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Waifu Solitaire - Lewd EditionView game page

A lewd solitaire game for AGDG Lewd Jam that makes cards out of pictures of you're waifu. Also supports husbandos.
Submitted by cwdogflip — 3 days, 7 hours before the deadline
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This is a great game! The only flaw I found is that some of the pictures can't be displayed entirely because the game isn't in fullscreen

Would it ever be reasonable for you to add a few other sites that the game searches for images. Sankaku Complex and Danbooru might allow the game to get a more thorough image set.


That's a good idea but there are some issues that prevent it from being practical. Danbooru and Sankaku Complex have a limit to the number of tags you can use at once (2 and 4, respectively). It takes more than that just to weed out unsuitable file formats, sort by popularity, etc. Even if that were solved, there'd still be the issue of duplicates, which is a solvable problem but would take quite a bit more effort than I'd like to invest at this point as I'm not really actively developing the project anymore. Sorry orz.

Fair enough. Thanks anyways and thanks for replying. Have a nice day. :)


This is a great idea man. I'd suggest in the window prompt, when the user searches for something, give them a couple chances before just giving them the default card. Something along the lines "You searched for ____, ____, 3 images were found, do you want to continue? (or do you want to try searching something else)"

I was expecting the cards to cascade out for winning.
I don't know the size of the images the game downloads, but a card viewer/ inspection would be cool for won games, maybe the user could double click a card, and it shows a full screen version of it.


v1.2.0 fixed some minor bugs and added the generic red card. I left v1.1.0 available in case you don't like the red card.



As of v1.1.0 it crops images instead of stretching/squishing them.



Thanks for playing my dumb meme game and especially thanks for giving feedback. A lot of things you point out are things I noticed too but wouldn't have had time to fix before the jam ends. I'd like to revisit the game afterward though and get them right.

  • I wanted to do that originally but couldn't make it work well enough because of my inexperience with pygame and python in general. I think I could make it work now, if I had the time.
  • Agreed, I'll experiment with that.
  • I tried that for a bit but the red waifu didn't look good on the card, I'll play around with darker reds in the future.
  • There are some limitations for this both on my end and on gelbooru's but I may be able to provide a list of tags similar to the input name and ask the player which they meant.

Thanks again.

Cute idea, okay execution. This review is going to be all criticism, because this is an idea where a lot of the value comes from thinking about the idea, saying "wouldn't this be cool", and once you make the idea, it's just work to get it finished. I guess it's a meme game? Again, really good idea but your execution has a few flaws

  • Dragon drop for the cards would have been nice.
  • Cropping the images instead of stretching could have looked better.
  • When using the default waifu, you could color the waifu based on the suit.
  • The gelbooru results were a little weird. I tried "rei", and no results. But searching "ayanami rei" (which I had to go to gelbooru to find) found a billion, as expected. You might not be able to do anything about that on your end.