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yup, FF7 is probably my favorite game ever. I wonder how many people will get the references

You can’t force the other player to move, but you can enter combat mode by pressing either space or left mouse (I believe, not sure as I made this game weeks ago). When the other player runs into you they will lose health and once a player has no health they die

well if you want to play on Windows I would suggest downloading Win, if you’re on OSX download that one and if you are on Linux than check if you are on x64 or arm and download the corresponding one

You can also download the framework dependent one but then you also need the .Net framework stuff

sir edwond from nanner is quite an excellent old lad

pretty good game

alright just patched it so if you redownload it should work

great game!

this game is an absolute masterpiece, I love the artstyle and the combat, while not very deep, is fun enough and with more depth and more content this could be a great small commercial game

you open the application, by the file thingy you select choose rom, go to the folder and select, choose wisely because you won’t beable to redownload


quite excellent!

pretty fun game

is it just me or is this game so hard! I really like it!

I’ll add one with an emulator for Linux (and maybe Mac) today, when I uploaded it it was like ~23:00 for me

on the first one, i tried to make the music a bit chill because Maria and friends go on vacation. on your second point, well this might sound weird, but in my country cars don't run but they drive, maybe that's just the Netherlands but idk. for reals i get where you are coming from but i just tried to make a very simple endless runner so it was a lot easier to just make these controls than to study cars for a few hours. 

anyways, thanks for the feedback and that you played the game! i will now update the game because i accidently left the project name in i used before i started thinking about "hey, wouldn't it be fun if it was in the Marry Maria universe?"

really good game, i love the story and characters (especially Diego)

great game! very high quality for a GB studio game, time to play it on my RP2!

sorry! i forgot to note the controls! you move the crosshair with arrow keys and press Z to interact

this was almost the same as my timeline, but I purposely didn’t include the steam edition because I don’t know enough of it.

But your guess that the steam version is on the end has a flaw I believe. In 2D you fight with almost the same people as the human enemies from the steam edition. And if they already have some robots in the steam version and Dani doesn’t replace them all with humans, that could maybe mean it takes place before 3D itch edition. 

And then we need to kinda make a choice, include or exclude the 3D itch edition, or (this is my personal theory) 3D itch comes at the end. He is captured at the end of milkman, but this time just by robots. 

So yeah, including Steam edition with would change the whole timeline, and it isn’t even finished yet! So maybe in steam we will fight a dragon without explanation!

this is a really good game! you should really make this a bigger game with some more polish and more levels!

this is so dang hard to control!!! (not in a negative sense tho)

nice game, the only thing i don't really like is how big the player characters are. but that is more of a personal thing

first of all, thanks for the feedback.

second, i think you didn't get the point of the game. the goal is to pump the numbers up,.. and with that i don't mean only exp and progress of your project but also, of your stress. it resembles the struggle and stress of being a developer. and if you pump your numbers high enough, the theme will kick in. it may be not as good as others took the theme (i already acknowledged that) but it atleast makes a ending that uses the theme of the jam.

third, this is just a prototype, so if it would be a proper game you would definetly have to unlock the programming languages and projects. but this is just a prototype so it isn't meant to be a fullblown game with a lot of stuff.

i hope this will explain a few things about the game, and maybe you don't find it any beter. but atleast you now have a better understanding of my reasoning with this game

nicely made but the idea just isn't that original

don't find the gameplay that enjoyable, but the other stuff looks nice!

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don't find it that special

i understand that it can be pretty slow, but the theme is Relax so i can't do that much on it