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I'm only good at making NSFW games because I want to make SFW games. If it weren't for that, then my NSFW projects would be the same as everyone else's - Glorified unfinished porn galleries with vague "interactive" elements and a giant Patreon ad shoehorned in.

Sex sounds are cringe.

All of the .ini files are now .tbs files, and I have no idea why a readme would be stored in appdata. But it sounds like the same issue, so wiping your configs (if you can find them) should help.

FWIW, when it comes to finding specific files on Windows I use a program called "everything", I forget where I downloaded it from but it does a lot better of a job searching for files than the Window's search bar does.

There was in Tailbound Classic, but not in the final game. I did program it in a way however that you can watch the animation loops after the text is done, since after the text goes away you have to press the Z key again to trigger the cum animation. If you don't, it just loops the animation until you do.

Steam wouldn't let me because their platform is wonderful.

You're right, it's never been officially stated in any easily-accessible capacity that I've quit drawing NSFW - and even then, to say I've totally quit is a bit of a lie considering I still doodle it occasionally. The closest example I can think of recently was the original thank-you note included with TB: Deluxe Extras where I stated I was changing my name and working on Gunwhale.

However, in 2020 when I was working on Moontide it was very clear both on my Twitter and Patreon that I wanted to move away from NSFW, and that Moontide was my attempt at a big SFW game. (This can still be seen in the old gamedev-tagged posts on my Patreon) I thought I made it clear when picking Tailbound back up that after it was done, I'd stop working on porn and go back to doing comics (which I have), but it looks like the most I really said was that I wanted to do comics, I didn't mention they'd be SFW. (Like in this post)

But yeah. Tailbound is meant to be my last foray into big NSFW projects, and probably game development in general. I didn't enjoy drawing porn to make a living, and drawing the porn scenes for Tailbound was the most aggravating part of the game's development for me. I enjoy drawing porn for myself and doing fetishes most people don't like tackling, and if people want to commission things in that vein they can, but so far no one has after Tailbound's release. Likely due to the fact that active porn artists who are out there bussin bussin about being horny and drawing nothing but porn are a dime a dozen, plus my art style is geared towards comics, not porn. (A lot of complaints about Tailbound's sex scenes relate to that) As far as NSFW goes, I pretty much peaked with it in 2019 when I was hardcore ballsweating at it, and first started Tailbound. In 2020 I chilled out and focused on Moontide, so my porn started shifting what I actually like instead of what actually sells. I don't know if what I make now is better or worse than what I had going in 2019, all I know is that I enjoy making it more.

Keyword: Was

There isn't a Tailbound discord though?

I'm not planning on steam extras because I really don't have the time for it, even uploading it to Steam has taken more time than I've wanted to spend on this so far because of how asinine Steam's upload process is.

I'm trying to get Deluxe Extras available as a DLC, but so far they've made me remove Thirstchasm and set Tailbound: Classic to a separate launch option, so it's definitely not as simple and clear cut as the original version.

Thirstchasm is way too unfinished to post to steam, and apparently they don't like that it has an link in the title menu, so I couldn't upload it even if I wanted to. The soundtrack won't be available because it keeps corrupting itself on Steam's backend for some reason.


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Go to C:\Users\[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Tailbound. Does the file labelled permanentOLD.ini exist? If not, that means your permanent.ini file from the previous builds is missing. If it IS there, then I'm really not sure what went wrong, unless you somehow cleared the file and regenerated it when re-opening the game.

The new area isn't visible on the map, but it's connected to this room:

r u deaf

I can personally send out keys to those who email me for them, I just don't want to send them out en masse.

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Thanks for your encouragement, but I really don't feel like making games is what's right for me anymore - especially after these two games. (And Moontide) If it was easier to organize a real team and get real playtesters, then maybe I'd give it another shot with a non-erotic project, but I don't feel that'll ever happen for me.

Not really. Itch adds on "transfer fees" that always suspiciously make the overall cut to them ~20%-30%, despite the default cut being 10%. And I'm not the type of person to give the platform hosting my work (and many others, typically for free) zilch.

I literally made a post about this yesterday:

Tailbound "Classic" is the original demo released in 2019. Originally, the game was going to be a 2D Resident Evil clone that focused mostly on puzzle solving, but I realized that I really didn't like designing the puzzles for the game. The "normal" version of Tailbound uses the source code from my unfinished game, Moontide as a basis for its gameplay.

TB:C has different characters and a different plot, though the main character and overall premise is the same between the two games, hence the different sex scenes included. Plus, the sex scene system was different (albeit, lazier in TB:C) since it was entirely still images and text, while in the final game I went back to Thirstchasm style animations, but kept the idea of having text describe the scene in more detail.

