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Thanks for playing! Yeah, I was still tweaking the algorithm for matching the two pictures up until I had to post the game. Maybe I'll fix it/ flesh it out later, who knows.

Awesome level design! You really have a good grasp of pacing.

Hey, I really like the work you're putting in here. While this is a little rough and un-polished, the basic premis is solid and you could easily flesh it out into a nice casual empire builder esque thing for people to play on their phones. interface is easy to use, I like it. keep it up. 

ps, perhapse you could getting the right icons into like a littel mini puzzle game down below to effect whats going on in the real game above.

Thanks so much!!! :)

Thanks for playing it! Sorry, was a bit rushed on the user interface. 

This is really amazing. My dad (50+?) says this is awesome!  I hope this game makes it to the final 20! It really deserves too.

THIS IS SO COOL!!!!! I realy really like this, this is the absolute best kind of innovation game jams can bring out of people.

This is super awesome! It may benefit if the ball gained more speed when flipped, otherwise it's really awesome!

huh, pretty cool!


very very interesting. How did you manage to make the box pop up instead of it running?