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I really wanted to play, but it kept on crashing. 

Hello and sorry for the late reply! Since this game is planned to be entirely free, I haven't had much time to work on it outside of my own job or reply to any of my comments on my profiles. I'm glad you like the opening sequence of the game. There is much more with these characters ahead! I plan to keep this story in people's minds for a long time.

Sorry, I've been on hiatus since March and I'm just now getting to your comment! Thank you so much for giving my game a try and enjoying the content. I'm back to working hard on it after a long-drawn out break from the game. Please look forward to more!

Yep! I don't have much else to do, so I wanted to spend time on a story! Thanks!

I couldn't get past the part where it asked me to find the clock hands. It said all the houses were locked and there was nothing left to click on.

Thank you! I took a look at your let's play, as I try to do with all the people I see playing my game. There's certainly a lot more in other chapters. What you played there was basically a 'tutorial' level. The decisions are minimal and introductory in the Pilot episode. There are much more choices in Chapter 1 though! There are many more characters with different reactions to decisions made that effects the overall ending. As for the devs, there's only one!

I was new to itch when I wrote that post. I had thought the stars they'd left linked to the review but it turned out to be someone else's page. This isn't my game. You'll have to find another way to contact the creator.

Thank you for playing! I was able to watch your quick let's play tabbed out while I was working. I try to get to everyone's let's play's as long as I can find them. I didn't see a problem with your voice acting - I'm one of the worst ones out there! I couldn't come up with a fake British accent if I tried. I'm glad you liked your experience. As for your concerns for the triggers in the game, child abuse will be depicted when the first chapter is complete. Despite it being pretty, it still deals with some alternative 'horror 'elements.

I'll try to figure out a way to make the dialogue less wide for readability. Thank you for the feedback! Don't forget to use the rating button to leave a rating! It helps get my game noticed! ^-^

You have to go to 'no thanks, just take me to the downloads' 

That's no reason to leave a one star rating. It turns people away from my project when you leave false ratings.

1) I was thinking about placing the seeds in more obvious places on the dream map instead of just stuck in pots. Like in places the players are more likely to observe or in rooms that they'd explore. 2) I'm actually confused at what you mean by this one. Thank you for giving me feedback. I'll try to make things easier on the player when finding the seeds. The seeds themselves don't unlock a special ending, just bonus content and something else along with it. The only thing that effects the endings are dialog choices. Even with that, the true ending is the main ending and the 'good' and 'bad' endings are the one where you make a high amount of good choices/bad choices.

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 I've noticed the majority that have been leaving ratings, have not  been telling me what they didn't like. Don't forget that if you leave a rating, to leave a comment so I know what you think! 🐣

Thank you for doing a let's play of my game. Yes, I am going for a bittersweet, pessimistic story rather than an optimistic one. The game's theme sticks to life having it's ups and downs / never being perfect or fair. It doesn't stop the characters from having good moments, however. It wouldn't be any fun if they didn't win sometimes!

 I'm used to loud music and sounds, so I'll try to turn the music down in the future when the songs are on the louder side. I know there are a few very loud songs in the game and I'll fix the volume in-game. Another way to solve the volume issue in the meantime is to alt tab out and turn your volume down until I can finish the full version of the chapter!


Thank you! I did put a lot of work into researching royalty free music. Thanks to the H/MIX website (where the soundtrack of Mad Father and some other RPG maker games come from - Akiyama is literally one of the best!) I was able to find some of the best foreign royalty free music makers! It really helped set the atmosphere for the game. 

I don't have any money, but it looks great! 🐶💛

Otherland is an interactive visual novel made in RPG Maker VX Ace. It is a whimsical horror based on Alice in Wonderland (book) and inspired by other horror titles like Little Nightmares, Fran Bow, Ib, and Pocket Mirror, while still having its own personal charm. It tells a story about how nothing can be ever be perfect and perfectionism isn't always perfect - this includes life not being perfect itself. That no matter how beautiful paradise may seem, it still has its flaws

🎠 Premise 🎠

Gilbert Warrens was abandoned at the doorstep of the Kingsman Orphanage as a baby by his mother, Meredith. As his thirteen years tolled by, he came to saw things that no one else could see, except him. Creatures, spirits who lived alongside the people of London. No matter how many times he told the other oprhans that there were these odd things around them, they all pegged him as a liar or insane. 

So, he and his only friend, the young demon faun who watches over Gilbert's good health, are left together to share their lives in the orphanage. Until one day, the circus beyond their wildest dreams comes to town square. A circus of magic, a circus of wonder - The Circus of the Paradise. El Paradiso.


I signed up for this site today to upload my game and I was super confused when this happened. No one responded to my thread, so I'm happy to see that it's not just me.

I'm trying to upload images on my profile and screenshots for my game. The files are under 3 MB and I'm supposed to release the game today, but I'm not going to be able to get anyone to look at it without the images. Help!