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there isn't any sound. it isn't finished.

it's literally an alpha build. it isn't finished

Yes, but people online chastise me so heavily for that behavior it ends up feeling like I'm the odd one out for acting that way. (In reality though, it's probably just because I feel the need to publicly state when I'm swapping projects-- Most creators seem to just silently drop things without updating them)

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That's interesting, the story in Tailbound, while being one of the more fun aspects for me to work on, isn't something I've focused on too much. A lot of it is just a reflection of how I feel about making porn, and how I feel about people who take it all too seriously, so (while not explicitly in Classic) a lot of the motives and repercussions come naturally to me for this project.

I don't really consider myself much of a writer, but it's something I'm glad about when people comment on. For what it's worth, I mostly like to focus my writing efforts on my comics, where I try to put more thought towards the characters and themes of my stories. Of course, I've been trying to make comics ever since I started drawing, so maybe that's rubbed off on Tailbound, idk.

[Also to elaborate a little further, I've been brainstorming and writing a new comic over the past month or so, and it's plot is coming almost as naturally as Tailbound's did. I probably won't start drawing pages for it at least until Tailbound is done, but if you're legit interested in that sort of stuff I might post about it in my Discord server]

that's why i'm remaking the game to play like thirstchasm but actually good

to clarify, when i say tailbound (classic) is bad, i mainly mean its a bad sequel to thirstchasm, since it doesnt build on thirstchasm really at all.

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no, i'm only posting updates in my discord server until the game is done. (because there aren't going to be any updates major enough to warrant posting here until then)

if you're wondering about the release date specifically, thats definitely being pushed back a couple months due to current circumstances in my personal life that i'd rather not publish here.

will isn't even in the game, and last time i checked keith has tan fur and zero snout so i'm not sure which character you're talking about

it should run fine on wine

thanks for the kind words -- though i don't plan on doing moontide anymore (at least, not as a game) since it's scope is way more than one person can feesibly handle lol

well to tell you the truth, i don't like doing these kinds of games, so after tailbound is finished then that's it. i'm more interested in doing comics (like my current side-project) so i wouldn't recommend subbing to the patreon...

I didn't enjoy the "classic" iteration of the game, since it's too slow paced and boring to design for. I've still been keeping ideas for a re-work on the backburner, but it'll have to wait until Moontide is released.

the code is 9053. its a reference to my old discord id until i changed it.

That's due to the game's engine producing wildly inconsistent results from pc to pc. They're bugs I can't necessarily fix myself, which is one of the biggest reasons I stopped working on the game.

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I don't necessarily understand the point of having a NSFW card game, when the rest of the game doesn't really benefit from its existence. Feels like a sort of afterthought, or an idea shoehorned in, in order to appeal more to furries and drive ratings/downloads.

Anyway, the concept of building your own empire/city with Rust-styled gameplay is pretty interesting in its own right. I can tell you're a fan of games like AoE and such, but of course you don't get to build things hands-on in those games. If this gets developed further I could see it becoming really fun, but I'm sort of iffy on the NSFW porn aspect as that'll severely limit the game's overall audience. Either way, good luck!

the secret behind the door is only a personal thing that i did for myself, and it's for fans of my artwork. it's an incredibly easy combination to figure out, since it's listed somewhere on my fa (and anyone who's ever commissioned me has had to have written it at one point)

the answer isnt in the game itself... like i said, the numbers are technically in the game but theyre unintentionally there.

the numbers are hiding in plain sight.

NPCs do put the item on the ground next to you, but due to the ""invisible item"" bug (aka items appearing below foreground tilesets) it's unnoticeable

*they're talking about the trapdoor in the dealers den, not the trapdoor for the electrical room puzzle lol

and no, the trapdoor in the dealers den is only there for show atm. sorry!

commissions? do you just mean the drawings? (implying i had any money to spend on this game's development lol)

but yeah, almost everything related to NPCs is incredibly buggy. you aren't really supposed to do that much with them atm outside of being corruptor fodder, so i haven't really tested them extensively.

the game's code is almost completely spaghetti right now, since i haven't used game maker since i was like, 13 or 14, so it's been taking some getting used to. (it doesn't help that gms2 doesn't allow you to structure code or use arrays like a normal functional human being) i think the game will probably just need a major re-write when it comes to NPCs and interactable objects/items/etc... if i continue it, at least. since this sort of stuff isn't really fixable in a quick hotfix

the trapdoor is the only non-interactable thing in the demo atm, it's only there to serve as a teaser for the next area of the game. but yes, alex is in the game as a more personal secret, and you're right about him being behind the 4-digit door. the digits you need are technically told to you in the game, but that's more of a coincidence lol.

im pretty sure that bug is fixed in the hotfix (v002) but please tell me if it isn't! i don't know what else could possibly make it not work

thank you for informing me of that! i could've sworn i toggled him to be non-interactable, but i guess not lol