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I really enjoyed the story and the art was awesome.

Interesting game

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I wish you could manually save but otherwise it's a fun game. Also could use a map overview.

very satisfying

This art style reminds me of the work of Magritte. It's very surrealistic and the game works well with this style 

Nice puzzles although i get frustrated easily so this just isn't a game for me

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I'm stuck on the last level and been thinking about it for hours. edit* I solved it! Shove and kill and decomposed a rat 

Love the art and the style of the game is really interesting.

I did try that but that didn't work either.

ì like the game  but my mouse is broken so  i couldnt really get past the first chapter. will try again when i get a new mouse

I'm having trouble downloading the game. Please help me out?

Played for 14 minutes but couldn't figure out how to dodge and when i tried to change control settings it got stuck

I don't really mind the slow attacks but it does make it a bit to difficult for me to finish the game since my reaction times aren't the best

I liked the game but struggled a bit with the boss fights anyway it's a fun game

Thanks for the tip. I did try that but i couldnt pick up the key is what I meant.

I like the idea of this and the story started great but I think I might have a bug of some kind? I couldn't really continue beyond the community hall. Maybe I didn't look hard enough but i couldn't find the key for the gate.

Hi guys, I'm stuck finding the mermaid tears. I found the first piece on the mermaid island but i don't know where to go next. Turtle island seems promising but I can't find the clue to get through there. Help plz