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Ah, you have to extract the files first. Its compressed. I personally use 7zip, but you might need to search for an alternative for Mac.

I've been tols the linux version will run on mac. You'll need to be able to run the .jar file.

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Patched the perk bug in Alpha 4.4. Thanks for reporting the issue my friend.

You're not the only one,  reference this, if could. I put out another patch just now however, and if it works for you can you let me know?

Thanks, I'll check it out. However there is no use for brood mother 3 yet as a perk.

Shit, didn't realize one was going on, god it is starting so soon. Is the end date final as well?

Thanks for the feed back, the combat wasn't supposed to hang up. I'll work on it a bit more.

The 0 damage is a result of the player having no energy left. Waiting/ or defending restores energy between turns.
I'll try to add some more ques that the player is tired. Maybe I'll hide the aggressive actions all together if the player has 0 energy.

Okay! The new screen shot with the button layout explained everything just fine.
The fight seemed a bit easy, you could probably get away with making it a bit harder. At least hard enough so that someone whose never played it before might lose.

Also I'd suggest having any of the special scenes, take [press any key to continue] for simplicity.

Had about 15-20 minutes gameplay, before I think I encountered everything. It's just the 4 mobs right?

Some torches/ shadows would go a long way in the tavern. I would love to see the experience in the hud.I wasn't sure what jumping into the hole at the end does, or even if that was the end. Maybe for a sense of direction, each floor could have a key and the last door of the floor can have a lock on it.

This is a great idea man. I'd suggest in the window prompt, when the user searches for something, give them a couple chances before just giving them the default card. Something along the lines "You searched for ____, ____, 3 images were found, do you want to continue? (or do you want to try searching something else)"

I was expecting the cards to cascade out for winning.
I don't know the size of the images the game downloads, but a card viewer/ inspection would be cool for won games, maybe the user could double click a card, and it shows a full screen version of it.

The music and everything works for the intro, but when I get to the first picture with the guitar and the woman standing, after the text prints out, the game locks up. Or there is no evident way to get past it.

June 14th 2017, Change Log Game Changes:  

Player party sized increased to 4. New party system that allows addition and removal of party members. New maps and events  

New Audio: Intro + theme. Gui Sounds.

New Cosmetics:  

Bra: Wrap Bottoms: Adventure Skirt, and Compression Shorts, latex bottoms Footwear: Leather Adventure Boots Tops: Adventure Tunic, Sleeveless Turtleneck, and Maid Top. Hair: Wild Short Cut, and Mohawk  

New Party Members: Drone – Robot Buddy Leyak – Flying Tentacle Monster  

New Enemies:  

Lacerta – Monster Girl, female variant of Komodo.
Gorgon – Monster Guy, male variant of Lamia.
Drone – Robit.
Rover – Robit.  

GUI changes:

Started replacing menus with new GUI  

Combat Changes: Return of basic flee mechanics.

New Animations:
Leyak x Female Variant.
Leyak x Futa.
Leyak x Lamia.
Drone x Female.
Gorgon x Female.
Female x Gorgon.
Male X Lamia
Komodo X Female
Komodo X Female
Lamia X Male
Rover X Female
Rover X Female

March 9th, 2017 Changelog


Game Changes:

New mob, a female bandit.

Can now fight multiple enemy type at once.

New enemy behaviors in combat. Enemy spawns have been altered to compliment new behavior.

Art changes:

New Portraits (5)

New female bandit sprite, female downed sprite.

Lewd animations are now layered, split into front row, and back row.


Throw/Pin combat option [Was included in an hotfix]

Mobs now properly disrobe before conducting lewd.


Cleaned up pause menu, and character create screens.


Shuffle button added to Character Create.

New camo pants, armor, tShirt, short hair cut, briefs, heart panties, sports bra, and socks.


New (1) Female X Female animation

New (2) Male X Female animation

Very Odd. Well, either way I'm glad you got to try it! I was about to suggest reinstalling it because it sounded too messed up, as if it was a corrupt download. Thanks for coming back and telling me. I was just bug hunting.

Hello thanks for the report, I haven't heard anything so game breaking since this patch has been out...
I ended up coming across --1 crash causing bug that was in the previous build but it took certain steps to produce. Specifically you needed to sexually attack an enemy, and have another enemy try to target the particular mob you're already committed to, but nothing that sounds like 3 different causes one after each other.

