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discovered this game on coolmathgames and thought it was really fun! i think there might be a bug though (at least on the CMG website) where from day15? 16? onwards i keep getting phone orders from the same two houses? even up to day 20? either way i'm happy i made it past day 13, where i died an honorable death multiple times whoops <3

how do we set this up? i'm not sure if anything is being set up yet, but if no one else will, i'd like to help chip in and make this a reality!

this sounds absolutely fun! excited to give this a go ✨

i'm so glad you like this, and i hope you'll have a blast making characters inspired by songs!! and hahah i LOVE that you're looking for playlists!! there's something fun about using songs you already know, but a different kind of fun lies in listening to something for the first time and directly interpreting it for characters!!

thank you so much for checking out both my game and the song!! if the tool does end up helping you, i'd love to hear about it <3

thank you for checking out muse and also the song inspiration! the artist mxmtoon is someone i look up to a lot, and i'm really happy i got to make something inspired by her music! character creation is so fun (brb looking up legacy of dragonholt bc that sounds amazing)! if my tool actually helps make characters i'd love to hear about it <3 thank you again for giving it a chance!

thank you so much again for creating this jam!! and i'm intrigued and honored by the way you said my personality shows up in the game, that's something close to my heart! i'm always a fan of mashing things up and making something new, so i'm happy that got across!

i'll check out in our wake soon, but also i love the idea and i love the amount of heart that shows up in your games! if you do make such a character i'd love to hear more about them!! i think it's true that oftentimes "heroes" leave a lot of collateral damage, or there's a lot of stakes going on, so it'd be really interesting to see how they manage to balance it! also calls to mind different philosophies in superheroes (a la captain america: civil war hahah). thank you for making this game jam and making all of this possible!!

this looks super fun!! i'm not the most familiar with queen as a band beyond like very basic stuff about freddy mercury, but this looks ridiculously entertaining. i'm really impressed! bless you for making this :3

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hiya! i've not been able to join the lucky newt jams discord - would you mind messaging me a link to the game for free? thank you! either way your game looks so cool and i hope i can try it soon! // edit: just saw the comments with the link! thank you again :3

i love the design and the concept of this game!! even though it does seem like quite a bit of learning, i think it's a well-built world that's nearly scary to think about. well done!

i'm not much of a tea drinker, but i love the premise of this game - it feels infinitely warm and cosy, and seems really easy to play as well, since it's solo + only requires a deck of cards! since the bubble tea shops i keep applying to never write back, i'll live with this instead <3

costumed Superbad with powers? this game combines so many elements i enjoy! musicians and magical instruments! also i'm really glad that this can be played solo or with several players + an optional gm. i'm going to give this a go solo, and see if i can run it for some friends! <3

i think gifs are an amazing way of conveying things, and on average i probably send at least three gifs a day on discord. this sounds hilarious and fun and i'm gonna try to convince a few discord friends to give it a go! i'm excited :3

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i'm a fan of co-op cooking games that inspire chaos and stress such as overcooked, so this sounds like a fun way to bond! i'm impressed with how you managed to convert such a specific cooking thing into a rpg where the dice rolls dictate the results of the cooking. and also bless you for introducing me to ding, fries are done! // edit: i'm watching videos of it and losing my marbles because there's this video of a teacher leading a bunch of teens into a burger king and like. directing them to sing it altogether? i can't believe it took me this long to learn of this song. thank you once again!

this was one of the reasons i felt compelled to join this game jam, because it's so lovely that music itself can be used in the mechanics of a game! i hope i get to try this out soon. thank you for making this <3

monopoly deal on steroids? count me in! also i think child me would've benefited from this haha, seeing as i always would go into a store and be like... i want it all! (rest assured my parents did not give in and just taught me to imagine having it all instead) (maybe i can blame sharpay evans from high school musical for the "i want it all" mindset hmmmm /j)

*texts everyone i know to (safely of course, under covid guidelines) come hang out with me so we can try this hilarious party card game* i LOVE the sentiment of this, because sometimes we really do need to hype ourselves up to even do the simplest things. yes sometimes chores suck but they suck less with people, or they suck less if you try to see some good in it!

hi beth!! i might late-submit something as well - there's this solo game about being in the same space as someone no longer in your life that is stuck in my head, and if i can get it out quickly enough, i'll definitely submit it! also again this game looks so funny and warm and promising, i really hope i get to try it out soon!

i LOVE rolling dice and i wish i had more dice to roll!! more than once i've been stopped by a gm during a session, because "cat you're rolling the dice really loudly in this cafe" or something. i'm a cat i don't take instructions! /j 

but anyway this just looks ridiculously fun. beth how do you even come up with these? i need to get me more friends who play ttrpgs because i need to give this a go. bless your soul beth!

i love that this game is about life's changes. there's a very profound feeling sitting in my gut just upon reading. even though i don't quite understand the game exactly, i think it fulfils an important need. thank you.

i'm not familiar with prog rock as a genre, but this game just sounds really fun. i'm a little obsessed with the distinctions between loud dice and awesome dice, as well as just all the mechanics. i can't wait to play this!

i'm listening to the album you recommended as i type this, and i just want to say next stop: dawn is so visually pleasing and comforting, and the premise sounds super intriguing! i also checked out arunika, and i love the whole concept of finding hope amid dark times. thank you for making this!

this game seems absolutely incredible - i love that the idea is so connected to the song, and i love that music is a core part of the gameplay!! fingers crossed i can find someone to play this with because i'm in love <3

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this looks so fun! i've never even thought of a complex kind of memory card game, so this is very intriguing to me. i'll see when i can get this printed and give it a go! <3

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hiya! sorry for the message, but could you possibly make this game free for the rating period? thank you! // edit: sorry i just saw you had community copies, sorry! if it's okay with you i'll grab a community copy. bless you and have a lovely day!

i haven't played this yet, but i took a look at the list of secret sins and i almost cried. i just know this game is going to destroy me in the best way. thank you.

Like I said in the title, I’m really not sure if I can join. You see, I’ve never made any TTRPGs before, and I’d never even considered a game jam up until recently I took part in one that was more focused on computer/video games. I stumbled upon this jam and I thought it seemed absolutely wonderful 🥺

Currently I have a few ideas, but I’m not sure how well they’re going to translate to a game, nor am I sure if it’s going to be good enough to be considered. The idea I’ve brainstormed/worked on the most is a flexible game/tool that uses music to develop a character, that could be used in any other game or even just a story. 

Do you reckon I’d be able to make such a game with like only a day left? And are there any requirements or expectations as to what the game should look like? Thank you in advance! 💜

this game has been absolutely gorgeous and heartwrenching and perfect. thank you for making this and reaching into parts of my heart i thought had lain dormant. the art is beautiful, the music is soft and wonderful, and my heart hurts in a delicate way. thank you thank you thank you for making this. i am august and i am may and i am feeling everything. thank you.