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The idea was good, but i think you had enough time to make something better :p... Like, there's no background, no sound or music and the camera controls are really hard, i couldn't see my objective clearly while playing the game... 

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Not anything with Godot it self, but on Linux, i use my computer with Dual Boot (Windows for Games and Linux for all other things), and during the game jam, my Dual Boot Manager (GRUB) just stopped working, it just don't recognized my hard disk...

Thank you for the feedback, and you being able to see the squares even when you're on the same color makes the game a little bit easier, i don't wanted to make the game, like, too hard to see.

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Yeah, i could put more sounds, this game was the first time that i created SFX, not using any program like BFXR or anything like that... Just using instruments and mixing to get things done.

And i'll probaly polish more this game, Godot makes this really easy, i made this game using Linux, after having some kinda problems i switched back to Windows, this have taken a lot of time, time that i could use in the polishing part of the game.

Yeah, about the graphics, my intetion was to create a simple graphic that feels good to the player, it's great to hear things like that!

I'll remember this, now that the jam is completed, i feel like my game need so much things haha, one of them is of course sound effects!

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I couldn't create more levels without making the game annoying, i would create a tutorial if i didn't have only 5 hours remaining! :0

My "real" game got corrupted and i made this little game to not just give up doing the game jam.