the future!!

Any suggestions are welcome!!

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Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed your time playing!!!

I am working on a more polished version so please keep an eye out for updates!!!

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OH MY!! I knew i should have quadruple checked... I put all the files to no spaces and I had thought I caught all the instances... drat! I guess I am unable to fix that huh... well... ~adds to notes~ live and learn!! 

Thank you for letting me know!

As to everything else... I do plan to look at the transition between story and puzzles a bit better and polish that up as well as a few other things others have noted too! 

The hidden pictures are done through map events, yanflys' clickable plugin and hitbox plugin on the map... So it's not precise as I'd like... And something I want to get more into in the polishing phase.

I thank you for the compliment on the maps, but all I did was throw some tiles on a background and called it good lol!! The art I wish I could take credit for but the artists are the ones that have the credit there!

For any one interested.. this is the original story I had written back in college that I reimagined into this game.  :)

ty!!I wish I could take credit for it though.... The artists all shine here.... I simply put it together 😊

I hope you enjoy your time playing!

I didn't take it as complaining at all!! It's a list of things I need to improve on. Things that as the maker... I am dev blind to. So I'm loving it!

LOVE THE SPRITES! The battles were hard for me, I would have liked to have seen more of an introduction to what exactly was going on... love Stella! Was sad to see her go.. but I wasn't aware she was in my party to start or why... PLEASE GIMME MORE! lol I like the way you handled the battles and the fact of devouring to add skills and lvls... that's is really cool! Also i love how the world expands.. that is great! I would love to see this polished up! 

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!!

Not at all! Look in the tree to the left of the screen ;)
I hope you enjoy yourself and please feel free to let me know of what i can improve! I want to continue and finish and polish this after the jam is over :)

Thank you!!! I appreciate the time to let me some feedback! I will be sure to make some fixes to gameplay once the jam is over! The most important part to me right now is that you enjoyed your time playing  ^.^

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed yourself!

THANK YOU!! Im really glad you enjoyed it!!

THANK YOU! I am noting the feedback to be sure to fix after the jam is done as I am determined to make this a complete game :)

  • I love how you explained everything, it makes it much easier to follow and to notate in my notes!
  • I had done the  auto advancing text in some places to keep the timing on task with the sprite effects, but I think there might honestly be only 2 places the auto advance is really needed i agree (the intro and the scene 5 second part) 
  • I am going to fix the text dialogue after as well,  when testing it was fine, but in deploy it was being weird so i need time to tweak it XD
  • I'm still trying to figure out what to do when a player finds an item because it currently is set up through event boxes, hitboxes and clickable events note tag. 
  • Thank you for pointing out the need for some kind of intro to the hit bar... I thought about it again... but against my gut.. didn't put it in. 

Again thank you for playing and I hope of anything.. you had a pleasant time!! ^.^

This game is something that is not the norm for me to work on as I am usually not a big fan of visual novels/hidden picture games... But I had a lot of fun doing this one!!! I kept it SIMPLE, so don't expect a lot of flashy effects.

I wanted to make something light for the player to pick up when ever they had time... And while I have some features yet to add... I think I accomplished that!! I didn't make the winning entry; I made an entry that challenged ME!!!!

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I guess I am remiss in not making a thread for the game sooner, I apologize! 

I have now uploaded the final version I am going to settle on for the jam, which unfortunately means two major functions I was trying to event are now on hold to be fully implemented until after the jam has finished completely. 

Thanks to all that have downloaded prior, and I hope that you download again as I admit, spelling was never a strong suite of mine.

Good luck... and HAPPY MAKING ALWAYS!!

Thank you! I wish i could take credit for all of them, but the artists are the ones that shine here!

these are awesome looking... are you going to do more dragons?

The art so far gives me the scratch art kind... you know ... where you have a board that you can color with the rainbow.. then on top you color with a black crayon, then take a pick or something pointy like and scratch out what you want, revealing the different colors underneath.  Very nice!

Im animation dumb... i understood none of what you just said sorry

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I am wondering for those of us that can't seem to utilize these gorgeous animations... is it possible to have a sample project that has the animations premade? For both the Astrology and the Essentials? I love the animations but i lack the ability to use them right in the animation tab. Thanks! I use MV btw.

Very nice package for anyone to start off in making their own sprites that want to break away from the default look of the RPG Scene. great job! Will there be clothing options?

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i have an MSI Laptop if that makes a difference. I don't know what the other person had as far as specs but I would love to know how it worked for him! Funny enough... the highest compatibility mode i can run is for windows 8... even though its a brand new laptop. 

Yup did all those actions and it doesnt run :( bummer i REALLY really want something like this!

I tried to get this to start on my Laptop... I have Windows 11 (i don't know if that has anything to do with it but not a bad idea to mention) But anyway, it doesn't run when i try to execute it.

HI! I actually feel like one of those car insurance ppl.... Ive been trying to get ahold of you.... 
But in all seriousness, ive emailed, discorded, and deviantArted y'all. can you get back to me when you have a chance please ^.^

oh what a shame! i was going to purchase as i am looking for animated battlers... oh well. thanks anyway.

is there any way to show a preview of them in motion?