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Good to know!
A two way editor would be way more beneficial than trying to work around a one way import.

That work around works perfectly fine with me. Probably better than trying to take the easy way out and purely using an editor to help me get more familiar with the code.

Thanks Chris!

Good morning all!

I read an article that mentions that Adventuron has the ability to import Trizbort files, but when I attempt to import the map file it gives me an error , "Bad import file. Does the file from Trizbort need to be exported in a certain file format or need some basic information set up in it first before Adventuron till import it?

Hello all! My name is Cas!
I've had an interest in text games for awhile and I'm looking forward for a chance to develop a text based based adventure game and work on my writing skills!

That helps a lot! Thank you!
Using that as the rule opens up the games to be a bit more complex in terms of story telling. I was thinking that with the children rule in there that story would need to be simple enough for younger ages.

Part of the requirements for the jam mention that the games will be played by children. Is there a rough age group that we should use as a rule of thumb? (6+, 8+, 10+, etc?)


The camera was the toughest thing for me to do. And it was mainly due to Godot not having an easy way for the camera to detect collisions. So it would constantly clip through the wall and be awkward to deal with. And I do agree that we should have had a better way to explain the mechanics and controls to the player. It was a great learning experience and stepping stone into the next projects.

This is probably the biggest regret I have with the game. I had the dates wrong for the game, so I thought I had an extra day or two to fine tune the mechanics and do a better way of introducing the player on what to do. But for my first real game, it turned out okay.

I'm assuming since this is a Game Jam, we should be making story centric games.