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I think the game suffers from the usual "developer plays their game too well" so I didnt find it as hard.

I have just altered the layout slightly and improved the controls and the camera so it might be closer to the right difficulty now

Thank you for trying it out on your stream! you seemed to have fun despite the camera issues.

I have just updated the game with a nearly static camera and tighter controls if you feel like trying it out again.

I have attempted to make the web versions as playable as possible but seems like theres a limit to what a browser can do(or at least with my skill).

Hi there, I just updated the character movement and fixed the filter, thank you for the feedback.

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This game was not inspired by Super Meat Boy....

I have just updated the game with a static camera, the theme of the game starts from stage 2 so hopefully you will be able to see it if you try again.

Thank you for the in-depth review! I have not played This Is The Only Level but I have played one called That Level Again with a similar concept, which I didnt actually think about while making this level.

I have just updated the game with better physics and slightly easier layout!

I have just uploaded a new build with the camera sticking to the player, I hope it will allow you to play!

Thank you, I have uploaded a new build with better controls! Feel free to try again and let me know if its any better

doesnt play well on a laptop with just a touchpad so cant accurately play

the shot and fist hitboxes being so far from the center makes attacking nearby enemies very difficult

there should be controls info in game as well

the overall look is good

havnt seen anyone else use the theme for a 1v1 game like that, it was fun

the gigantic mouse cursor is very annoying, and it feels like the ai doesnt do anything

dont have anyone to test the 2p mode with

thought im cheesing it by driving and mining at the same time but the ore just disappeared

you should make it impossible to mine and drive at the same time and also make the ore drop to the ground or something to be picked up cause i just got softlocked

the battles are way too slow

pretty original idea but i think the connection to the theme is too loose

reminds me a lot of dicey dungeons

Was funny seeing the WASTED animation suddenly when I lost

the water looks great.

the animation it gets stuck on is not even consistent making it even harder to fix.

Thank you but im not the one who made it, I used 100% free assets since I lack the skill and time to make them myself, regarding the controls and camera, I already have a fix ready to upload when the jam ends

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Thank you everyone for the feedback, I already have an update I will be uploading when the jam ends to address all the issues and feedback ive received!

Ive received a lot of feedback on the acceleration issues and will be releasing an updated version after the jam. 

If youre talking about the chain covering a big art of the screen, you were probably not playing fullscreen which helps, but I will also try fixing the scaling in the smaller mode as well

Fun game, the art is a little rough but it works.

Competitive snake!

the controls are good, I think the enemy bullets need to be a bit slower to make dodging more possible.

and more unique weapons would be cool.

fun game, the spawn rate curve is well done and gives enough time to learn as it gets faster.

the dash could be improved a  bit, its hard to tell how far im gonna dash

and i got stuck outside the screen eventually and the enemies killed me.

I liked the idea and the implementation but it took me a while to understand what im supposed to do at first, a tutorial is needed.

has room for interesting and challenging developments

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I'm glad you enjoyed it, my record is around ~2:30, maybe not the fastest possible but had to not die at all for it.

Yeah, not much I could do about it when not having the time or skill to make the art myself and having to rely on free assets.

tried to recreate the crash but wasnt able to,

playing in full screen now and the text is readable but could still be a bit bigger.

for the first couple minutes the cannon shots werent at all where i aimed but i got synced somehow later.

fun game, but was way too easy.

only being able to move using the cannon was interesting.

reminds me a bit of

Unique idea but needs more uses of it to make it work, like having rooms you can only enter small or with a certain speed.

2 issues I had:

I almost got stuck in one of the room with doors, they just went wild and didnt let me go through.

and torch tiles dont have a hitbox

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got some impossible patterns with the circle overlapping the X or impossibly close to it.

after a few attempts I got a few points and then the amount of circles was higher than the X on average so I could just leave the line in the middle and itll rack up points.

without that oversight I think the controls are a bit too hard, I couldnt get 2 points without touching an X

didnt even get to use the power ups but with how fast paced youre intended to play it theres no time to click power ups, maybe make them passive? make the clock one decrease the rotation speed permanently a bit maybe?

fun take on a common idea, I didnt think it was hard at all, one thing id fix is that in the level with 2 joinable blocks that are adjacent, you need to grab one, step back, and step back in to grab the other. it should be grabbing both when you touch the first one.

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its weird that you have to die in order to win in the first stage

and its not clear at all you need to walk through the start game button

I like the idea, havnt seen any other submission like it, unfortunately I dont remember color combination very well.

fun game and a unique idea.

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Looks and plays nice, even if not the most original idea in this jam

my minitaur sure smashed its head against the wall a lot.

I like the idea of stealing enemies to make yourself stronger but it seems. but i just got to an endless strip of space after like 15 seconds so not sure if theres any more to it

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Cool idea but there was no indication I can pick up the circle to increase my chain, it looked like some background sprite at first, maybe some tutorial screen and making it more distinct looking? the idea of increasing the chain can be expended upon

Not a huge fun of these scrolling shoot em ups but this is a cool way to recover from taking damage.

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The controls arent explained at all so it just feels like im randomly turning dials trying to approach the target,i also dont really see how it fits the theme

Looks really good, but stage 5 seems impossible, and it doesnt even appear in the level selection menu, only 2,3,4,7,8,9 for some reason 

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Options and Credit dont do anything

the fact the robot needs eye contact from the player isnt explained

aside from those 2 issues cool game

there needs to be a keyboard button to switch between the povs

also, having control over both in both povs seems like it defeats the point of switching a little bit.

The idea of transfering power between them is unique among all these duo character games