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Cat Austin-Hawkins

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Thank you!! To be honest I completely forgot about sound until it was too late unfortunately 

thank you :)

Thank you! :)

the star background is so so cute - would make an awesome wallpaper background

Great game !! :)

Thank you! Ah, thank you for telling me :)

omg thats such a good idea!! thank you :)

Hell yeah !!! Very fun, I really enjoyed playing :) Love the art as well

Wow! That was tense :) Very nice, I only managed to get a high score of 10k on my second run. I enjoyed the challenge :)

Thank you!! :)

Nice!! I very much enjoyed kicking the ball around, and I quite like the animations! :)

I got 85% accuracy!! Nice, I quite like the game idea and it was the right amount of challenging for me :)

I lasted til level 22!! Nice game, I enjoyed playing :)

I got 79 money!! Nice game :)

Nice!! Very unique idea, and I quite enjoyed the challenge :) Also great audio, 10/10

Nice!! My high score is 57 :) Very good for the development timeframe !! and a good test of reflexes :)

omg so cool!!! Very innovative idea, I really enjoyed playing :)

Nice!! Really good for the timeframe. Love the art style :)

Very nice!!! Really reminded me of old flash games I used to play, quite nostalgic. 

Very nice!! I quite enjoyed playing :) I recommend adding the controls to your game page though - It took a lot of trial and error to find out water and lava can be spawned using 1 and 2.

I love it!! Very good game :) 

Oh no! Thank you for telling me

Thank you!! I love your username

Nice game!! I love the art so much :)

(1 edit)

also i like your pfp Wampy!!

I love the art !! the style is amazing, and the game was quite nice to play :)

Thank you !! :)

mmm coffee! Nice game - only advice I have would be to make the water and coffee assets bigger so they are more visible - and doubly so the coffee provides more of a threat. I also like your pixel art :)

I got to the exit! Nice game :) I liked the asset choices and the music - created a nice atmosphere. 

Nice! I like the idea - very unique :) I found the controls took me a couple minutes to get used to (though - could be just me), but other than that its a very good game!

Yay I got my plant to survive! Very nice game, I quite liked the graphics. Game felt polished as well, really good for your development time.

Amazing! Really well polished and nice to play. I loved the heartbeat and the rush it causes, it really adds to the immersion of the game and makes the game a really fun experience! 

oh no! i haven't experienced that on my end :(

Nice !! I agree with the previous commentator as well. 

very epic !!

best 40 minutes of my life

yippe yippee yipee yipee yipee

epic !!

thank you :)

thank you :) I completely looked over/forget about that error, thank you for pointing it out :)