Can you be more specific about when it crashed? Was it at the summary screen, or during the combat screen? Were the animations playing?

(1 edit) Change Log February 20/2017

Icons and Events
Player Icons now change shirt color to match Avatars.
Player Icons have been added to pause menu/ summary screen, for entire Party.
Event System now shows Player Icon, and an Event Icon during notifications.
Cosmetics/Character Creation

2 new Hair styles, sneakers, jeans, hoodie, Tshirt, fancy undergarments, and socks.
Color options buttons are no longer visible in the create menu when no clothing is equipped.

Bug Fixes
Going off the map no longer crashes the game. (Teleports the player home.)
Defense combat action now defends properly.
Fixed waistbands on cargo pant sprites.
Fixed area scanning for enemy party size.
Fixed the player sprite walking in place when standing still.

Combat Changes
Party member's energy now fully restores in between battles.
Player and party member's are slightly stronger.
Maximum enemy party size increased to 4.

Map Changes
Monsters in travel mode can now patrol areas, or be stationary.
New maps to compliment new enemy behavior.

Pause Menu
Party member Icons are now clickable, to view party member stats.

New Leyak

New Leyak X Female (1),
New Female X Komodo(1) Alternate
Players can now hover mouse of animations to increase size.

Hello KazMire, can you tell me a little about your system?
Have you read ?
In there is a link to download the latest version of java. Thats the first thing I recommend checking. Change Log January 19/2017~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Note: This is part of a series of planned smaller updates which will try to introduce new Art Assets as they are produced.

Menu UI:
Create Character Screen has new options.
Cosmetic System:
New cosmetic slot system in place, with [25] slots for different layers of clothing. From tattoos to armor.
-New Cosmetics: Track Jacket, Short Pants, Pony Tail, Converse, Thong, Bra , and Yoga Pants
Combat Changes:
Enemies will now strip before starting lewd against the player.
-Enemies will now rest once knocked down to reserve energy so they can successfully stand.
-Fixed Lamia, and Infected Futa facing wrong direction.
-Fixed Crash when fighting bandits.(Was previously hotfixed)
Art Changes:
-New Komodo Nude Sprite
-New Komodo Down Sprite
-New Animation for Komodo

Update CastleRock - Jan 13 2017
New Avatar/Icon System:
The original icon/cosplay system is being replaced with a custom avatar/icon system. First off- there is a new forward facing base sprite for the player character, and the down sprite will now wear clothing as well. The Icon, (player portrait), is now independent from the costume you choose, and currently tries to match the hair/ skin color of your avatar. The new shader system, will color each item, across each pose.

New Shader:
There is now a palette shader system in place that allows a lot of flexibility in player customization. There are a lot of testing to be done still with color palettes, but there are a lot to choose from at this time, and the options will improve over time.

New Enemy: Komodo (Lizard Man)
New enemy, with 1 New animation.

Combat Changes:
The strip command removes a set number of clothing, instead of all of it.
There is a knock back to the sprites when they receive combat damage.
Players can now press spacebar, to quickly pass through the combat messages [next].
The original cosplays have been removed. They need to be converted to work with the new avatar system, and will trickle in with updates. Now that the big ticket items have been introduced, expect a couple of smaller more regular updates including content.

Thanks for the report, can you tell me what you're doing when the game crashes. I understand you can't quite bug test, as far as I know the only crash to desktop that can be caused is going out of map bounds. I'm aware of one map exit/ entrance that can be walked past if you hug the wall.

