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A jam entry

Waifu Solitaire - Lewd EditionView game page »

A lewd solitaire game for AGDG Lewd Jam that makes cards out of pictures of you're waifu. Also supports husbandos.
Submitted by cwdogflip with 3 days, 7 hours before the deadline


This is a great idea man. I'd suggest in the window prompt, when the user searches for something, give them a couple chances before just giving them the default card. Something along the lines "You searched for ____, ____, 3 images were found, do you want to continue? (or do you want to try searching something else)"

I was expecting the cards to cascade out for winning.
I don't know the size of the images the game downloads, but a card viewer/ inspection would be cool for won games, maybe the user could double click a card, and it shows a full screen version of it.

v1.2.0 fixed some minor bugs and added the generic red card. I left v1.1.0 available in case you don't like the red card.

gogem · 238 days ago


As of v1.1.0 it crops images instead of stretching/squishing them.


Thanks for playing my dumb meme game and especially thanks for giving feedback. A lot of things you point out are things I noticed too but wouldn't have had time to fix before the jam ends. I'd like to revisit the game afterward though and get them right.

  • I wanted to do that originally but couldn't make it work well enough because of my inexperience with pygame and python in general. I think I could make it work now, if I had the time.
  • Agreed, I'll experiment with that.
  • I tried that for a bit but the red waifu didn't look good on the card, I'll play around with darker reds in the future.
  • There are some limitations for this both on my end and on gelbooru's but I may be able to provide a list of tags similar to the input name and ask the player which they meant.

Thanks again.

snekdev · 240 days ago

Cute idea, okay execution. This review is going to be all criticism, because this is an idea where a lot of the value comes from thinking about the idea, saying "wouldn't this be cool", and once you make the idea, it's just work to get it finished. I guess it's a meme game? Again, really good idea but your execution has a few flaws

  • Dragon drop for the cards would have been nice.
  • Cropping the images instead of stretching could have looked better.
  • When using the default waifu, you could color the waifu based on the suit.
  • The gelbooru results were a little weird. I tried "rei", and no results. But searching "ayanami rei" (which I had to go to gelbooru to find) found a billion, as expected. You might not be able to do anything about that on your end.

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