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A jam entry

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Lewd Dungeon Crawler
Submitted by mminit with 15 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline

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Hi! I've been trying to make a similar player movement with C# but nothing is working, can some one ask me how I can make it ?

Impressive gameplay depth! Lewdest Labyrinth is the final and longest-covered lewdjam game in my video about it:

I really like where this one's going, I hope you manage to finish it. :D


I played the demo. This is one of the well polished alphas submitted. I like the game's concept and the cute MC. Also dungeon crawlers are one of the team's favorite game genres. You got something pretty unique, fun, and lewd here; we hope to see more from you! (uwu)

One critique is that hopefully you can give the player the option to run from battle as they can get tedious.


really nice game, I hope you will work more on it :)

Really like this game! Hope to see more progress on it, would like to see a map option perhaps as a transparent overlay while exploring. Would also like the option to increase the battle speed. Other than that it's a solid title so far.

I really like it! The gameplay is very fun and original for this sort of game, and the art looks great.

Some ideas for future development:

  • Defensive stance and passive regeneration are a bit too good. Lower numbers on the passive regen and limited access to strong attacks while on defense would help balance them out.
  • The encounter rate could decrease every time an enemy is slain in a given area. This will help reduce both player fatigue when lost and over-grinding.
  • A map feature would be great. Alternatively you can place a second camera in the scene with a top-down perspective to act as a mini-map.
  • If you want to try randomizing the dungeon at all, I've made a very similar Unity project in the past that had the floor, features, monsters and treasure dynamically generated. I can share the C# code if you'd like.

I like the art style and character design. Also wondering what happens if it pulls the sword out. It's fun to play so thank you :)


Thanks for the feedback!

  • There are the 4 mobs and a boss.
  • Torches are a great idea, they would definitely add atmosphere.
  • The hole is used to escape the trap if you don't want to get grabbed by it again or lack the item to protect yourself.
  • The last door being locked is also a good idea, that way people can be sure it's the correct path.

Thanks so much for the suggestions!


Had about 15-20 minutes gameplay, before I think I encountered everything. It's just the 4 mobs right?

Some torches/ shadows would go a long way in the tavern. I would love to see the experience in the hud.I wasn't sure what jumping into the hole at the end does, or even if that was the end. Maybe for a sense of direction, each floor could have a key and the last door of the floor can have a lock on it.