A save mechanic is absolutely planned, I just have a couple other things to implement before hand, so you actually have a character worth saving. Change Log December 12/2016~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Game Changes
    • New Maps for Travel mode
    • Getting K.O. now returns player home
    • New Enemy; Khorkhoi, a tunnel snake.
  • Event/ Notification System
    • Basic system to pause game and pass player messages, for level up, eggs, and K.O.
  • Combat Changes
    • Bonus hit, no longer deals instant K.O. instead deals crit hit of 75 damage
    • Infected Mob now has standing/down positions
  • Art Changes
    • New standing Infected sprite by BoxMan :
  • New Animations
    • 1 new Animation (BloatBug X Infected)
    • 2 new Animations (KhorkHoi X Female) Change Log November 19/2016 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Mob PathFinding
    • Mobs patrol zones, and track player in new ways.
    • Will chase player for some distance before returning to spawn area.
    • PreCombat now scans local area to determine enemy party size
  • Combat Changes
    • Player now gains party member from eggs
    • Player can now rape Bandit
  • Art Changes:
    • New down sprite for bandit.
  • New Animations:
    • BloatBug Eggs
    • Female-Male Riding
  • New Cosplay:/X/tan In spirit of the 4chan winterball

    • Lewd Manager:
      • New Lewd Handler System, loads loops relative to sprite position on screen, and they stack.
      • LewdLogic system, checks to see which orifices are currently in use, and who is using it.
    • Combat Changes
      • Player now has a party member.
      • Player can now rape enemies(Only Lamia at this time.)
      • If a monster can be downed, it can be raped. (Only Lamia at this time.)
      • Rape attempts- target energy instead of health.
      • Start of "Bonus" Climax system, 'finishing' will finish off the enemy.
    • Art Changes:
      • New combat background(still wip)
      • New map tile palette (less orange)
      • New BloatBug party member sprite, new Lamia downed sprite.
    • New Animations:
      • Female-Lamia
      • BloatBug- Lamia
    • UI Changes:
      • More work on Character create screen, Removed roll function.
    • New Cosplay:

    It may be when the mob is killed from it. I'll try and recreate it thank you.
    Thank you, certain mobs are supposed to fight each other, I may have to adjust their health.

    CastleRock community · Created a new topic Bug Reporting
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    Known Bugs:

    ^Player loses some clothing when being knocked down. (There are some clothing items whose "downed" sprite is not created yet.)
    ^Collision detection with walls isn't consistant. (The map system will be completely overhauled in 0.0.2.XX, this will not be resolved until then.)
    ^Leaving Pause Menu / Combat Screen will unalign camera when near map border.
    ^Text displays, "PartyMember escaped", but does no such thing after bonus hit.(It's not supposed to try and escape, the text just displays.

    Not Bugs:
    -Experience is rewarded win or lose, the level system at this time is place holder.

    ^Some Map Exits are improperly aligned, walking off map screen cause crash[fixed]
    Breaking free during lewd scene with 1v2 bandits stops one animation from playing.
    Going Off screen crashes the game.[Now teleports player home]

    Feel free to tell me what else doesn't work.

    CastleRock community · Created a new topic Change Logs
    (2 edits)

    • Combat Changes:
      • Buttons now display better text given player status.
      • While energy ratio determined resistance to lewd attempts, low health can now lead to falling down.
      • Having 0 hp, results in a K.O. Which auto skips the player turn.
      • Player can now stand, and break free from lewds.
      • Resting now restores much more energy, Universal damage Increased, Mobs slightly weaker.
      • Armor deflects some damage (Enemy armor too!)
      • If Enemy has armor, they are now strip-able. (Bandit Only)
    • Art Changes:
      • New Cosplay: Rock Girl
      • New Sprite: Shirtless Bandit
    • UI Changes:
      • Start of new character create screen, (solely function at the moment)
      • summary screen now displays player portraits, still place holder

    Absolutely, this is going to be an on going project. I have big plans.

    All right the new executable should do the trick. I made a sticky with more info.

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    Hello the first couple iterations were of the ".jar" file type. The current and future updates are now ".exe" for ease of access. While the .jar type works most of time for users with java already installed on their pc, the .exe type should work just fine for windows users.

    On launch, the executable will check the current java version, and if the user doesn't meet the version requirement, a message will prompt stating just that. It will then attempt to open a url to the java website to download the latest version. After java is up to date, relaunch the CastleRock.exe file, and you should be good to go.

    If you have any other launch issues, please mention them here.

    All right, done, let me know if that doesn't work for you.

    Thanks, I'm working on fixing somethings that didn't get ironed out in time for the lewd jam. The next update will have the .jar wrapped in an .exe. That should do the trick.

    You were able to find the file on the page correct? The CastleRock-Stable-Alpha-

    Thats the only file you need, if you're on windows, it should just work.