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Catherine Bevan

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Nice! The almost Limbo-esque aesthetic is presented coherently through both art and animations (and is frankly awesome), and the ghost mechanic is satisfying. Super duper polished for a 3-day jam too. 

In a perfect world, some more audio fx + spatial orientation for the wall opening sound so you can tell which wall you opened would have been fantastic additions, but it's more than understandable that you weren't able to implement that given the time restraints :)

Fantastic work!

Finally, an answer to the question "why did the cultist cross the road?".

Very fun, nice work :)

Cute! The game has a lot of character and interesting mechanics and level design to boot, overall feeling wholesome and good to play. It's also one of those games that just really gets me itching to write music for it lol.

Great work!

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the music :)

Extremely cool! Certainly the makings of a solid game here. With some pumping music, a variety of enemy types and AI's, and the progression system you had initially hoped to implement, I'd probably be stuck playing it for hours.

Nice work :)