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Can  you explain further how this rule works? Is this something you would choose before engaging monster? So something like...

Roll initiative

Decide to forgo attacking the monster in order to dodge

Is that correct?

Thank you very much. I do however encourage you to make an extended bestiary. This game is wonderful but the lack of monsters is a huge weakness in my humble opinion. It's the only thing that keeps me from playing the game extensively. Just food for thought. Cheers. 

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I love this game. It's fantastic. The only thing its missing is more monsters. Are there any additional tips for converting monsters from other games? You mentioned using Cairn as inspiration.  But I'm still not really seeing how you did it. Take the Draugr for example in Cairn:

12 HP, 2 Armor, 15 STR, 9 DEX, 13 WIL, rusty broadsword (d8)

Runecairn version

8 Res, 1 Def, 11 Str, 8 Dex, 9 Wit, 6 Spi, 20ft, spear/axe (d6)

Resilience is basically HP. Armor is Defense. Will I assume is the same as Spirit?

Any specific guidelines you could offer would be amazing? Thanks!

I assume the answer to this is yes but want to be sure. If your inventory slots reach 10 then you effectively have a resilience of 0 at that point. Can fatigue from using abilities cause this to happen? Or does only items? I.E. So say I'm playing a Scout and have 5 inventory slots available. I use 5 fatigue during a combat that brings my inventory capacity up to 10. Would my resilience be 0? 


This damage bypasses its defense right? And I assume the monster would lose the damage at the start of its turn before it would attack?

Just wanted to get clarification on this weapon ability. After rolling a d6 for normal damage, you roll a d4 to determine bleed damage and duration. Say I roll a 3. Does that mean the monster takes 3 damage on the next 3 subsequent turns?

Awesome. I'm really enjoy this game a lot. Just ordered the hardback and looking forward to running my son through beneath the broken sword.

If an attack reduces an adventurer or monster's STR to 0 do they still make a critical damage save? Or are they simply dead regardless? Thanks!

I had a rules question: When your resilience drops below 0, the rules say you start taking STR damage. I assume you would die once your STR reaches 0? This also applies to monsters too? Thanks for any clarification. Cheers. 

Ah got it. Thanks!

How do I download the character sheet? Odd question, I know. :)

For the thief's new backstab progression how is the damage calculated? Are strength and magic modifiers multiplied or are they added after?