TB:C itself is included in the Deluxe Edition, so you can just play it yourself if you're curious to see what the differences are. I think I included the walkthrough for the game somewhere in Deluxe, but if I didn't then here's a link for it:

The notes aren't genuine hints, they're mostly optional world building stuff. The P-AD cells are split across the entire game, so there's 4 more in L3-L4.

Very epic and undeniably based. (Thank god I don't have to buy the linux desktop package for GMS2 lmfao)

penis inspired godot scene

Man chill the fuck out, it's a video game.

Just wait for gellies to attack and hit them immediately after they launch themselves. I literally outline exactly how to find the secret room in this post, it isn't IN the convention center, it's the tutorial area before it. And you're not missing any keys if you got through the convention center, it has branching paths.

Hope that helped you out.

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Try deleting both defaultconfig.ini and userconfig.ini in C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Tailbound, and re-launch the game. If you still get the error, then replace defaultconfig.ini with this file (Clean default config)

If there's any non-unicode characters in the file path (Such as Russian, Japanese, or Chinese characters) that might also break the script that's throwing the error.

there isn't a singular key for "the" generator, there's three keys in total on level 3.

First one is found by going in the vents to the right after entering the level

Second one is in the room(s) on the bottom side of that T shaped room with the trapdoors

Third one is in the big trapdoor room unlocked by the steam pipe room that's on the far side of the long hallway with electrical wires

not really, since tailbound is the last game i ever plan on making, and honestly i'd just feel weird about putting it on steam since its just a little $5 porn game and all. it just feels more natural to leave it on itch, rather than paying the multiple hundred dollar fees + filling out tax forms just to publish to steam (honestly, porn being allowed on steam at all bothers me, but what can you do)

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Just for the hell of it, here's a list of all the secrets that I can remember off the top of my head. This isn't every single secret/easter egg, just the ones that directly affect gameplay.

Name Easter Eggs:

At the beginning of the game, if you name your character any of these things it'll have different effects

  • "Link" - Guts+2
  • "Zelda" - Will+2
  • "Ganon" - Str+2
  • "Richter" or "Alucard" - Changes a line of dialogue in Jonas's intro
  • "Chief" or "John" - Changes a line of dialogue in Ataraxios's intro
  • "Reimu", "Marisa", "Cirno" - Makes it easier to find Rykah's fight

Secret Scenes:

Poco - In the hotel, after you destroy the generator back track to the room full of wires and a single box containing an energy drink (I think) In the bottom right corner, there's a unique small trash can object you can interact with. It'll transport you to the tiny raccoon house, where you can get fucked by Poco.

Alex - In the first room of the Convention Hall, there's a door that requires a keycode to access. Input either 5010 or 9053 and it'll unlock, where you can fuck Alex. (There's a few other possible codes, but I don't remember them off the top of my head.) There's also an energy drink in the room he's standing in, a callback to Tailbound: Classic.

Both of their dialogue changes depending on which one you meet first.

Secret Boss:

There are a few methods of reaching the secret boss, so I'll list them all in order. Generally though, fighting Rykah requires a new game (or newgame +) since she's only in the tutorial area of the game.

  1. After receiving the sword & Gyronet hoodie, play through the tutorial like normal. Make sure to kill every enemy along the way, and do not get hurt. (If you fail either of these, it won't unlock Rykah.) Once you get to the first save kiosk, save and backtrack to the room where you got the sword. A stairway will be revealed, with Rykah waiting below. (The stairway is in the upper left corner of the room next to some boxes,  right below the doorway leading out.)
  2. Start a new game and name your character either Reimu, Marisa, or Cirno. After getting the sword, simply exit and re-enter the room, and the staircase will appear.
  3. With a Newgame+ file, all you have to do is enter and re-enter the room after getting the sword. However, Rykah's fight (like all other boss fights in NG+) is faster and she has a larger health pool.

This was in development & came out before Tailbound, TB uses its code & engine as a base, so no



it's listed in the readme file and the file labelled discord invite


Maybe because I've poured 3 years and thousands of hours into this series.

It's in the included text files.

pay $10.

No, because testing + beta benefits requires that you're in the server for the game. If the current build proves to be stable, I might upload it here though for those who don't want the additional benefits, but I'm not sure yet.

I'm not planning on doing an android version, mainly because I feel like the game wouldn't translate well to touch controls. (Plus it'd take extra development time + a $300 license fee to develop for Android)